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Always look at the POS software you are considering prior to making the decision to go with it


There is a trend among POS software companies to get you signed up without looking at the software, their chasing a rooftop without first ensuring that the software and the retail business are a good match.

Here at Tower Systems, our preference is to demonstrate the software to you – once we understand your business requirements and what you personally want to achieve from POS software. It really does start with understanding your needs because it’s possible we are not a good fit for you.

Every one of our prospective customers has access to a personal live demonstration of the software. We do this at a time to suit. And, we record the demonstration and provide a copy of the demonstration to the prospective customer for them to share with others in their business.

We also offer access to pre-recorded demonstrations of the software. These are on our website and can be watched by absolutely anyone – without the need to login.

But, it’s the personal one-on-one demonstration that works best, that offers conversation about business needs and the exploration of these needs through the software itself. It is best to show an answer to a query rather than telling – anyone can tell, showing shows the real solution.

Anyone considering the Tower Systems POS software has access to a live demonstration without obligation or cost. Indeed, they have have 2, 3, 4 live demonstrations because we want to ensure that anyone choosing Tower Systems POS software makes an informed choice, a choice based on certainty that our POS software is a good fit for the needs of their business.

if you are considering POS software and the supplier is not keen for a live demonstration with you, if their approach is sign up and see if you like it, we suggest you pause and consider whether this approach serves your needs.

What is it you want? That is what matters most to your business. Signing up and using software through trial and error makes it harder for you. It makes you discover for yourself. It shows you what to expect from the POS software company down the track.

Here at Tower Systems we prefer a more personal approach, an approach that is rooted in the personal service we provide.

By Mark
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