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A retailer contacted Epos Now to enquire about their POS software, here’s what happened


Recently, a retailer we know contacted Epos Now to enquire about their POS software. They contacted them because they come up in searches on Google for POS software. Epos Now advertises extensively. Over the seven days from the enquiry, here’s what happened.

They were bombarded with emails, text messages and calls over five days:

  • 2 phone calls.
  • 4 text messages.
  • 5 emails.

The main thrust of the contact was price offers. And, as time went on, the offers seemed to get better. We’re told the contact did not feel personal and that, rather, it felt automated.

What is interesting is that this push contact from Epos Now was before there had been any discussion as to whether the Epos Now software was suitable for the needs of the retail business.

Here at Tower Systems, the first contact we have with anyone enquiring about our POS software is personal and direct, from a human working with our company, someone based here in Australia. And, that first contact has one goal – to find out what they are looking for in software, to understand their needs because that is where it starts, the needs of the customer.

Sometimes, our POS software is not a good fit. It’s better that we identify that early, explain to the retailer why we think that and wish them all the best.

There is no value for a retailer going with POS software that is not a good fit.

So, yes, this is where we start – in understanding the needs of the business, to see how well our software serves the needs that are important to them.

From what we could see from what our retailer friend went through,. Epos Now did not appear to focus on the needs of the business. we wonder if this is so people sign up.

Here at Tower systems, there is no lock-in contract for our POS software. People renting our POS software can cancel the rental easily and payment arrangements are cancelled immediately without any penalty period. The next due rental payment, monthly, is stopped – as are all future rental payments. We think it is important that retailer are not locked in and strongly urge any retailer considering POS software to be sure they know the terms of any agreement.

By Mark
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