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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software for produce, rural and farm supply businesses helps with dispatch management


In our Aussie made and supported software for produce and farm supply businesses we offer access to dispatch management tools that we developed in association with these businesses.

Successful dispatch management is all about local specialty retailers. managing the assets, ensuring accurate data and making this available in a seamless and workflow supportive way for

Using these dispatch management tools, retailers can efficiently, and in place, manage dispatch of products sold within their business. The facilities include:

  • Scheduling of in-house vehicle assets.
  • Allocating dispatch jobs to those vehicles.
  • Tracking completion of dispatch.
  • Management of dispatch orders at the customer and other levels.
  • Seeing a view of dispatch by vehicle.
  • Viewing orders by customer on a vehicle.
  • Address validation to ensure a more accurate dispatch experience for customers and to ensure efficiencies.
  • Dispatch route options for use by drivers.
  • Driver management of dispatch sequence based on local knowledge and other factors.

The dispatch management facilities within our Tower Systems POS software are robust, on the ground proven and loved by customers of ours. We are so grateful to have had customers walk this path with us, guiding us, suggesting ways the software we were building could be more valuable.

It’s not often POS software goes this deep in a niche area of need. For garden centres, farm supply businesses, produce stores, landscape businesses and others, rob just dispatch management facilities integrated with the POS software offer a workflow management solution and time efficiency to love and appreciate.

Made from the ground up by our in-house POS software development team, the dispatch facilities are true innovation for specialty retailers that have mid-size dispatch operations.

You can probably tell, we are proud of what we have achieved here for our local small business retail partners. This is comprehensive software made for very specific, and niche, needs in selected specialty retail channels. This is what Tower Systems exists for – to serve the needs of selected specialty retail channels.

Tower Systems makes what it sells. We support it too, offering our retailers ever evolving POS software to serve needs today, and needs as they evolve for the specialty retail marketplaces we serve.

By Mark
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