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Tower Systems integrates POS software with Centrepay from Services Australia


We are proud to share that our Tower Systems POS software integrates with the Centrepay facility operates by services Australia.

Centrepay is free and voluntary service to pay bills and expenses as regular deductions from Centrelink payments.

We were approached by one of our customers to facilitate the easy handling to payments made to them via Centrepay. We made some software changes to facilitate this, hence what we can an integration with Centrepay.

People can shop, make their purchases, select Centrepay as the payment method, and once the business received funds from services Australia and the payments file, our software imports this and handles the Centrepay payments.

This is a wonderful time saver for the retailers that take Centrepay as a method of payment.

There is no charge for individuals to use Centrepay, and businesses cannot charge a fee to use Centrepay. The Centrepay facilities added to our software have been included at no cost to our POS software customers. We are grateful to have delivered this enhancement at no cost. It benefits those opting-in and the businesses that serve them.

The Services Australia website provides excellent details on Centrepay:

What Centrepay is

Centrepay is a free bill paying service. Use Centrepay to arrange regular deductions from your Centrelink payment.

You can start, change or stop using Centrepay whenever you like.You can use it for your regular bills and other ongoing expenses, such as rent, electricity and phone.

You’ll need to give us permission to pay your bills using part of your payment.

You tell us:

  • who you want to pay
  • how much you want to pay them
  • which Centrelink payment you want the money to come from.

We take money from your payment before you get it and send it to the businesses you want to pay.

You can only use Centrepay to pay a business that we’ve approved.

You can find a list of businesses that use Centrepay in your area. Enter your location into the find a business or organisation search tool. It’ll show you a list of businesses near you.

We take out your Centrepay deductions from your Centrelink payment last. Other amounts we’ll deduct first are:

  • participation penalty amounts and non-payment periods

  • weekly payment amount, if you get your payments weekly

  • urgent and advance repayment amounts

  • debt repayments

  • child support payments

  • tax deductions

  • amounts directed to your Income Management account

  • government housing rent deductions as part of the Rent Deduction Scheme.

Tower Systems is proud to have developed Centrepay payments support in its POS software and completed all necessary compliance checking and beta testing prior to release to all our customers.

By Mark
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