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Why Saturday POS software help desk support matters to local small business retailers


Tower Systems is proud to offer live POS software help desk support in Saturdays.

We have offered this for many years as part of our everyday support coverage. There is no extra charge, no penalty charge, no time call charge for our support, including our Saturday POS software help desk support.

This is real help desk support, offering full help desk services, not someone with a pager or someone out and about on a Saturday taking calls on their mobile phone.

Here’s some of what small business retailers tell us they like about having access to our POS software help desk, in their own words:

  • Saturdays are when I get time to work on the business. You being there means I can get the help I may need with that rather than waiting for Monday.
  • One reason we switched to you was because we were sick of waiting days to talk to someone with our old software.
  • I like that I can call and a human answers the phone on a Saturday and that the non technical me can explain my problem and be listened to and helped, on a Saturday.
  • Our weekend staff team done;t know the software as well and them being able to call you helps us have our weekend.
  • Software questions happen when they happen. Not being restricted to Monday to Friday office hours is a wonderful help for our business when it comes to calling your help desk.
  • It’s what small businesses like – local support that’s easy to access when we need it.
  • What I love is when I email a question, not a vital questions, usually something have forgotten how to do, and I email it on a Saturday expecting a response on Monday and I get a response on Saturday, sometimes even a call. It’s wonderful.

We are proud to offer a level of outside of usual hours POS software help desk access that is unique. The majority of our customers will rarely use it, but when they do, they need it, and that it is there for them and easily accessible, it is a differentiator, and that matters to us … and to them.

The cheap way to offer Saturday POS software help desk support us through an offshore call centre. It’s not the same.

All our Tower Systems POS software help desk team members are skilled in our software, they understand local retail, they can speak to local ways of doing business. They can engage in a conversation rather than requiring you to go through a script.

Yeah, Saturday POS software help desk support really does matter to local small business retailers.

By Mark
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