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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Jewellers love Australian made and supported POS system for jewellers


Hundreds of local jewellers in Australia and New Zealand use the POS system for jewellers made and supported by Tower Systems. And, right there, is something that matters to local jewellers – Aussie made and supported.

We can’t be 100% sure but we think our jeweller POS software is the only Australian software made for jewellers. We are local POS software developers making software for local business needs. Talk about being close to customers and understanding local needs.

This jeweller software is nuanced for the needs of local jewellers, you know the businesses, shops that compete with big businesses, shops that fight to win business from big competitors with massive. Using our jeweller POS software, local jewellers are equipped with tools they can use to differentiate, to shine a light on what is different in their businesses, to stand out, to be found.

This matters in small business retail, being found. Our Tower Systems POS system for jewellers helps them be remembered thanks to smart engagement tools embedded in the POS software.

And, for jewellers selling online, our direct integrations with Shopify, Magento and Woo Commerce help them sell online, easily, efficiently.

We are so proud of our jeweller software and the jeweller specific facilities that i9t offers, facilities jewellers use in their specialty retail businesses:

  1. Jeweller specific barcode labels designed for rings and other delicate items of jewellery.
  2. Tracking inventory by stone related measures specific to jewellers.
  3. Tracking family events, occasions and anniversaries.

Here are some of the benefits people in businesses like yours tell us they love:

  1. Easily and accurately sell items by weight or length.
  2. Track serial numbers of what you sell.
  3. Include your own product care information on receipts.
  4. Automate reminders and offers for birthdays & anniversaries.
  5. Automated workshop sms & email notifications save time.
  6. Benefit from advanced stock performance metrics and tagging.
  7. Reduce the headache of lay-bys with several buy now pay later options.
  8. Perform effortless stocktakes, orders and sales on your phone or tablet.
  9. Save money on bookkeeping by integrating with accounting software.
  10. Offer an online catalogue easily (Shopify, Magento & WooCommerce).
  11. Bring customers back more often with our unique loyalty tools.
  1. Load electronic invoices from suppliers.

We are local. Tower Systems serves 3,500+ specialty businesses.

By Mark
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