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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

The Shopify POS software system from Tower Systems helps small business retailers sell online


Tower Systems offers a Shopify POS software solution that facilitates easy selling in-store as well as online while maintaining efficiency, accuracy and insights to help you drive a more successful and enjoyable business.

The Tower Systems POS software is stand alone POS software. retailers can run it in the cloud or on their desktop. This POS software was an early integrator with Shopify, Tower Systems is a Shopify partner.

We bring a sophisticated and deep POS solution to the Shopify online sales platform community, enabling Shopify businesses to sell in store with maturity depth and value beyond basic POS. This is especially useful for specialty retailers who have needs beyond the basic POS that is the standard for low cost solutions.

The Shopify integration offered by Tower Systems is free, there is ho extra cost. This makes it cost-effective, and loved by small business retailers.

By having the best of both worlds, local small business retailers can thrive online and thrive in their physical store. Given the different needs of these different business settings, leveraging the best fit for the setting is core to thriving.

Jewellers, garden centres, bike shops, to shops, pet shops, music shops, fabric stores, sewing businesses, newsagents, antique shops … they all have specialty needs that are unique to their businesses. The basic nature of what you have in POS solutions like that offered by Shopify itself will not, we think, serve specialty needs of these and other businesses.

Tower Systems makes specialty POS software for local specialty small business retailers. We dive deep into the needs of a retail channel to serve them and the needs of those who supply them. We are grateful to serve more than 3,000 local small business retailers in our mission. And, we bring this to the Shopify integrated experience, helping our retailer partners to make the most of physical store and online selling.

POS software can be complex and confusing. A quick phone call with a human can easily answer any questions. It’s when you can’t reach someone that it can be frustrating. This is why we say call Square POS with a question or two. see how they respond and factor that into your consideration as to the right POS software solution for your local retail business.

Tower Systems is a human driven business. We provide personal service. see for yourself: 1300 662 957.

By Mark
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