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We will not tolerate racist slurs


Recently, a customer referred to a colleague using a racist term.

We calmly invited them to withdraw and apologise, explaining consequences of their behaviour for our workplace.

They refused to withdraw the slur. They refused to apologise.

We suggested they look elsewhere for software, which they have now done.

We would rather the situation had not occurred at all. We would rather they had not used a racist slur.

An important role for any business leader is to provide a safe and healthy workplace, one where people are respected, one where they experience support.

Tower Systems is proud to have a diverse mix of people on the team. We are grateful for their professional skills, their passion for local small business retail and their genuine interest in helping people achieve good things by using our POS software.

We are grateful for the 3,000+ local business business retailers using our POS software, for their support and for the wonderful interactions with them.

Thankfully, the incident to which we refer in this post is isolated, rare. We mention it today to place on the record our approach.

By Mark
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