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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

MYOB Retail Manager POS software alternative Tower Systems on welcoming retailers


As more small business retailers switch POS software from MYOB retail Manager to the POS software form Tower Systems, the knowledge within the team at Tower expands, thereby better serving those retailers who make the switch.

What started years ago as a trickle is now a well-established and proven process.

Retailers who find their POS software needs served by the Tower Systems POS software have, in the onboarding processes at Tower Systems, a structured and certain approach to moving from MYOB Retail Manager to Tower Systems.

From data conversion, to customer training, to specialty retail functionality the Tower Systems POS software sales team can help you check out our MYOB Retail Manager alternative, so that you can determine for yourself whether what Tower Systems offers is right for your business.

It is vital that you choose software that serves your needs. It may be that Tower Systems is not the right fit. A comprehensive demonstration driven by you and your busies needs could help you discover this, it could also prove that the Tower Systems POS software is a good fit.

In talking with MYOB Retail Manager users we are mindful of loyalty to MYOB, their experiences with the product and questions they may have about making a move. Our approach is gentle, structured and focussed solely on the needs of their business.

As a specialty POS software company, our software is fine-tuned to the needs of a range of niche retail channel businesses. This is where we break free from the MYOB Retail Manager experience, where we demonstrate the vertical nature of our software.

From pre sales enquiry to software to training to support, the Tower Systems approach is personal. You know each person you speak with, that they understand retail, our software and the needs of retailers in our small business retail community.

We have been told that Retail Manager by MYOB is approaching end of life – that is, no future development enhancement is planned by MYOB for the Retail Manager planned. If this is the case, the Tower POS software solution is an alternative that we would submit for consideration in any of the specialty retail channels in which we are well established.

For an accounting solution, the Tower software is integrated with Xero. Through anther party we offer a connection to MYOB.

Switching software can be daunting. Our advice is to approach it when you are ready, and move to software you like, that you actively choose. If you choose Tower Systems we will help you as much as we are able.

Find out more at or, call 1300 662 957. Or email

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