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Tower Systems helps more local small business retailers move to scanned based trading


The Tower Systems POS software has for many years provided a data feed to suppliers to facilitate scanned based trading in situations with which they wish to trade.

As a result of advocacy, we are grateful to offer more scanned based trading opportunities to retailers in our small business POS software community.

What is scanned based trading?

This is a commercial relationship between retailer and the supplier where the retailer pay for products when or at an agreed time in a scheduled way after they are sold.

Scanned based trading can be a game changer for local small business retailers as it frees capital for more useful purposes in their business.

It also focusses the attention of suppliers as their commercial benefits are more acutely tuned to the sales results in the business.

The retailer is no longer responsible for shopper theft in some scanned based trading relationships that we have seen.

Some scanned based trading facilitated through our Tower Systems POS software have resulted in significant growth in retail sales and local business success and, of course, the partner suppliers benefit from this too.

Accessing scanned based trading through the Tower Systems POS software is an easy step for any business. The Tower Systems POS software support team can help retailers with this and our leadership team is ready to engage in advocacy to help local small business retailers convince suppliers to engage.

Success with scanned based trading starts with accurate data shared between retail business and the supplier, and accurate trading at the sales counter. These steps are easy to achieve with the right systems and business practices. Our training and support services help retailers with this.

While scanned based training is not for everyone, we see it successfully run in a host of retail situations across a variety of retail business channels.

Our years of experience in scanned based trading through our POS software offer us a perspective that we are grateful to leverage for our small business retail customers. They are our focus.

Tower Systems is grateful to offer specialised retail POS software for garden centres, sewing shops, music shops, pool maintenance and supply businesses, produce businesses, fishing bait and tackle businesses, firearms dealers, newsagents, pet shops, adult shops, bookshops, jewellers, toy shops and more.

Our customers are local family run businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

By Mark
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