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Small business retail advice on reducing employee theft


There are several steps you can take to help reduce employee theft in your shop. Some strategies you may want to consider include:

  1. Establish clear policies and procedures: Create clear policies and procedures that outline expectations for employee behavior, including rules around handling money, merchandise, and customer information. Make sure all employees understand and agree to these policies and know what to do if they witness or suspect theft.
  2. Implement a system for tracking inventory and sales: Use a system that allows you to track inventory and sales accurately and regularly. This will make it easier to identify any discrepancies or unusual patterns that may indicate theft.
  3. Conduct regular audits: Regularly conduct audits of your inventory, sales, and financial records to identify any potential issues or irregularities. This can help you to identify any potential issues early and take action to address them.
  4. Use security cameras and other security measures: Install security cameras and other security measures, such as alarms or locked storage areas, to help prevent theft and make it easier to identify any potential thieves.
  5. Provide training and support: Provide employees with training and support to help them understand the importance of honesty and integrity in the workplace. This can help to create a positive work environment and reduce the likelihood of employee theft.

By implementing these strategies, you can help to reduce employee theft in your shop and create a more honest and trustworthy workplace.

Tower Systems helps retailers through its local small business retail POS software. This software offers structure for transacting business. It facilitates efficiency and accuracy. It also adds value to the business and to those who work in the business.

Behind the scenes, the tower Systems POS software tracks key data points that can indicate employee theft. this tracking has been used successfully in detecting theft, leaving to charges being laid, leading to expert witness evidence in court.

Employee theft can be debilitating financially and emotionally in any retail business. This is especially true in local small business retail.

We are grateful here at Tower Systems to have the skill and focus to stand with local retailers, to help them reduce the impact of employee theft through smart use of our POS software.

By Mark
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