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Compare POS quotes is at it again, seeking to trade off the good name of Tower Systems


If you go to Google and search for us, for Tower Systems, you are likely to see an ad from Compare POS quotes, a website run by a company called Comparison Advantage.

Comparison Advantage is paying Google to run an as with our name, Tower Systems, in the headline.

To a small business owner, this could look like a link to a website about Tower Systems.

We are concerned that the Comparison Advantage Google ad appears to pass itself off as related to us. It is not.

This situation sucks in that here we have a company, Comparison Advantage, paying to get their ad in front of people looking for us, for Tower Systems.

Their website claims to offer comparisons of POS systems, for business owners looking for POS systems. The thing is, you are only listed at if you pay Comparison Advantage to list with them. There is no assessment by them, no value add, other than them paying Google to list their Tower Systems related ad.

Good businesses win customers on their own merits, not by jumping the queue and paying to come up as a search result when someone is searching for something else. This is what sucks about this. Of course there will be people with deep pockets who want to trade off the good name and success of others. It’s what the world is like.

All we can do is to continue to build and support POS software that local small business retailers like and use. we are grateful to our thousands of customers for their support.

As for Comparison Advantage and their website, we hope click on the ad and then not choose any of the products they offer. Eventually advertisers will withdraw and the company will have to find another way to make money. Making money on the back of the hard work of others is poor form in our opinion.

One of the main drawbacks of using comparison websites like from Comparison Advantage is that they often only display a limited number of options. This means that shoppers may not be aware of all the options available to them, and they may not be able to find the best deal for their needs. Additionally, some comparison websites may only display options from certain companies or providers, which can bias the results in favor of those companies.

If you found us by looking for us, thank you, welcome, we hope we can help.

By Mark
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