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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Why we choose to serve local small business retailers with our POS software


Tower Systems was created many years ago to serve small business retailers and we happily remain focused on that mission today.

We love small business retail for the people, their passion and the contributions they make to the communities in which they are situated.

Indeed, it is the contribution that local businesses make to their local communities that matters to us. We see it in many ways from supporting local community groups to local education, offering locally products unavailable elsewhere and offering places for local, makers to sell their wares.

While our Point of Sale software can be used by retail businesses of any size, it is in the small business retailer community where we are most comfortable.

So, why do we like small business retailers?

This is a question we confronted recently in an interview about our history.

Small business retailers play a vital economic role, often punching above their weight in terms of economic contribution.

Small business retailers play an important social role locally, holding, sharing and even adding to the narrative of communities around the world as well as providing practical support for community based endeavours.

Small business retailers help local shoppers with a level of personal service which leads to better buying decisions.

We like these points, especially that small businesses and small business retailers in particular are more like to uphold and carry forward local customs, beliefs and stories.  Small businesses support the local voice.  This is why small businesses are important in countries like Australia and New Zealand.   

So, yes, we enjoy serving small businesses and remaining modest in size ourselves.  This is where we think we can actively contribute and do the most good.

The value of a business is not only about financial performance.  Its contribution to community is, in our view, equally if, not more, important.

Local small retail businesses rock! We are grateful to serve so many 0of them.

By Mark
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