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POS software update helps local retailers keep up to date


Good software keeps changing, evolving, needing emerging needs and embracing new opportunities.

The Tower Systems POS software continues to evolve. What we offered a few months ago is not what we offer today.

In good engaged software companies, change is normal. This matters because needs change, opportunities change. Evolving POS software is all about local businesses keeping up.

The latest POS software update from the Tower Systems development team delivers access to:

  • Allotrac integration.
  • SmartPay integration.
  • CentrePay integration.
  • International barcode search integration.
  • Image background removal integration.
  • New security bridge integration for better and more capable security camera integration.
  • An enhanced, faster and more insightful end of shift process.
  • A customer servility sensitive data cleanup tool that helps your business better protect against unwanted data leakage.

These are just some of what is delivered in the latest POS software update from Tower Systems.

We are grateful to the customers who suggested some of these enhancements and to the customers who engaged in testing them as part of our comprehensive beta release program.

For this first update of 2023 it is considerable. Especially once you add the many other changes / enhancements not included in the list above. This update is the result of hundreds of man-hours of development investment. And, while our customers are embracing this update, we are advanced in our work on the next update, which we are excited for.

Engaged software developers are always working on their software products. That is our commitment here at Tower Systems – continual improvement based on continually evolving tech, market conditions and other factors.

We invest on behalf of our customers son that they can be sure that their Tower Systems POS software does evolve and can embrace opportunities of value and usefulness in the local small business retail settings in which we serve.

Included with this latest POS software update is advice for our retailer customers about data security. This refreshed advice is in the light of hacks in the last months of 2022. We have explained steps local retailers could consider taking to better protect data they are entrusted with. We have backed our advice with software tools to equip retailers with useful tech for better data protection.

By Mark
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