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Free POS software training videos help new retail employees learn


Our growing curriculum of POS software training videos and resources are helping new staff in retail business where our POS software is in play to learn the software and be of more assistance to the business.

Every one of our customers has access to these and our other POS software user training resources.

Created by our POS software training and support team, our new customer training video library has more than 40 new videos added in recent weeks, providing a valuable resource for businesses keen to learn what their software is capable of.

The library of training videos continues to grow.

Each video is short, self contained and practical, designed to provide easy and useful learning opportunities for users of our POS software.

The POS software training videos not only help new users of our software, they are a resource existing customers are using for a refresher, to remind them of our recommended best practice approach.

Our customers are providing wonderful feedback that is most encouraging as we further invest in this latest set of training resources for them. Their feedback as well as viewing data inform us as to investment we make in training materials.

Our personal approach to customer training is a differentiator for Tower Systems. We are grateful for the team members who create our training materials that enable this point of difference.

By Mark
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