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Tower Systems adds ChatGPT AI integration to POS software.


We have integrated ChatGPT from OpenAI with our Retailer POS software.

In this first cut, using the optional integration, ChatGPT can generate for extended product descriptions and web descriptions. This is based on the product title that you enter. We have tested it with a range of products. It is a significant time saver.

AI is impacting business is many ways, faster now than a few months ago, and it will be faster in a few months than today. Every business will be impacted, whether they know it or not.

While publicly the stories have been about ChatGPT doing homework or passing exams or writing blog posts, there are plenty of smarter business-case uses, like what we have done here.

This ChatGPT integration is in our next update. Businesses will need an OpenAI account. Cost wise, there are multiple models, each with different capabilities and price points. Prices are per 1,000 tokens. You can think of tokens as pieces of words, where 1,000 tokens is about 750 words. This paragraph is 35 tokens.

You can configure a usage hard limit in your billing settings, after which they will stop serving your requests. You may also configure a soft limit to receive an email alert once you pass a certain usage threshold.

We stress – this integration is optional. For us, it is a starting point. We see plenty of opportunities for AI to save time for you and increase the value you leverage from using our software.

There is considerable debate about AI and its use. We don’t see our job as being a controller of access. We build tools and right now this is a tool more snugnesses want to play with. hence this integration.

By Mark
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