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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

POS software for chandlery shops and businesses


Tower Systems offers POS software that chandlery business owners and staff tell us suits their business needs.

We were skeptical so we did a deep dive, finding out about their needs and demonstrating how our software serves each area of need.

It turns out that our POS software suits the needs of chandlery businesses.

There is variety in what chandlery shops offer from traditional retail to services. Common in all businesses is the knowledge they have about what they offer and sell. This is one of the ways our POS software suits chandlery businesses.

Here are other facilities in our software that chandlery shop experts tell us is useful for their needs:

  1. Quote and invoice management. Strong, flexible, fit for purpose.
  2. Customer delivery management options.
  3. Sell from anywhere, anytime option through Retailer RoamTM.
  4. Trade pricing profiles supporting pricing flexibility for your customers.
  5. Customer account management: Professional and accurate control.
  6. Sell by weight or fractions.
  7. Create your own bundles / products. You can package items together into a single item more useful to your customers.
  8. Pre-orders – pre-sell stock and be ahead of the game.
  9. Special orders – easily manage special customer orders.
  10. Genuinely informative receipts. You control design and detail.
  11. Awesome loyalty that works for unique chandlery shopper traffic.
  12. Seasonal reordering. Easily reorder inventory based on seasonal sales.
  13. Weatherproof labels.
  14. Product use notes. served on receipts.
  15. Electronic supplier invoice support – cut mistakes and save time.
  16. Easy Shopify website integration.

Rent our produce business software for $199.00 a month. Here’s what’s included in the monthly rental cost: software licences for unlimited computers in the location, help desk support (by phone or email) 6 days a week (including Saturday), access to a comprehensive support knowledge base, after hours support call access for urgent system down queries, access to our Shopify, Xero and other integrations, access to our supplier invoice import tools.

Our chandlery business software continues to evolve thanks to the generous advice and guidance from our customer community.

If you own or work in a chandlery business and are looking for software suitable, we can connect you with others in your retail channel using our software. We’d also love to find out about your specific needs and organise a demonstration to see if our POS software can be of service.

By Mark
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