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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

What is Point of Sale (POS) software and how is it useful for independent retail businesses?


Point of Sale software is software that helps retailers transact sales, manage inventory, manage employees, manage supplier relationships, manage online sales and more.

In truth, good Point of Sale software is financially rewarding and valuable to small business retailers. This is especially true for specialty software designed to serve the needs of niche retail businesses.

Tower Systems develops specialty retail software for niche retail channels. This is all we do, serve the needs of thoughtfully selected retail channels. We dive deep into their needs, the needs of their suppliers and the needs of their customers. This is evident in our Point of Sale software for each of the specialty marketplaces in which we serve.

Developed in Australia for independent small business retailers in New Zealand and Australia, the various versions Tower Systems POS software are each specialty software for specific market niches.

Tower Systems serves: garden centres, jewellers, bike shops, pet shops, fishing and outdoors shops, firearms businesses, produce and farm supply businesses, games shops, newsagents and adult shops. In each of these retail channels, Tower Systems offers Point of Sale software specific to the needs of retailers in each channel.

Just as local retail businesses promote their point of differences to local shoppers, Tower Systems promotes its points of difference, that is that we offer software specific to the needs each retailer in each channel.

Let’s look at this more deeply. Take our bike shop software. In this software we offer bike retailers facilities developed specifically for bike retailers, facilities such as retail sale, shopper loyalty engagement, management of repairs, follow-up of warranty services and the easy, safe and accurate connection with suppliers to enable more commercially astute engagement.

Each of our retail channel specific POS software packages deliver facilities finely tuned to the needs of each retail channel. The retailers in each channel have a say as to what is in software updates. This process is transparent to all Tower customers, it leads to better software for our customers and for the benefit of those who connect with their businesses.

Tower Systems is a competitive POS software company. Our competitiveness is evident in the deep and excellent facilities in Our POS software, the easily accessible and personal support we provide, the face-to-face in-store training provided and the valuable and professional documentation available to our customers online 24/67 through our customer service portal.

Considering our software starts with us understanding your needs. This is where we begin. It is important to us to understand how your business operates, what you need and what you want from a POS software investment. Our sales professionals meet with you and ask many questions, because what you need does matter to us.

Point of Sale software is an important choice for any retail business. Tower Systems has more than thirty years of service, demonstrating our respect for the importance of the choice you make.

If you think we could be of service to your business, please reach out to us so that we may together see in the Tower Systems POS software could be useful for you.

By Mark
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