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Retail theft story: I don’t believe you!


I don’t believe you.

That’s what a retail business owner told us when we told them that employee theft had cost their business more than $100,000 in the previous 12 months.

When we asked who worked four specific shifts each week and who had two weeks off a month prior, they knew we might be on to something.

Prove it.

They trusted their employee, a relative, more than they trusted us. It’s understandable.

So, we proved it. We then went back further in their data and proved that over three years the theft was more than $350,000.

This all started because of what they thought was a bug in our software impacting their business data.

It ended with the police laying charges.

Our POS software collects data that can be analysed to look for patterns of use that could indicate theft behaviour.

In a typical independent retail business, theft costs between 3% and 5% of turnover. Our software backed by our Theft Check service seek to reduce the financial imp[act on the businesses owned and run by our 3,000+ customers.

We are grateful to help independent retailers reduce the cost of theft in their shops.

Helping local small business retailers discover and manage theft situations is just one way we help our retailer community.

Our Australian sales number is 1300 662 957.

Our NZ sales number is 0800 444 367.

We’re not your average POS software company and here are 3 examples why:

  • Dead stock often represents between 5% and 12% of stock on hand in local indie retail businesses. Our software proactively helps retailers identify dead stock and stop making decisions that lead to dead stock.
  • We provide a free theft check service where we look at data patterns that can indicate theft. Our evidence has been used by police, prosecutors and accepted ax expert evidence in court.
  • Copying big retailers is not smart. Our software offers genuinely unique, and successful, ways you can differentiate to nurture deeper baskets per purchase and more frequent return of shoppers.

Sure, we do the usual of scanning products, tracking sales, supplier electronic invoice import, linking to Xero for accounting and linking to Shopify (and more) for online sales. It’s what we do outside the usual where our retailers can leverage real value, like our insights dashboard.

By Mark
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