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How our POS software helped a retailer free up $20,000 in their local shop


The Insights Dashboard in our POS software serves up curated data in a thoughtfully selected range of topics sure to interest any retailer. The software does this work in the background with little human engagement.

In one retail business recently, the software reported on the financial value to the business of what’s not working. Like any engaged retail business owner, if you show them, prove to them, using their own business data, what’s not working, they will act. This retailer did. That’s where the $20,000 comes in. They converted dead stock to cash and replaced the space and inventory investment with stock that is working.

The insight was serves by our POS software. It was pushed to the retailer. They didn’t have to seek it out or wonder if there was something to see. No, our software figured this is interesting and important, here it is, here is a problem, and an opportunity.

That’s what the Insights Dashboard in our Tower Systems POS software is all about. The insights are genuine, up to date and for your business, based on your data. The software seeks to help you leverage your own data to make more money in your business, make fewer mistakes andiron a more successful and enjoyable business.

While some POS software focusses on transacting, we go further, we go beyond transacting and we do this to help deliver genuine value to our customers.

The Insights Dashboard in the Tower Systems POS software is designed by and for retailers. It is outcome-focussed, targeting actionable data that any retailer, regardless of business training, will understand and leverage for the success of their businesses.

Since the launch of the Insights Dashboard we have heard from retailers about their use of it, what it’s showing them, the actions they have taken. It is wonderful hearing these stories as each one shows that POS software can be more than a glorified cash register, that it can make a real difference to the performance of a local retail business.

Here at Tower Systems our focus is on helping local indie retailers run more enjoyable and successful businesses – beyond a marketing pitch, we are keen for them to live it, feel it, and want more. It’s what we want ourselves in retail businesses we own and run.

By Mark
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