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What’s the best POS system in Australia?


It’s a question retailers often ask: what’s the best POS system in Australia.

The answer, of course, will be subjective as there is no one who has used all the POS systems in Australia, there is no one who could speak authoritatively to answer the question.

There will be people who can nominate a POS system they like over another, but that does not make their recommendation the best POS system in Australia.

The question itself is too general for a jeweller, for example, will want to find the best jeweller POS software while a garden centre owner will want to find the best garden centre software.

Specialist retailers want, in fact the need, POS software, a POS system that offers facilities for their type of business.

It is interesting to see the number of POS software companies in Australia that advertise for the keyword, best POS system in Australia. We suspect they do that because they know people are searching for that keyword. What people want, though, is an answer.

No one can honestly answer the question for the reason we outlined at the start of this post.

What plenty of us can say, though, is that we offer good software for specialty marketplace needs. That’s what we do here at Tower Systems. We have software made specifically for a range of specialty retail channels, and in some of those marketplaces, we dominate more than any other POS software company. That endorsement by retailers is an indicator of best.

Instead of asking what’s the best POS system in Australia we think a better question is what’s the best POS system for my business. It’s your needs that matter most here. That’s what our advise is to start with you, what do you need from a POS system and what value do you place on having that need served to your satisfaction.

Answer the question with your own question. Get that right, get a list of your must-have needs right, and know the value of satisfying them and you are on your way because you know, for sure, what you are looking for.

The best POS system for your business will be the one that satisfies your needs for the price you are prepared to pay. It’s as simple as that. Oh, it is possible that the company that matches your needs for the price you want is not advertising for the best POS system in Australia  keyword, because companies that spend a ton of online advertising may not have the investment in software development that you need to make the best POS system for your type of business.

When someone contacts us about our POS software, we like to start with questions, because we want to understand the needs of any prospective customer. It could be that our software does not serve your needs. We will say so if that is the case, as we should.

By Mark
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