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Is compare POS quotes engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct?


In our opinion, we think they are.

If you type tower systems into Google and click search, this ad comes up:

The thing is, if you click on the ad, there is no comparison to or with Tower Systems.

The headline of the ad reads to us as misleading.

They have not looked at our software, investigated our software, compared our software.

Yet, here is the compare POS quotes website, which is run by Comparison Advantage Pty Ltd, an Australian company with the ACN 626 309 073. The comparison website they run is an ad platform. Products are listed by them for companies that pay to have their products listed.

It needs to be called out for what it is and their headlines, that we claim in our opinion are misleading and deceptive need to be see for this.

It frustrates us that they pay Google to come up as an ad when people are searching for our company.

We can’t figure out why software companies pay to be listed with Comparison Advantage and their compare POS quotes website. Imagine paying to get a lead when someone is actively looking for a competitor product.

We know we should ignore it. But then we see the deliberate and in our opinion misleading ad today and it frustrates us. We have done good work to build our reputation and here they are trying to trade off of that for customers of theirs, for businesses willing to pay to get in front of retailers looking for our POS software. Talk about desperation.

We think the folks at Comparison Advantage know what they are doing and that they have deliberately calibrated ads for their compare pos quotes website to pitch businesses looking for us and for other businesses they name in their ad keyword campaign with Google.

Our advice to anyone using comparison websites is – be aware that companies listed on these websites are there because they have paid to be there. There has been no assessment, no consideration, no effort at all to be considered appropriate. Comparison suggests assessment,. You won’t find that here.

Compare POS quotes by Comparison Advantage is an ad website and in our opinion it’s not worthy of consideration.

By Mark
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