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Small business retail advice: The indicator of employee theft that too many retailers ignore


Take 2 minutes and read this advice for local small business retailers. It’s about employee theft. Most retailers do not consider or engage with employee theft as a topic until they have seen or felt the cost of employee theft, until after the event.

We know that employee theft in retail usually costs more than customer theft and that it is less likely to be detected

If the cash draw is open from the previous sale, the staff member can scan the items for the next sale, let the customer know the amount, receive payment (and give change if needed) and cancel the sale. They then keep a note of how much of their money is in the register.

Now while growth EFTPOS means less cash passes through a business. For someone wanting lunch money on the business each day they can achieve that. 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year and it could be close to $5,000 a year.

We have seen this often in retail businesses we have helped.

In our POS software there is a secret audit log that only the owner can access. This tracks a bunch of stuff, like cancelled sales. Spotting a questionable pattern is easy. This could be the thread that leads to discovery of theft.

Already in 2023 we have helped retailers detect theft. We have provided evidence to police to assist in prosecution. We have provided retailers irrefutable evidence so they can deal with recovery and / or an insurance claim. It’s the POs software, the business data and our retail data analysis skills that combine to help local small business retailers confront employee theft.

We have helped police and prosecutors deal with employee theft and ensured our software can help small business retailers in this area.

It’s not glamorous and not the key reason to consider Tower Systems. But it is a valuable reason. What you might save in a year could easily pay for the right POS software.

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Too often small business retailers will not want to know about employee theft. Data don’t lie.

Tower Systems will work with you confidentially, quietly, providing the evidence., The steps you take are 100% up to you. It all starts with knowing.

By Mark
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