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How Tower Systems has embraced work from home for a happier workplace


A daily commute of an hour each way is a grind when you think about it. that’s 2 hours a day spend getting to and from work. While you can use the time to read, listen to music or daydream, if you’re not driving, it’s a grind dealing with people, traffic and, well, the commute itself.

But, so many of us did the commute day in day out, for many years.

Then Covid came along, and things changed. It was a moment for sure to try something different. We had to.

Now, kind of the other side of Covid, even though we are not really on the other side are we, work from home is still a thing, which plenty of people are grateful for.

Here at Tower Systems we decided early in the pandemic that we would not force people back to the office when Covid was over. And, we have not.

We are grateful to be in a industry where working from home can work for pretty much everyone on our team, and that’s what we have in place. Almost all Tower employees work from home.

The small crew in the office each day are the same folks who did that through the pandemic, because it’s what they wanted, what they preferred. And, those who work from home today did so through the pandemic.

We have work colleagues who spent two and more hours a day commuting. They were happy to do that. But now they have experienced life without the commute they are even happier. We are grateful we can provide a workplace with that flexibility.

Technology has played a key role in helping us to maintain good and personal customer experiences throughout. We have tech that facilitates collaboration, and this is critical in our business where we help local small business retailers thrive. And, it’s more than. one tech solution, it’s a whole kit from the well-known to the more advanced, specialist.

At the office we have used the space to create hot desk opportunities for those colleagues who want to come in for a day or more for a face to face reconnect, and plenty do, which we love.

There is no pressure to come in. We’ve not seen some of our colleagues for three and half years, and we’re okay with that.

Looking back, one factor that has enabled us to so fully embrace the work from home opportunity is each of our team members. They are good tech professionals, adults, people who understand our mission, respect each other and appreciate our customers. Having good people certainly makes for a better work from home experience for everyone.

Here at Tower Systems we think work from home is here to stay, and we are grateful for the opportunity to figure out how this works for our colleagues, and for our POS software customers.

By Mark
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