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Cash beats points when it comes to loyalty marketing in local retail


Loyalty points are hard to quantify. But cash, we all understand.

Think about it. When did you look at the loyalty points in a retailer or airline program and try and figure out how much they are worth. Confusion suits them. We think it dilutes the value significantly.

A customer recently spent $87.97 at a shop in suburban Melbourne. They were an infrequent shopper there, but they were given a $4.40 voucher on their receipt.

The customer looked at the voucher and then back into the shop. A few minutes later, they spent an additional $165.00 on products. They said they might as well get these things here and save money.

The customer lives an hour from the shop and was only shopping locally because they were visiting a friend. But the $4.40 voucher was enough to encourage them to spend more.

The Tower Systems POS software offers integrated loyalty marketing, including points-based and cash-back rewards. The cash-back rewards are popular with retailers because they are easy to implement and track.

Differentiating your loyalty program can encourage shoppers to spend more and come back more often. The Tower Systems loyalty platform also offers a way for retailers to engage with local community groups and raise funds.

We believe that cash-back rewards are a better way to build loyalty than points-based rewards. This approach is a differentiator for local indie retail businesses.

Too often, small businesses think that copying what big retailers do is the smart way to go. But it’s not. Big retailers have the resources to offer complex loyalty programs with lots of bells and whistles. But small businesses can’t afford to do that.

The Tower Systems loyalty platform is a simple and effective way for small businesses to build loyalty. It’s used by retailers in Australia and New Zealand, and it’s helped them to drive basket depth and bring shoppers back sooner.

This loyalty program is easy to setup, and to fine tune based on experience. With no overhead and no external people to deal with, it’s so easy for local retailers to leverage local opportunities and Leeds in how they execute their loyalty offer.

If you’re a small business owner, we encourage you to check out the Tower Systems loyalty platform. It’s a great way to differentiate your business and build customer loyalty.

By Mark
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