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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Not all gift shop POS software is the same and why that can make a difference to a local indie gift shop


There are plenty of gift shop POS systems on the market. They tend to spruce the same things: ease of use, helping you to grow your business, easy online sales etc. etc.

We know the pitch.

We are a local Aussie based POS software company that develops and supports POS software for gift shops.

We are different in that we only provide support to and support local retailers, small business retailers, independent retailers.

We’re stop interested in selling to big retailers, big franchises, groups with 50 or 100 shops. We understand the importance of local retail and are committed to helping local retailers, like local gift shops, to more successfully compete.

We pack our gift shop POS software with facilities made for local retailers, to help them run more efficient and valuable businesses, to stand out and to attract more shoppers.

One example of our difference are the loyalty facilities in our software. Sure, we do the points thing. But big retailers do those. Surely as a local retailer you want to stand out, to be seen to be different. In our gift shop software you have tools that allow you to be different, loyalty tools through which you can promote your business differently to your big competitors. Our loyalty tools are designed to nurture local shopper stickiness.

Another example of how our gift shop POS system helps local gift shops is the ease with which you can share local knowledge, differentiating knowledge. This is all abut selling you and your expertise. We have seen it work a treat at helping retailers more meaningfully connect with local retailers.

A third way our POS software for gift shops helps local indie gift shops is by helping you to encourage your suppliers to follow practices that save time in your business. We have helped many suppliers provide retailers with electronic invoices that reduce mistakes in the shop and save huge time.

We are an engaged POS software company serving only local small business retailers in selected retail channels. Our difference is this focussed and local connection. We’re like you and this makes us closer to you.

You can count on Tower Systems.

By Mark
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