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Garden centre software Evergreen Connect integration from Tower Systems helps garden centres thrive


Tower Systems, a leading provider of POS software for garden centres, is helping more garden centres with its successful integration with Evergreen Connect for electronic invoices. This integration allows garden centres to import their Evergreen Connect invoices directly into their Tower Systems POS software, saving them time and money, and reducing mistakes.

Evergreen Connect is solution for plant stock sourcing. They aim to be the largest greenlife database in Australia and New Zealand with up to date information on who’s got what, where it is, and how to get it. At Evergreen Connect they pride themselves on using current technology to ensure up to date plant sourcing and supply information is easily available to the wholesale and retail nursery market and landscape industries.

The Tower Systems garden centre POS software is rich in features for garden centres, loaded with tools and reports that can help garden centre owners and staff run a more efficient and successful business. The software evolves through regular updates. Many of the changes delivered in the updates are suggested direct to their development team by their users. It’s a transparent and democratic process.

The integration of Tower Systems garden centre POS software with Evergreen Connect provides a number of benefits for garden centres, including:

  • Save time and money by importing invoices directly into your POS software
  • Improve accuracy by eliminating the need to manually enter invoice data
  • Streamline your workflow by automating the invoice process
  • Access to real-time data about your invoices
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Peace of mind
  • Consistency of data

The Evergreen Connect Garden Centre POS software integration from Tower Systems is another beneficial integration delivered by Tower Systems for specialty retailers in Australia and New Zealand. There is no extra cost for the integration, no unique or specialty tech requirements. All Garden Centres using the Tower Systems POS software have access to this.

The Garden Centre software from Tower Systems is benefits rich, including:

  1. Dispatch management tools: Effectively manage multiple trucks and deliveries per truck, ensuring smooth logistics for your business. Integration with Allotrac takes dispatch management to the next level.
  2. Loyalty marketing: Engage and retain customers with loyalty programs specifically designed for garden centres, helping you build lasting relationships and increase sales.
  3. Bulk material tracking: Easily track the purchase of raw materials in bulk, as well as the mixing and packaging of your own products, ensuring accurate inventory management.
  4. Local plant care information: Enhance customer experience by providing plant care information on receipts, enabling your customers to care for their purchases effectively.
  5. Flexible selling options: Sell products by weight, length, and even fractions, accommodating the diverse needs of your customers.
  6. Weatherproof product labels: Ensure your product labels withstand outdoor conditions, providing clear and legible information for your customers.
  7. Integrated roster options: Seamlessly integrate with popular rostering platforms like Deputy, Tanda, and Planday, simplifying employee scheduling and management.
  8. Digital receipts: Offer your customers the convenience of digital receipts through Slyp, reducing paper waste and enhancing the overall shopping experience.
  9. Comprehensive quote and invoice management: Streamline your quoting and invoicing processes with our comprehensive management solutions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

We are grateful to the large community of garden centres that we already serve. Their guidance and engagement helps us make better software and deliver more valuable benefits.

By Mark
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