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Newsagents are changing the local Aussie newsagency into something you may not recognise


Hey happy Sunday Afternoon. My name is Mark Fetcher. I own Tower Systems and, since 1996, I’ve also owned and run a few newsagency businesses. I guess you could call me a newsagent. But I see the terms newsagent and newsagency as loaded with assumptions in the minds of listeners. Too many people think they what they were decades ago.

They are not.

If you think the local Aussie newsagency is dead, dying or has no future, I am writing this for you. Please take a moment to see that the reality may not match your assumptions.

Oh, and before we get too far, my POS software company makes software for newsagents to help them run more successful and relevant Newsagency businesses. We’re good at it too with three times more newsagents using our software than any other software company.

Now, back to my thoughts about how newsagents are changing their newsagency businesses.

Sure, some newsagencies have closed. The channel remains the biggest independent retail channel in Australia with 2,500+ retail outlets.

Today’s Aussie newsagency is more of a gift and homewares shop than ever before. It offers fun and on-trend gifts from impulse items to collector pieces worth thousands. Yes, there are newsagencies selling items worth thousands of dollars.

You’re still likely to see papers and magazines somewhere, but they are not the traffic drivers they once were. Also, the margin newsagents make from these is paltry as publishers have not kept up.

Some newsagents are big in coffee, and often it’s the best coffee in town. Some are big in pop culture, often being the local go-to shop for licensed product like Pokémon, Harry Potter, Disney and more.

Some are big in self-care, often bringing new brands to town and offering ethically sourced products from small makers.

Some are bookshops more so than newsagencies.

Some sell clothing.

Some are the best toy shop around offering fresh new toys and traditional family-loved staples.

One I know is an awesome baby shop in country Victoria.

Many have online shops that often are not selling the same products as you’ll find in the physical shop.

The local Aussie newsagency has changed, evolved. It’s most likely not what you think. But it is sure to have the best range of cards in town, in the entire region. And, many of these cared are designed and printed in Australia, with words from Australian writers. This matters because the local Aussie newsagency continues to help local Aussies express themselves, provide a hug well into the future as those cards given are usually kept.

If you think the local Aussie newsagency is dead, an old business or out of date, seek some out, see for yourself, and while you may find the odd one out of touch or challenged, most you visit will be vibrant, relevant, fun and appreciated. You’re likely to find businesses that challenge the expectations of the newsagencyshingle. That’s okay. What’s in a name anyway?!

Please don’t let your memory of years ago cloud what the local Aussie newsagency is today.

In other news, Tower Systems, has delivered more websites for newsagents. Here are some of the recent new websites:

In my own shops we have a number of websites doing terrific business:

All of these are connected to our newsagency software for syncing of inventory and sales between the physical and online shops.

See, the local Aussie newsagency has changed, often thanks to smart tech helping newsagents lead these changes.

By Mark
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