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How much is Square POS software to POS software from Tower Systems?


Okay, we are Tower Systems. It’s important you know that when reading this article, so you know we are comparing the price of our POS software with Square POS.

We have sought to be objective.

We are not doing a deep dive comparing software function with software function. This comparison is high level – even at this level the differences are considerable.

The big pitch by Square POS is that it is free, and while technically this is true, it is a questionable claim given how they get paid – through a clip on EFTPOS. At the moment, from what we can tell, the clip is 1.16% of transaction value. but the rate does vary, so check.

We think that an average gift shop using our Tower Systems POS software and a good everyday rate from a bank or payments platform will saver between $3,000 and $5,000 with Tower Systems compared to Square POS.

We think Tower Systems is cheaper than Square POS. If our calculations are wrong please let us know and we will correct.

The Tower Systems POS software comes with loyalty software includes. Square POS is currently quoting $49 a month for loyalty facilities with their software.

That makes Square POS more expensive than the free offer people tend to see.

Tower Systems offers 7 day a week support, 24 hours a day. Our understanding from the Square POS website is that their coverage is not as extensive.

Square POS is from overseas while the Tower Systems POS software is Australian made and supported.

The Tower Systems POS software supports for no extra cost Shopify integration, Xero integration, selling by fractions, scale integration and comprehensive management reporting

There are people differences. Any retailer considering the Tower systems POS software can speak with a human and discuss their needs. They are welcome to an obligation-free demonstration to see if the software is a good fit for them before investing any time.

The Tower Systems POS software has been made for specialty retailers, small business retailers, indie retailers. It is loaded with specialty functionality.

Tower is not chasing high volume sales. we are not chasing big retailers.

Square POS , on the other hand, is chasing volume, mass, they want numbers and because of this we thing their focus is more general, serving more common needs rather than specialty retail needs.

We think we compare well on price and functionality. What we can’t match is the Square POS advertising budget. We rely on word of mouth, for which we are sincerely grateful. We have o thousands of awesome customers, which makes us happy.

By Mark
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