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The POS Software Blog

News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

The garden centre / nursery software hundreds of garden centres use in their businesses


Tower Systems is grateful to serve hundreds of garden centres and local plant nurseries with POS software made for their types of businesses.

This recently updated software is help[ing these businesses thrive.

Garden centres and nurseries are not your usual everyday retail businesses. Your uniqueness demands software that goes beyond usual POS software.

We are grateful to our garden centre customers who have helped us with a swag of enhancements for your type of business.

  • Evergreen connect link.
  • Dispatch management tools, managing multiple trucks, multiple deliveries per truck.
  • Allotrac integration for next-level dispatch management.
  • Loyalty marketing that works a treat for garden centres.
  • Tracking buying raw materials in bulk, mixing for your own products.
  • Offering local plant care information on receipts – selling you.
  • Sell by weight or length, and, yes, by fractions too.
  • Selling by colour, size and style.
  • Weatherproof product labels.
  • Easily order for seasons, based on past seasonal performance.
  • Sell from anywhere with integrated tablet based platform.
  • The ability too re-port and adjust the price of plants.
  • Integrated roster options: Deputy, Tanda and Planday.
  • Digital receipts through Slyp.
  • Comprehensive quote and invoice management solutions.

We have released other changes that are getting cheers from our customers:

  • A ChatGPT integration that generates product descriptions for your consideration. This can help create more compelling descriptions.
  • An international barcode database lookup integration that makes adding new products faster and more accurate.
  • Auto background removal of photos you load, making them more useful for links to websites: Shopify, Big Commerce and others.
  • Free integration with the marketplace, designed to help drive local shopper traffic.
  • Shopper self-checkout version.
  • A portable sell from anywhere / anytime solution for large properties, local markets and pop-up retail.

Garden centres and nurseries need unique software to serve their unique business needs. This POS software is made for garden centres and plant nurseries.

There is a lot to be said for software made for specific marketplaces, software designed to serve those things that separate specialty retail businesses from other businesses, especially big and mass businesses.

Local retail is what Tower Systems focusses on, especially specialty local retail businesses. The specialisation of our local retail customers is our own specialisation, and we are grateful for that.

By Mark
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