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How local small business retailers can win at shopper loyalty


People understand cash, far more so than they understand points. What’s a pint worth anyway?

Look at supermarket loyalty programs. It feels like you need to shop forever to get enough points for something basic. But cash as a loyalty reward, people know what cash is worth.

Our smart POS software supports point, but it’s our cash based loyalty offer that gets the real attention.

Simple. Fast to setup. Easy to offer. Easy for customers to engage with. And, if done right, it pays for itself many times over.

Better still, there are awesome reports that help you understand how shoppers are behaving, how they are engaging with and responding to the cash discount showing on their receipt. These reports help you pull levers in the software to drive business growth.

You can call them what you like. In the software, we call them discount vouchers.

Discount vouchers genuinely differentiate your business.

  • You name the voucher anything you like and can change this at any time.
  • You set the rules on how the value of the voucher is calculated.
  • You set the rules on what the voucher can be redeemed for.
  • You set the rules on expiry dates.

Male shoppers are more likely to spend the voucher immediately and many customers use the voucher to purchase items more expensive than the items in the initial purchase made. Customers see the voucher as cash, often commenting that they like the direct approach better than a points-based system. They like the transparency and simplicity.

In our own retail experience, which sees us competing against major retailers in a major shopping centre, several shoppers have stated they prefer Discount Vouchers over the rewards programs of our competitors.

I you compare the Tower Systems POS software with POS software from another company, look at the loyalty side and work out how it differentiates your business, how it brings shoppers back soon and how it gets shoppers spending more.

With many retail businesses running points based loyalty programs, differentiating is key for businesses that want to stand out. This is why our discount voucher loyalty program is loved by plenty of our local indie retail business POS software customers today.

By Mark
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