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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Tower Systems helps small business retailers reduce payments fees


We are grateful to help our POS software customers reduce the cost of processing payments in-store.

The low EFTPOS payments rate offered is an excellent starting point in service of this goal. Add to that the easy ability to automatically calculate the appropriate fee to collect from customers as a cost of business and our retailers can make taking EFTPOS in-store cost neutral to the business.

The highlights of what we offer our customers in the payments space include:

  • Low base rate for payments cards.
  • Integrated = fewer mistakes, faster processing, streamlined counter, easier problem resolution.
  • Easy recovery of costs from customers per transaction.
  • Easy tracking of all aspects of the transaction.
  • easy back office management.
  • Easy problem resolution.

We we have delivered to our customers is genuine saving, and stye are loving it.

We have offered integrated EFTPOS with our POS software for fifteen or so years. It continues to be refined as the technology at the heart of it evolves and as banking itself evolves. We leverage changes to ensure that our customers have access to something genuinely useful and fresh, safe and secure, fit for purpose.

The POS software payments solution we offer our customers is not mandatory’s required or demanded. What our customers decide for taking payments in their businesses is 100% top to them. Our offer is an option put to them. We have leveraged our buying power on their behalf. But we are not forcing anything as to do so on local small business retailers would be unfair.

From the shop floor to the counter to online, retailers can rely in our EFTPOS payments integrations to serve their evolving payments needs, whether it is through the low cost option we pitch or any of the major banks and BNPL platforms in Australia and New Zealand. We offer an open platform with plenty of choice for our customers, we make it easy for them to be in control of payments in their business.

We make POS software for bike shops, garden centres, jewellers, gift shops, pet shops, landscape supply businesses, repairs businesses, bookshops,
fishing and outdoors shops, newsagents, produce / farm supply businesses, fabric shops, sewing shops, music shops, computer shops, firearms dealers, charity & op. shops, community enterprises and more.

We are grateful to serve 3,500+ local retailers already.

By Mark
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