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Auto fulfilment helps local retailers have stock just in time with less capital spent


The work we have done for retailers and suppliers in the space of auto fulfilment of inventory saves time and money. .

There is evidence that auto inventory fulfilment increases retail sales, benefiting the connected local retailer and the partner supplier. This truly is a win win.

It all starts with good and capable POS software that is tuned to provide the necessary data flow to sit at the bottom of the auto inventory fulfilment relationship.

This is work we have done for years. It has continued to be enhanced as different needs have emerged in this contexts space.

What is auto inventory fulfilment?

It’s simple really, sales data flows from the local retail business to the partner supplier and once inventory in the story hits a trigger point, the supplier targets fulfilment based on agreed rules and processes.

This works well when a supplier supplies a range of products – allowing for the order needs for items to be grouped together for a more efficient delivery.

The retailer can see the sales data in their POS software as can the supplier in their IT systems. Nothing is shared about products related to any other supplier.

Auto inventory fulfilment can leverage just in time opportunities, reduce inventory investment by the local small business retailer, save space and save time.

It can help the supplier with supply management and manufacturing if they make what they sell.

The keys here are efficiency of space, capital and labour. And, of course, POS software is at the heart of it. Everyone involved benefits -t the local small business retailer using smartphones POS software and their IT connected suppliers.

Auto inventory fulfilment facilitated through POS software is another innovation available to local small business retailers, it is something big retailers have had access to for many years.

Tower Systems is grateful to offer specialised retail POS software for garden centres, sewing shops, music shops, pool maintenance and supply businesses, produce businesses, fishing bait and tackle businesses, firearms dealers, newsagents, pet shops, adult shops, bookshops, jewellers, toy shops and more.

Our customers are local family run businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

By Mark
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