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Helping local small business retailers win with a Boxing Day Sale


Here are 5 good reasons local small business retailers should embrace the Boxing Day Sale opportunity even if Boxing Day Sales are not a thing in their part of the world.

  1. Marketing costs nothing since you can ride on the coattails of the big retailers promoting their Boxing Day Sales.
  2. You can quit items you no longer wish to stock.
  3. You can free up cash on the items you have long since paid for.
  4. Customers love an opportunity for a bargain.
  5. A successful sale gives you an opportunity for a retail reset, which can be refreshing, motivating and decluttering for the shop space.

There are no rules about what you should sell in a Boxing Day Sale. The only rule, my made-up rule actually, relates to value – you have to price items such that they represent genuine value for shoppers, give them an excellent opportunity to save money that they quickly understand.

Fill the front half of your shop with deals – no matter what type of business you are in.

Don’t spend any money on promotion. rather, email your customers, put a notice on social media. Put signs in your font window. Keep it simple. Announce the sale.

In terms of pricing, keep it simple too. Know what your customers will understand. Some will prefer half price over 50% off or two for one. Others will gravitate toward tables at a fixed price such as $10, $25, $50 etc where the items on the tables are market at prices two times the price point of the table.

Now, if you are closed today, December 26, start your sale tomorrow. It’s easy. Don’t be worried about the technicality that tomorrow is not Boxing Day. Jump on the bandwagon. Declutter, clean up and make some money.

Now, our POS software makes it easy for you to prove items for aa Boxing Day Sale, our POS software can run a catalogue for you, offering sale prices for items you select, and for the period of the sale in your business. Our POS software also helps with reporting on the success of the sale.

And, with a Boxing Day Sale, when you use our POS software you can. Give shoppers a voucher with some money off their next purchase – to bring first-time and infrequent shoppers back into the business. That’s a bonus from running a Boxing Day Sale, the opportunity to bring those new faces back into the shop.

By Mark
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