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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Retailers unhappy with Lightspeed POS software EFTPOS and related fees are welcomed at Tower Systems


Tower Systems is grateful to welcome retailers switching from Lightspeed POS software to our Aussie made and supported POS software for specialty retailers.

Whether we are a good fit for your business depends on your business needs. This can be discussed in a personal demonstration where you review our software and see whether it does things the way you want.

When it comes to a Lightspeed comparison, we have some differences people tell us about:

  • You are not required to use any specific payments platform.
  • Our software rental charge is not tied to your sales revenue.
  • There is no penalty charge from us relating to your sales revenue.
  • We have increased our rental fees twice in five years and even then it was a lower than CPI increase.
  • You can talk to any of our leadership team direct and without having to top through a gatekeeper.

One way to compare is our Tower Systems POS software pricing page. Compare the different price-point levels of our software and see where what we offers fits compares with your situation today. We’;re confident we are competitive. better still, we are reliable, and viable.

As multiple Lightspeed earnings calls have revealed over the last year, growing Lightspeed Payments revenue has become a key commercial activity for the Lightspeed business. On our opinion, this pitches them as like a road a tolling business, making a clip from each transaction processed by retailers using their Lightspeed POS software or their Vend POS software.

We don’t care what EFTPOS or payments platform our retail customers use. Our POS software links with all the major Australian banks – there is no extra keying of transaction amounts on credit card machines, no extra keystrokes. Our integrations are good, secure and fast.

We don’t charge a penalty based on the EFTPOS or payments platform our retailers use.

We think retailers need to be able to make the decision as to the best payments platform with which to partner based on factors that matter to them.

If you are a Lightspeed POS or a vend POS customer and are looking for an alternative to Lightspeed Payments, consider Tower Systems. Tell us about your needs. If we can help, we will. If we cannot help, we promise to say so.

By Mark
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