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New subscriptions facilities in POS software help retailers to sell and manage subscriptions


Subscriptions can be challenging for POS software to manage on an on-going basis. The one-off transaction is easy. It’s the repeat transaction, to a timed cycle, that can be the difficulty … which is the very nature of a subscription if you think about it, they are repeat transactions for sure.

Managing subscriptions in POS software is. important. Thanks to some wonderful software development work by our team and advice from sone==me of our customers who sell subscriptions, we are delivering subscriptions management from within our POS software.

Using the subscriptions management facility in our Tower Systems POS software, retailers will be able to manage these repeat transactions, track the records, charges and payments.

For retailers who on-sell subscriptions on behalf of other parties, the subscriptions management tools in the Tower software will be especially useful.

There is no need for an app, or a plug-in or some other software as subscriptions are managed from within our Tower Systems POS software. This means Tower Systems POS software customers don’t have to pay another party a fee to manage subscriptions – it’s included in our software.

Tower Systems is a specialty retail POS software company. We help specialty retailers leverage what sets them apart. Our software continues to evolve in service of this.

By choosing our POS software, you’ll also benefit from a range of additional features, including software for unlimited computers, help desk support from Monday to Saturday, access to a knowledge base, and integrations with leading platforms such as Shopify, Big Commerce, Xero, and more. Furthermore, we provide access to our supplier invoice import tools, making inventory management a breeze.

We know that one category of retailer that will benefit from our subscription management tools is computer shops / IT businesses. These businesses offer to manage subscriptions to software for their customers. Our subscription tools can help them manage this by customer. Our software for these businesses also handles quote and invoice management, repairs management, integrating with online and plenty more. We have grateful to help plenty of computer shops and IT businesses with POS software that has bene found to be of service to them.

Made locally for local computer shops, this POS software for computer shops can help track computer builds, deals for computer / gamer club members, track stock, handle special orders and customers and more.

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