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Reed Gift Fair Sydney success


We are grateful for the opportunity to pitch our POS software at the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney these last few days. As the only POS software company on show at Reed, we made the most of the opportunity to talk local small business retail efficiency – to retailers as well as to suppliers.

The first three days were busy and we already have some bookings for today, the final day of this trade show.

Our stand made it easy for people to sit and chat.

On show at the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney was not only our POS software but our time saving integrated EFTPOS solution, our Xero integration as well as our roster software integration. This kit of solutions and plenty more from us appealed to retailers keen to leverage business efficiency.

That’s our focus as a POS software company, helping retailers derive more value from their local retail businesses, leveraging our POS software to do this.

What is interesting to us, and valuable for us, is the diversity of retailers through this trade show. we serve so many of them, with specialty software for their business. The retail channels represented at the Reed Gift Fair that we serve include gift shops, jewellers, garden centres, newsagents, homewares shops, travel destination shops, community enterprises and plenty more.

While the collateral on our stand talked about gift shop software, it was easy taking with trade show attendees about so much more.

Our purpose is to empower local retailers to thrive.

By empower, we mean to give them tools and training in the use of the tools to help them thrive.

The tools are our Aussie made and supported POS software.

By local retailers we mean independent retailers, specialty retailers, small business retailers. We believe in local. We know local matters to locals and that local is where community flourishes.

By thrive we mean to be profitable, and happy. A profitable business is good for all who rely on the business, including customers, and the community.

We know that our software can make a difference in businesses for which it is made, and that our training and support can help businesses thrive.

By Mark
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