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Managing subscriptions using your POS software


Managing subscriptions, or recurring billing, our Tower Systems POS software can handle it for you. Subscriptions can be handled daily, weekly, monthly or yearly – you choose by individual stock item customer.

A customer can have multiple subscriptions.

You can set different prices for a subscription of a product on a per customer basis. The pricing flexibility of this new POS software integrated subscription solution is awesome.

We think this subscriptions management software in the Tower Systems POS software will be an ideal solution for firearms dealers, computer dealers selling anti virus, Office 360 and similar subscriptions or any business doing any form of regular, locked-in, billing of customers.

Subscription management software helps businesses track manage the sale of subscription-based products. While software as a service (SaaS) is the most popular subscription type that businesses handle, plenty of businesses provide digital and physical products as a subscription model. The new subscription sale facilities from Tower Systems helps retailers in this area.

One popular form of subscriptions is the sale of sample and boxes, sent monthly or quarterly to customers. The Tower software can handle this, making it easy for businesses to offer these and thereby to expand the reach of their business.

The subscriptions facilities in the Tower Systems POS software are available for no additional charge.

While the company has a decades-long history of managing regular orders for customers using its newsagency POS software, the new subscriptions management tools go further for unique products, they have grown out of growth in the Tower Systems user community into new specialty retail areas.

Managing subscriptions and any form of recurring billing can be a challenge in retail businesses as they seek to streamline operations and manage associated labour costs. These new subscriptions management facilities in the POS software from Tower Systems have been tested with retailers in this space and gives resounding support.

Managing subscriptions using POS software without incurring additional costs for additional software facilities sis a big win for local small business retailers. Tower Systems is grateful to be of service to these retailers.

The new subscriptions management facilities were released as part of a regular software update and done so after considerable in-house testing along with comprehensive beta testing.

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