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Tower Systems releases major POS software update for specialty retailers


Two weeks ago we released the most substantial software update in several years, and that is saying something because there have been some significant updates in recent years.

This update is more substantial as it takes the software deeper into a couple of areas of specialty retail business management that are new for us.

As we have grown, we have found opportunities to serve more deeply. So, we asked our customers early last year about these areas and plenty responded with suggestions.

Thus began a project of significant collaboration as we developed new software, new functionality for our POS software. We showed progress along the way, seeking feedback. Then, we finally moved to alpha release, then pre-beta followed by weeks of beta and, then, commercial release around two weeks ago.

We are grateful to the customers who worked closely with us through this, providing feedback, encouraging us, being test sites. It means so much to have customers working with you in partnership like this.

In announcing the commercial release of the software, we shared comprehensive details on how yo use the new facilities as well as a brief overview. Here’s a sample of some of the comms on the POS software update:

  • New Facility: We are excited to introduce a new capability within our Quote & Invoice Management system that allows users to reserve items from their inventory. This ensures that your stock levels are accurately reflected, preventing overselling.
  • Proforma Invoice Status: A new interim status, “Proforma Invoice,” has been added to our Quotes & Invoice management. This status acts as an accepted quote that has not yet been processed as an invoice but has already reduced the available stock quantity by moving it to a new “Reserved Quantity.” This significant update allows you to issue proforma invoices to customers without making the reserved stock visible on your website or in-store.
  • We have enhanced the Quote & Invoice Management system to support the acceptance of deposits and progression payments for Proforma Invoices. This feature facilitates flexible payment options for your customers and streamlined financial management for your business.
  • New Feature: The ability to order parts directly from the Repairs Module has been introduced. This feature links part orders to the corresponding repair case, ensuring that parts are accurately tracked from order to delivery, and reducing the risk of misplacement.
  • New Substatus – Awaiting Parts: For better management and visibility, a new substatus, “Awaiting Parts,” has been added to the Repairs Module. This helps workshop technicians easily identify which repairs are pending part arrivals.

Our update notes are considerable, enabling our customers to access details appropriate to their type of business.

By Mark
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