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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Bookshop software from Tower Systems helps independent bookshops shine


Our Tower Systems POS software has been fine-tuned to serve the needs of local independent bookshops. It is software for bookshops developed and supported in Australia.

Using our bookshop POS software / bookstore POS software local bookshops can leverage a range of facilities designed to help the run efficient and enjoyable businesses. Facilities in the POS software made for bookshops include:

  • Book Club support – rewarding members, fundraising for the club and more.
  • Structured handling of special orders for customers. Place the order and have it tracked when it comes into the store with the customer easily notified of arrival.
  • TitlePage integration for easy lookup.
  • Easy searching by book inventory by author name or part of author name.
  • International barcode direct connect for easy lookup.
  • ChatGPT integration for smart product descriptions designed to help with customer searching.
  • Returns management. Returning unsold books can be time consuming. Using our bookshop software, booksellers can identify titles that can be returned based on arrival in-store, sales and current quantity on hand. We provide the insight and the structured approach for handling the return, in a publisher friendly way. The approach in our software has been tested with booksellers, to ensure it is genuinely useful and in line with what is required from suppliers.
  • Pacstream connectivity. From within our bookshop software you have access to Pacstream integration. Ask us to demonstrate this to you, so you can see how it works live and in person. The PacStream platform is robust and commercially beneficial to retailers. Indeed, PacStream access is critical for book retailers.
  • Easy searching of book inventory by title or part of a title.

We serve local independent booksellers with bookshop software made to help them win new business.

This bookshop POS software is made of r independent retailers. You can run it in the cloud or on your desktop – you decide what’s right for you.

We support book retailers with specialty training and support too. We make it easy for bookshop owners and staff to learn the software so that they can help the business get the most from the software.

Independent book retailers are the lifeblood of the community, often at the heart of discussion, gathering and learning. Our bookshop software supports this role for bookshops in a range of ways, helping bookshop owners to serve community groups while strengthening their businesses.

By Mark
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