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Welcoming Computerlink POS software customers to Tower Systems


We are grateful to have been able to welcome a bunch of Computerlink POS software customers to the Tower Systems POS software community recently. We’;re not sure why, but the recent surge has been something our customer service team has handled with care and professionalism.

When a Computerlink POS software customer switches to Tower Systems we help them navigate their new software as well as our customer service resources like the fully staffed help desk, our extensive video training library and our knowledge base packed with information on how to use the many facilities in our software.

While the Computerlink POS software community is primarily made up of newsagents as we understand it, we have discovered some other business customers in the recent contacts.

To help all our new POS software customers land well with us, including Computerlink customers, we have a new customer service role that works only with new customers, helping them learn, helping them become confident in using our POS software. Being able to contact them outside of the usual help desk provides gentle and easy to access assistance.

The software available to Tower Systems customers today is our latest release. It’s been out now for a few weeks. It’s the latest update to our POS software – we release three major updates each year to keep the software current and to enhance the software in line with requests from our customers. Several former Computerlink customers have told us they like our update approach.

We understand it can be challenging considering switching software. From us, there is no pressure to do this. If someone enquires, we will answer their questions and provide them with information. We won’t push to close a deal. We will leave it with them as we think it’s a decision they need to make when they are ready and only then. We are confident in what we offer and in our longevity to be here when a business that we could serve needs us and wants us.

Here is some advice we have for anyone considering switching software:

  • No two software programs are the same.
  • No two help desks are the same.
  • No two software companies are the same.
  • No two software company owners are the same.
  • Learning new software takes time. For a while, switching will feel like a mistake.
  • Only switch if you want to.
  • If you do switch, be all-in, learn, engage and use.

Here at Tower Systems we are proud of our track record of helping retailers switch from other POS software to our POS software. If this interests you, we’re at or 1300 662 957.

By Mark
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