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News from Tower Systems about locally made POS software for specialty local retailers.

Aussie made and supported software for independent jewellers helps them thrive


Tower Systems is proud to offer Australian made and supported POS software for jewellers. In a market with imported software, offering locally made and supported jeweller software is a win for businesses that like a good shop local pitch.

By focussing only on independent jewellers, Tower Systems is able to well serve the unique needs of these local businesses. Whereas franchise and chain jewellers focus on a cookie-cutter approach where everything is the same, local jewellers provide personal service and, often, personal products. This is what being local is all about – being engaged in ways that serve local needs well.

In the Tower Systems software for jewellers there are plenty of ways jewellers can provide local services, such as:

  • Anniversary reminders.
  • Benefits for local club members.
  • Local community engagement for fund raising.
  • Connecting with local events and celebrations.
  • Representing local makers.
  • Offering care information when there are local situations requiring them.

This jeweller software from Tower Systems is deep in jeweller functionality and robust in service. It can transact from the counter, the shop floor, local markets and elsewhere.

Jewellers can run their businesses efficiently:

  • Save time with supplier links: Automate purchase orders and streamline communication with suppliers.
  • Manage stock by weight and grading: Accurately track precious metals and gemstones, ensuring you always have the right inventory on hand.
  • Second-hand goods made simple: Specialised features help you handle pre-owned jewellery efficiently.
  • Free EFTPOS links: Accept payments seamlessly with integrations for popular EFTPOS terminals. This can help you save money.
  • Surcharge. Automatically apply an EFTPOS surcharge ton transactions if you wish.
  • Roster integrations: And with these, effortlessly manage staff scheduling and payroll.
  • Actionable business insights: Gain valuable data on sales trends, inventory levels, and customer behaviour to make informed decisions.
  • Local human-delivered support: Get the help you need when you need it, with friendly and knowledgeable support staff based right here in Australia.

Tower Systems understands that jewellery stores are about more than just transactions. We have served jewellers for 24+ years now. Our software for jewellers is designed to empower you to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional customer service and creating beautiful pieces. With Tower Systems, you’ll have the tools and support you need for your jewellery business.

By Mark
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