Repairs software enhancements to help bike retailers improve customer service

The latest release of the Tower Systems bike shop software includes enhancements in repairs management suggested by on-the-ground staff. These enhancements improve customer service, helping bike retailers better connect with their customers.

Thanks to a commitment to continuous improvement, the bike shop software from Tower Systems continues to lead in this vital marketplace.

New bike shop software set to shine at Ausbike 2012 trade show

Leading bike shop software company Tower Systems is set to show off new bike shop management software at the Ausbike 2012 trade show.

Running in Melbourne from October 12 through 14, the Ausbike trade show is the premier trade show for bike retailers.

Tower Systems has timed the release of its latest bike shop software to fit in with this important industry trade show event.

Developed in close association with bike retailers, shop-floor bike shop staff and bike suppliers, this latest software delivers best practice tools for bike retailers designed to further enhance business efficiency and performance.

By responding to the changing g needs of bike retailers, especially in the area of competing with online stores, Tower Systems is further reinforcing the position of its software as the industry standard software for bike retailers.

How bike shop can compete with online retailers and prosper in today’s economy

While there is plenty of media coverage about online retailers taking sales from high street retailers and how tough retail is, there are retailers, including bike retailers, who are growing stronger, more valuable businesses.

How are these retailers growing?

Growth in retail requires planning and commitment throughout the business.  It is vital that attention is paid to consumer touch points, placing the unique points of difference of the business in the spotlight.

Good businesses grow faster when growth strategies are encoded in business processes from the sales counter to the back room and are at the heart of supplier and employee relationships.

By leveraging in-store knowledge, experience and personal service, a high street bike shop can convert a browser into a shopper.  The keys are attention to detail, memorable personal service and a value proposition.

This is where good bike shop software implemented professionally can help.  It can also help drive operational efficiency and thereby give the business the financial means to be competitive.

There are bike shops doing this today, large and small, city and country.

But how can bike shop software do this?

  • Sales processes can be structured to drive consistency.
  • A loyalty program encourages your shopper to shop more frequently.
  • A contact follow up program can bring a customer back more often.
  • Marketing can be driven by email, mail and fax.
  • Mistakes at the sales counter, in ordering and in management can be reduced, freeing cash.
  • Selling can be made easier, thereby improving the shopper experience.
  • New marketing platforms are created: on receipts, at the counter and elsewhere.
  • Employees can be rewarded for above average sales – aligning their rewards with those of the business.
  • A common inventory file for an online store and a high street store.

Good bike shop software can help a bike retailer compete with online businesses and prosper in any economy.

Growth begins with deciding that this is what you want for your business. The next step is pursuing it relentlessly.

People looking for their first bike are encouraged by bike shops to talk to an expert. Bike shop owners wanting greater success should, likewise, talk to an expert.

Tower Systems develops and supports the industry standard bike shop software in Australia and New Zealand, the company helps bike shop retailers grow stronger and more valuable businesses.

To find out more about the Tower bike shop software, contact: NSW/ACT: Nathan Morrison 0417 568 148;  VIC/TAS: Jonathan Tay 0403 189 379; QLD/NT: Paul Slater 0434 365 789. SA/WA: Tim Batt 0401 833 917; NZ: Phil Daniels 0275 288 491. Website:

Special gift for bike retailers

Bike retailers using our bike shop software will receive a very special gift from us over the next couple of weeks. We have found a business book that speaks directly to the owners and managers of bike shops. It’s relevant, accessible and encouraging. We liked the book so much that we contacted the author and arranged to purchase copies from each of our bike shop software customers.

This gift for our bike retail customers is another way of connecting with them and helping them with resources to help promote and guide their business success.

Helping bike shops to nurture better customer relationships

A good bike shop retains a customer for life, well beyond the first bike purchase. There are services, accessories, clothes and, the next bike and the one after that.

Smart bike shop owners and managers use technology to track customer information and nurture lifetime commercial opportunities.

By professionally gathering and managing business data, bike shops can grow sales, especially repeat business from customers. In today’s world of easy price comparison, online shopping and tough retail conditions, bike shows need to use every tool possible to build and maintain customer relationships.

Good bike shop software will track purchases by shoppers, identify opportunities for growth and make marketing to customers easy.  It will allow the business to be responsive to customer behaviour, taking into account how the overall customer pool responds. This is where valuable commercial opportunities are found.

Once a business understands the total value of a bike shop customer it changes their view of each customer forever.  That new contact on the phone or walking through the door could be worth more than $10,000 to the business even though they may only ask about a relatively low cost item today.

Tracking products, customers, suppliers and prospects using software designed for the bike business helps businesses make the most of their opportunities. Not using bike shop software to manage a bike shop would be like not using a shovel to dig a hole and instead using a dessert spoon.

Key to nurturing these valuable customer relationships is software designed specifically for the needs of a bike shop. This is where specialist software companies like Tower Systems play a valuable role.

If you are looking for software for your bike shop, shop around. Take your time. Focus on a company with plenty of existing bike shops using their software. Talk to them and see what they think.

Anyone can make shiny sexy software. Only a few have bike shop software that is genuinely loved by bike shop owners and employees.

Repairs management software helps jewellers and bike shop retailers

The repairs management facilities in our software for Jewellers and our software for Bike Shops are identical.

This is because the needs of the two different businesses are the same.

Items come in for repair and can have parts replaces, parts fixed and labour expended. Our software tracks this for the workshop and the business. It even manages information for customers on when a repair is ready as well as the billing necessary.

Good repairs software is vital to both a professional bike shop and a professional jeweller. It can save time, improve customer service and deliver a healthier bottom line to the business.

Our repairs management software continues to evolve in response to user suggestions.  We seek out opportunities to help our retail partners offering repair services to get more from their software. Updates are provided as part of the Tower AdvantageTM service.

Specialist Bike Shop Software better than MYOB

Specialist bike shop software, software developed specifically for the unique needs of professional bike retail businesses delivers business-specific benefits which cannot be matched by MYOB’s Retail Manager.  While both software packages offer Point of Sale facilities, only specialist bike shop management software offers facilities which serve more of the needs of today’s bike retailer.

With regular enhancements released specifically for bike retailers, the Tower Systems Bike shop software continues to evolve as the best practice software solution for bike retailers.

Bike retailers can leverage bike shop software specialist facilities to drive revenue and build businesses of greater value for when they decide to sell.

Loyalty marketing. Bike customers are more valuable than the first tracking.  By tracking purchases through a robust loyalty management and marketing system, bike retailers using our Tower Systems software are able to extract greater value from each customer.

Adding value. Anyone can sell a bike. Bike experts add value with knowledge. Good bike shop software helps in the curating and imparting of this specialist knowledge.

Supplier connection. By connecting with key bike shop suppliers, processing electronic invoices and creating electronic orders, we are helping bike retailers cut labour costs.  This makes our software considerably more valuable than generic software when it comes to managing business payroll.

Theft management. By connecting the bike shop software with a sophisticated security camera system, bike shop owners are able to leverage better management of the employee and customer theft risks.  This is another difference between generic POS software and our specialist bike shop software.

Serial number tracking. A full service bike shop wants to provide the best

Repairs management. Tracking servicing and repairs in the workshop so that everything in the business is measured.

Warranty tracking. Knowing when this is up and offering customers the opportunity to access a free service within the warranty period.

The latest release of the Tower System bike shop software will be released later this month.

Bike Shop business management workshop a hit

We are thrilled with the feedback for our online Bike Shop management workshop yesterday. Thanks to our Web Ex platform we were able to bring bike shop owners and managers together from a range of situations and circumstances in Australia and New Zealand to talk about business.

There was a good discussion about how to improve business (running classes, selling coffee etc), different stock sold and events sponsored to drive business. There was also good discussion on the use of our software but the key focus of the meeting was business management and shaing experiences.

We are pleased to have been able to provide a free forum for our bike shop customers to do this.

The feedback has encouraged us to schedule another of these sessions sooner than the forecast October date.  We should have another date announced by the end of this week. We are aiming to set a date in August.

Bike shop business management meeting hosted by Tower Systems

Tower Systems is proud to be hosting an online bike shop management meeting this Tuesday. The online workshop is open to bike shop owners across Australia and New Zealand and will feature advice, tips and assistance in using the latest bike shop management from Tower Systems.  Hosted for used of the Tower bike shop software, any bike shop owner or employee is welcome to participate.

This online workshop session is part of a series of new online business management workshops being hosted by Tower Systems in expanding the services and assistance offered to its growing retail business community.

Bike shops installing software in response to strong sales

Sales of our Bike Shop software are strong this year on the back of strong sales by bike shops. Our observations are that excellent customer service, good after-sales follow up and quality products are the yes to success for bike retailers. Our specialist bike shop software helps with each of these areas.

By streamlining the customer relationship and helping shop staff to have access to accurate customer data, bike shops are able to derive valuable revenue long after the bike is sold as well as guiding good word of mouth from the relationship.

With after sales service being crucial to the bike shop / customer relationship, our software serves a vital role in helping bike shop staff deliver professional,timely and personalised after-sales care.  We have been able to deliver this through our software thanks to the generous support and feedback from our customers. Their guidance of specialist requirements of bike shops has been invaluable in making our software best of breed for bike shops the world over.

Bike shop software users meeting

We are set to announce details of a bike shop software users meeting that will bring together users of our bike shop software from Australia and New Zealand. This online meeting will be hosted by our Customer Service Manager and will provide a platform through which bike retailers can network around the common them of our bike shop management software.

Participation will be free.  Depending on demand we may split the meeting and host more than one.

We will also use the opportunity of the meeting to share details of the content of the next software update.

Free service follow-up helps bike shops to grow sales

Our bike shop management software helps bike shop owners to stay in tough with bike customers through several means. The most immediate and valuable contact is through post sales follow-up emails and or letters to offer customers the opportunity to return for a service or some other form of check up.

Thanks to the marketing tools in our bike shop management software it is easy for bike shop owners and managers to send follow up emails and mail to recent customers. They can create a target database based on a range of criteria collected by our software.

Being able to sift through customer data to create a marketing database makes it easy for the business to send activity and purchase specific follow up communications. This, in turn, helps bike shops grow sales through add-on purchases.

This is another way our bike shop management software is paying for itself in the many bike shops using it across Australia and New Zealand.

Bike shop software integrated with e-commerce websites

The widely used bike shop software from Australian Point of Sale software developer Tower Systems offers bike retailers the opportunity to connect their online business with their bricks and mortar shop through a smart data sharing platform.

Sharing data, on a two-way basis, with an e-commerce platform, the Bike shop software maintains an accurate record of inventory and thereby serve both online and offline customers.

With fierce competition from online only businesses which trade off the wonderful in-store customer service from physical bike shops, the Tower Systems link enables these more experienced and passionate bike retailers to easily move online using the data they have in their existing businesses.

In addition to providing a bridge for sharing sales and inventory data between online and offline business operations, Tower Systems is able to assist with setup and advice in making the most of the opportunity.  The company can also provide advice on appropriate webstore software to serve specific needs.

This webstore link is another example of the value of specialist bike shop software over the generic software used by some bike retailers. A generic retail management product like MYOB does not offer bike shop specific facilities such as repairs, warranty support, total customer relationship management, bike supplier links and other facilities developed with and for bike retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The latest enhancements to the website e-commerce links are part of an on-going enhancement program by Tower Systems to its specialist bike shop software. With around 200 socialist bike retailer customers using its software, the company is committed to maintaining its market share lead through product innovation and backing this with friendly and professional customer service.

With the most widely used specialist bike shop management software in Australia and New Zealand, Tower Systems is well positioned to serve the needs of just about any type of bike retailer from large to small, networked or stand alone.

Bike shops implementing our software are able to compete by making better use of their resources.  Our Bike Shop Software…

  • Reduces the time spent on business paperwork.
  • Reduces mistakes and thereby cuts the cost of mistakes to the business.
  • Provides management with easy access to business performance data which, in turn, feed better business decisions.
  • Increases sales by helping the business stock better turning inventory, managing the sales team and engaging in marketing to existing customers.

The Tower Systems Bike Shop Software helps create and maintain better business efficiency and performance.  The results help a business pay for the software in no time.

Bike shop software helps bike retailers compete with online retailers

Nowhere is the battle between bricks and mortar retail and online retail more evidence than in the bike retail space, the premium bike retail space where a professional grade bike will sell for several thousand dollars.

Bricks and mortar retailers provide invaluable advice and assistance to shoppers, sharing passion and knowledge that helps to guide purchase decisions, often protecting the shopper from making what could have been an expensive mistake.

Bike retailers and their shop floor representatives are giving of their time, professional knowledge and personal experience. This help is often delivered well in advance of a sale, putting the bricks and mortar business at risk of giving all the knowledge and missing out on the sale.

This is where our professional and specialist bike shop software helps. By giving brisks and mortar bike retailers tools with which to track, manage and reward shoppers and would-be shoppers, bike retailers are able to better tack and leverage shop floor traffic.  Smart retailers know that a holistic relationship with anyone on the bike shop floor is vital to making the most of the retail opportunity.

Using our Point of Sale software and following our professional training better equips bike shop retailers for competing with pure online operations.

Our web-store interface also helps bike businesses that operate a bricks and mortar and online presences … covering the best of both types of retail operations. We help bike retailers to manage inventory across two business formats from one source.

Working with brands like Bike Hub and Avanti as well as a broad group of independent bike retailers, we draw on considerable experience. With close to 200 bike retailers as customers, we are well-established as the leaders in the bike field in Australia and New Zealand.

Tower Systems is an Australian software company serving in excess of 2,500 small and independent retailers in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea The Cook Islands and several other countries.  The company also operates several retail businesses, providing it with personal and practical retail experience through which it can better understand the needs of its customers.

Bike Shop Software offer drives sales

The Bike Shop Software offer we are running to the end of the month is driving sales of our leading Bike Shop Software.

On offer is a free Samsung Galaxy Tab with each system sold. This device can be used for home use or to connect to the software, and the business, from anywhere. It’s a sales gift from us with an excellent productivity business benefit.

The special offer coincides with the release of new software for bike shops, software packed with new facilities including some requested by existing users of the software.

With more bike shops using our software than any other channel specific software, we are well positioned to to extend our market share lead as a result of innovative and on-topic protons and gifts such as the Galaxy Tab offer which ends on March 31.

Promoted via a professionally designed and printed postcard, all aspects of this campaign show off a professionalism of which we are proud.

We feel that our marketing collateral provides a window on our software and our customer support services. Given that our support services and software are world class professional, it is appropriate to pitch these with equally professional marketing.

Our new bike shop customers are coming from all parts of the bike retail channel including Avanti bike shops, Bike Hub bike shops and a range of independent bike retailers.

Bike shop software helps leverage seasonal opportunities

With bikes and related products changing seasonally, bike retailers can leverage the considerable business data of past seasons to guide better business decisions.  Our Specialist Bike Shop software provides bike retailers tools with which they can leverage seasonal data along with tools for sidelining data they will not need again.

This is where software developed specifically for a bike retail business is better than a generic software package. Comparing function for function, a bike shop owner or manager will soon see where a generic retail software package is not as good as a mature bike shop specific software package.

With the most widely used specialist bike shop management software in Australia and New Zealand, Tower Systems is well positioned to serve the needs of just about any type of bike retailer from large to small, networked or stand alone.

Bike shops implementing our software are able to compete by making better use of their resources.  Our Bike Shop Software…

  • Reduces the time spent on business paperwork.
  • Reduces mistakes and thereby cuts the cost of mistakes to the business.
  • Provides management with easy access to business performance data which, in turn, feed better business decisions.
  • Increases sales by helping the business stock better turning inventory, managing the sales team and engaging in marketing to existing customers.

The Tower Systems Bike Shop Software helps create and maintain better business efficiency and performance.  The results help a business pay for the software in no time.

Bricks and Mortar bike retailers help bike riders more than online stores

We know from our work with bike retailers using our bike shop management software the value the bike retailers bring to the bike riding community. The advice alone is invaluable from bike selection to riding tips to safety advice to networking and making friends.

Websites selling bikes and bike accessories cannot compete with such a personal and live value-add. This is where bike retailers with a physical store presence do better than websites.  Bike websites sell on price.  Price does not respect the value of the other services and it is the other services which enhance the bike riders experience.

This is where there is tremendous value in bike shops, a value we seek to reflect in how our bike shop management software engages with the bike retailers. There are many ways our bike shop software can be and is used to lift up and respect the added value of physical store. We work with bike shop retailers to achieve this.

Here at Tower Systems we have a passion for retail, retail business owners and all who work in retail.  We appreciate opportunities to help in every way we can.  We see this as similar to the passion bike retailers have for their customers and the sport and fun of bike riding.

Specialist bike shop software better than MYOB

Thanks to the bike shop specific facilities in our specialists bike shop software we are able to demonstrate the genuine value of business shop owners and managers the vaue of using our software over something generic and not market specific like MYOB retail manager.

Bike shop owners and managers who want to compete with online bike shops need to demonstrate value, genuine value, which they bring to every shopper who enters their door.  Through the use of our bike shop soft are they are able to do this with certainty and consistency.

This is what specialist software, software created specifically for a marketplace, does. It’s what Tower Systems does through its bike shop software.

Thanks to more than 130 specialist bike shop retailers who use our software we have a large community of users on which we can draw for expertise in bike shop management. The expertise is encoded in our bike shop software to delivery something of genuine benefit to bike shop owners across Australia, New zealand and elsewhere in the world.

The latest release of our Tower Systems bike shop software is out now and it delivers enhancements in a range of areas including flexibility in barcode label layout and other areas. Customers who are covered by our annual software support agreement have access to the latest software without additional charge.

Bike retailers who would like to compare the software they are using with out specialist bike shop software can do so easily. We will gladly have one of our industry experts visit to show you the software in your business and let you compare on the counter next to what you have.

Do we think that our specialist bike shop software is better than MYOB? Yes! Come and see for yourself!

Bike Shop Software Helps Bike Retailers deliver Premium Service

A key differentiator for bike retailers over their online counterparts is the level of customer service provided when a shopper is in a physical bike shop. Specialist staff are able to provide a level of customer service and tap into a well of knowledge which ads value to the customer experience. This is where bike retailers can win against online stores.

There is genuine value in good knowledge about bikes and the various add-ons available for the bike riding experience.

Bike retailers using our bike shop software are able to better service customers and provide access to their valuable knowledge thanks to facilities in the software. We leverage in-store knowledge and enable access to this to be used in a way which shows off the value the business provides.

Long after the sale, bike shop retailers using our software are able to provide smart customer follow-up thanks to the data gathered by the system during the sale. This helps the business demonstrate its commitment to customer care and to drive sales from existing customers for accessories and future bike purchases.

While online business promote price as their key point of difference, bricks and mortar bike shops can use knowledge and experience to drive their point of difference. Smart bike shoppers will see this and appreciate it given that the right advice will be more valuable to them in the long run.

The Tower Systems bike shop software has a range of services through which it helps retailers to drive (ride) their point of difference over online businesses. These will continue to evolve to serve the evolving needs of the marketplace.

Bike shop software helps bike shop retailers compete with online businesses

Nowhere is the challenge of online retail more intense than in the bike retail channel, especially in the premium bike retail space.  Shoppers use bike retailers for their expert advice and then shop online for price.

Using our Bike Shop software, bike retailers can compete with this situation, they can not only leverage their expert advice but also offer a value proposition which upholds their core point of difference over an online business.

Thanks to smart customer service, data tracking and business management tools, bike retailers using our software are able to demonstrate genuine value in their operation and thereby deliver to bike retailers a competitive opportunity.

While our software is called Point of Sale software, it travels deep within a business to provide support for core business principles and to facilitate business outcomes beyond tracking sales and delivering the more traditional services associated with POS software.

Thanks to our work with bike retailers in helping them to compete with online businesses we have learnings which are appealing to other marketplaces facing similar challenges.


Customer service key to success in bike shop management

In today’s marketplace where online retailers have a (real or perceived) price advantage as well as an operating cost advantage, customer service is vital for bricks and mortar retailers. This is very true in the bike retail space, especially the premium bike retail space where bikes can sell for several hundreds dollars through to many thousands of dollars.

More and more bike retailers are tapped for their excellent product knowledge only to find that the sale is completed online, with another business and leveraging the knowledge of the bricks and mortar bike shop expert.

Tower Systems is on a mission to help bike retailers leverage product knowledge and excellent customer service skills to retain more sales in-store and to stop them migrating to the online businesses.  We have a range of ways we help bike retailers achieve this in our Bike Shop management software.  By more thoroughly integrating our bike shop software with a bike retail business, the business owner and staff are able to deliver better customer service, reward loyalty, bring customers back more often and stock more of what is selling and less of what is not.

Being able to take a walk-in sales query and turn this into a certain sale is vital to the success of today’s bike retailer. Our software can help achieve this by bringing structure and certainty to the sales process. We can create points within the business where prospect details are captured and managed in such a way as to build more certainty around actually winning the business.

Bricks and mortar bike retailers can compete with online businesses … by being smarter, more efficiency and tracking more activity within the business.

beyond selling our bike shop software, we are committed to helping bike retailers prosper. Beyond the pleasure enjoyed by the bikes they sell there is also the community fitness factor. They provide a wonderful service with which we are proud to be associated.

Bike Shop POS Software shines at Christmas

The Bike Shop POS Software from Tower Systems is proving to be a valuable business partner to many bike shops right now, in the middle of a very busy Christmas season.

With many bikes ordered as Christmas gifts, bike shops are using our software to track orders, co-ordinate assembly, organise delivery and manage post sales service.

These are just some of the features of the Tower Systems bike shop software, software which is being used in more than 200 bike retail businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

Developed over many years and in close association with bike retailers of varying sizes, the bike shop software from Tower Systems is suitable for smaller independent bike retailers as well as groups with multiple retail outlets.  the benefits delivered during the busy christmas time are just part of the benefits delivered through the use of this software.

Repairs software assists bike shops and jewellers with workflow management

Jewellers and bike retailers share a common need to manage customer repairs.  The software facilities required to properly and professionally manage repairs for bikes and for jeweller items such as watches, rings, bracelets and the like are identical.

This is where our bike shop software and jeweller software share common facilities, in repairs management.

From the time the repair is brought in by the customer to when it is collected, our software tracks the works, manages all billing, handles external work and records all labour and parts used in completing the repair.

We have learnt from jewellers and bike retailers on improvement opportunities for the software and reflected these in updates.  The result is high-quality workflow management software feeding into our Point of Sale software.

From a business perspective, the benefits are control, efficiency and overall management.

The repairs software we offer today is completely different to that which we sold just over a year ago.  The entire module was rewritten to incorporate attention to the latest user requests from customers across several countries.  The result is leading repairs software which stands out.