POS software for independent small business retailers

Here at Tower Systems we create and support POS software, Point of Sale software, specifically for small and independent retail businesses in Australia.

We only work with small and independent retail businesses. This keeps us focussed on these types of businesses rather than confusing focus with big businesses.

We develop what we sell. This is our software. Created over many years. Regularly enhanced to keep up to date with technology and capabilities. By selling what we develop we know what we are doing, we know it is current and we know how we can change it if needed.

This is not overseas software made to look local. This is not software backed by an international call centre.

We are local and focussed 100% on local businesses. This is what local small business retailers look for in a business partner. It is a Tower Systems difference that is valuable for our customers. We love the point of difference and focus on it ourselves.

About Tower Systems

Tower Systems International (Aust) Pty Ltd was established in 1981 by Mark Fletcher.

The company was created to develop specialty software for small businesses in selected vertical markets. It remains true to that mission today.

Mark remains the owner and Managing Director.  The company has a strong leadership team across the technical, customer service and creative areas, ensuring it is not reliant on a single person to lead the business.

Tower Systems develops and supports retail management software to over independent 3500 small business retailers across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific in a limited number of retail niches, channels.

We employ 35 information technology professionals working out our company offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Auckland.

We develop and support our own retail management software as well as cloud based e-commerce sites.  We stand by what we offer.

Our development team is made up of qualified and skilled software developers.  They are managed by a committed Software Development Manager with years of experience with our software.

Many Tower clients have been with the company through a variety of retail businesses, choosing Tower again and again.  We value long term relationships and this is reflected in our customer retention rates.

Advice for small business retailers on how to reduce retail tenancy occupancy cost

Since we own and run retail businesses where our POS software is in use we have access to a well of experience and knowledge on which we can draw to craft practical advice for our customer community. Here is advice on reducing occupancy costs that we shared recently. We share it here for the broader community to consider.


The usual go-to place for any discussion about reducing occupancy costs is the landlord. Retailers tend to blame landlords for high occupancy costs.

The thing is, we all sign our leases. We all agree the terms of our leases. While leases from years ago can be problematic today, the challenges of our channel were obvious ten and more years ago.

Here is a list of things retailers could action to improve the occupancy cost situation where occupancy cost is the ratio of all lease related costs to revenue for products (and commission from any agency lines). You should also assess it as a ratio of GP.

There are many steps one can take to improve the occupancy cost situation:

  1. Negotiate with the landlord. We place this first as it is the usual go-to place for retailers. If you plan to seek a better deal, make sure you have a strong commercial case, a case backed by evidence. However, also know that a rent reduction does not provide long-term, growth like, benefit.
  2. Grow your overall GP%. Do this through broadening your product mix with a focus on sought-after higher than average GP% for your business items. It depends on the suppliers from whom you purchase and the extent of point of difference you leverage in what you sell.
  3. Increase foot traffic. Do this through ranging more diverse products and promoting your business outside the business. Success with this depends on the range of inventory you offer and how this is promoted outside the business. It depends on the reasons why you attract people to your business.
  4. Increase basket depth per transaction. Do this through shop floor engagement, sales counter product placement, key traffic freeway disruption and your business format.
  5. Increase GP for everyday items over which you have pricing control. Plain and simple – increases your prices. Success with this depends on thoughtful adjustment where you know it can be done without reducing unit sales volume.
  6. Broaden the appeal of your business. This idea picks up on some thoughts above but adds more. Here is what I mean – your business up to today attracts shoppers for a set range of reasons / purposes. Note those down. Now, contemplate adding sought-after considerably higher than average GP for your business products and / or services that are genuinely new for your business and that are not satisfied by a nearby business. Each new product / service reason, if successful, improves your occupancy cost situation.

These are items you can action right away, regardless of your occupancy cost situation. Items 2 through 6 and tasks that should be core business activities you pursue relentlessly.

The cost of retail space is Australia is higher than most countries in the world. It needs to reset. However, the level of reset necessary will not happen as long as people keep signing leases that are not viable.

We’re at IRCE in Chicago, talking best-practice web connected POS software

We are grateful for the opportunity to attend the IRCE conference in Chicago again this year. We are mixing with best-practice retailers as well as other tech companies serving retailers. While our focus in small business retail, we benefit from insights from all sectors.

Overseas conferences provide us excellent learning opportunities and provide access to data and other assets we leverage for our small business retailer community.

With Australia geographically far away from the world, being here at this event and the other events we get to each year we are able to learn on behalf of our customers. This gives us a competitive advantage.

It is a thrill to learn how advanced we are in several areas of our web connected POS software solutions. Connecting stores and groups of stores as we do for online sales with inventory transparency is inspiring others.

Oxipay POS software integration helps small business retailers win more sales

Oxipay works just like AfterPay. It is a buy now pay later offer. Interest free. Hassle free. Easy for you. easy for the customer. You are paid right away. You carry no obligation if the shopper does not pay off the debt.

Oxipay is integrated with our POS software. We were the first in the world to do this.

Your customer can pay over eight weekly payments. Here is how it works on a $160.00 purchase: they pay $20.00 on purchase and seven payments of $20.00 each. You are paid right away for the full purchase price, into your bank account.

What you pitch in-store is $20 today and 7 payments of $20.00 interest free. People can see this as achievable whereas they could baulk at a $160.00 purchase. This option to pay small weekly amounts is loved by Oxipay shoppers -= this brings them back to Oxipay shops.

Oxipay is integrated with the latest release of Retailer. We were the first POS software company in the world to to do this. Our software treats Oxipay as another payment method.

The shopper is already registered for Oxipay prior to the transaction or they can quickly sign up in-store. They can do this on their phone. It is easy.

The beauty of Oxipay is that it can reduce your LayBy commitment. This can save you space. It can also save you the cost of dealing with a situation where a customer cancels a LayBy prior to collection. In fact, Oxipay is loved by shoppers for the LayBy alternative it offers them too given the structure for payments.

We use Oxipay in our own shops and on consumer websites. Oxipay is currently being used for 14% of transactions on one site that does over $500,000 in sales in a year. This site has an average transaction value of $75.00.

The way to make the most of Oxipay is for you to ensure all staff are trained to pitch it to shoppers considering items they may not have the ready cash for today. They may be able to handle fortnightly payments and this could see you win business today that otherwise might have gone elsewhere.

Looking for another web developer for our POS software co.

Tower System,s is in the market for another web developer to join our awesome Melbourne based retail business web development team.

Web developer.

Tower Systems, a well-established niche POS software company based in Hawthorn Victoria is seeking a web developer with good PHP skills. We seek a web developer who goes beyond knowing PHP and other tech. Knowing is one thing. Context, understanding, is something else. We want someone who is either elite or aspires to be elite.

We would love you to have React skills as well as experience with Magento, Woo and more in the e-com space.

Working on several projects, this role offers variety serving the needs of our existing small business retail channels.

Here are the skills we are interested in, in order of importance:

  1. PHP 5 and MySQL
  2. React.
  3. Magento, Shopify, WordPress/Woo or similar
  4. MVC frameworks, like Zend or Laravel
  5. API development experience will be highly regarded
  6. CMS experience in Drupal, WordPress or similar.
  7. Frontend skills in respected front-end frameworks
  8. Familiar with Photoshop or Eclipse
  9. Flawless written and oral communication skills.

Find out more about us at www.towersystems.com.au. Please research us.

All applications are sent by SEEK direct to our CEO.

This is a full time role. Permanent residents or Australian citizens only. No 457. No sponsorship. No part time students.

The support card makes POS software support easy

FOR OUR CUSTOMERS. In case you have misplaced it, here is the most recent support card mailed to all Tower Systems customers. If you use our POS software, and we hope you do, please let your staff know about this. You can call our office Monday through Saturday.

This support card makes our POS software help desk support accessible. It has our office numbers and NZ toll free n umber. Plus our after hours numbers. It is all about making customer service accessible and certain.

After-hours numbers are for urgent after-hours issues such as a system being down. If you would like us to post you a support card to put on the wall next to your phone, please email us and we will gladly do this. Email support@towersystems.com.au.

Loyalty software helps small business retailers prove that points are dead

Points based loyalty is old-school and out of date. People don’t understand points because what are they worth?

While we continue to support points-based loyalty in our POS software, we go beyond this with our discount vouchers. Discount vouchers are fresh, engaging and easily understood. They help retailers win more business. They are a best practice loyalty offer for small business retailers.

Discount Vouchers don’t need a card – they print on sales receipts and offer an amount customers can spend right away. Our experience and the experience of hundreds of our customers is that Discount Vouchers drive faster and deeper engagement with the business – making a shopping visit more valuable right away.

We are confident that Tower Systems’ Discount Voucher facilities can help you:

  1. Get customers spending more in a visit.
  2. Bring existing customers back sooner.
  3. Attract new shoppers to your business.
  4. Drive impulse purchases at the sales counter.

People understand money, far more so than points. This is why discount vouchers are more likely to drive better results in retail businesses.

In our own retail experience, which sees us competing against major retailers in a Westfield shopping centre, several shoppers have stated they prefer Discount Vouchers over the rewards programs of our competitor.

The total loyalty package in the Tower Systems software is comprehensive, flexible and tuned to offer retailers choice through which they can serve their own situation with confidence and success.

Tower Systems publishes newsagency sales benchmark results

Core categories in retail newsagencies challenged while specialty categories grow.

This newsagency sales benchmark study reflects sales results as tracked in 149 retail newsagency businesses in Australia for the January through March quarter of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017.

Tower Systems undertakes the survey each quarter on a pro-bono basis in support of small businesses newsagency businesses across Australia. We are grateful to newsagents and their suppliers for their interest and to others who trust the survey results.

Only businesses with accurate data are included in the study.

With under 3,000 businesses in this channel, the number of participants is considered as a good indicator of overall channel performance. In collating data, I have removed businesses at the extremes where other factors are at play such as major construction shutting a street or a newsagency in a centre with two newsagencies where one closed and thereby giving an unnatural boost to the other.

Each data point is the average, mean, of all data for the data point.

In collating results, I have only included data for each category businesses trading in that category.


  • Customer traffic. Down 3%
  • Overall sales. Down 4%
  • Basket depth. Flat.
  • Basket dollar value. Flat.


  • Newspapers. Unit sales. Down 9.3%.
  • Magazines. Unit sales. Down 8.8%.
  • Greeting cards. Revenue. Down 2.7%.
  • Stationery. Revenue. Down 7.6%
  • Lotteries. Revenue. Flat.
  • Tobacco. Revenue. Down 16%.
  • Agency. Parcels, gift cards, betting account top-up. Down 6%.


  • Gifts. Revenue. Up 2%.
  • Toys. Revenue. Up 9.2%.
  • Plush. Revenue. Up 3.1%.
  • Collectibles. Revenue. Up 2.4%.
  • Craft. Revenue. Up 3.1%.
  • Coffee. Revenue. Up 11%.

What does this mean?

These core products numbers reflect continuing challenges in the core for newsagency businesses. This is not news given the benchmark results for years now.

In my opinion, the decline in newspapers, and magazines to a lesser extent, impacts the results for other products in the core such as stationery and cards. If this is true, it reinforces the importance of having other traffic drivers in a retail business, giving shoppers other compelling reasons to visit.

The occupancy cost challenge – a note for landlords.

Landlords want newsagency businesses in their retail mix. They want the store with papers, magazines, lotteries and other core items for the channel. Often, they restrict the space available for non-core, imposing a low gross profit model on businesses, thereby increasing occupancy cost.

Newsagencies today cannot sustain occupancy costs of more than 15%. The goal must be 11% for the business to be profitable and able to serve the usual level of debt needed for such a business.

Landlords need to be aware of the changes in product mix, the challenges of low-margin core products and restrictions they place on what businesses can sell. They need to be flexible on rent so newsagency businesses can be sustained and thereby provide the service they want in their centre.

If landlords want a newsagency business they need to price the space to reflect the nature of a sustainable business in that location rather than any premium rent they could get from a retailer with higher margins.

Labour cost – dealing with the challenge and opportunity.

Labour cost for an average newsagency sits at 16% of revenue where revenue is product revenue plus agency commission.

On a pure benchmark analysis, this is too high. However, the right labour invested in the right location in-store generates a good return. For example, a skilled person working the shop floor in high margin product categories can deliver valuable benefits whereas the right person working newspapers or magazines is less valuable.

When it comes to labour investment and management the core focus must be on customer-facing. That means having the maximum labour time possible situated to be accessible to customers. You do this by shifting to the shop floor as much work as possible – pricing, returns etc.

Newsagents need to manage their roster carefully and manage employee hours to be customer facing focused and engaged on a shared goal of driving revenue from each customer visit. Sharing information with employees is key to achieving this.

The specialty opportunity.

It is easy to say to newsagents get into one or more of the specialty areas. There are suppliers who will pitch products in these areas. The challenge is how you drive success. Getting the right product is part of the story. Visual merchandising, employee training, shop floor engagement and out of store marketing are all important factors. These all require relentless focus. Putting a category of products on the shelves is not sufficient.

Specialty products are rapidly evolving, presenting more opportunities over time. Keeping yourself informed of the opportunities, especially ahead of any wave, is key.

Tower Systems serves more than 1,700 newsagents with awesome newsagency software.

Mark Fletcher.
Email: mark@towersystems.com.au  Website: www.towersystems.com.au  Blog: www.newsagencyblog.com.au
M | 0418 321 338

The best Beanie Boo website in Australia for Beanie Boo collectors

Beanie Boos are adorable cute plush toys from Ty in the USA. In Australia, the best website for buying Beanie Boos is www.beanieboosaustralia.com. This website connects close to 150 shops selling beanie Boos, making it easy for beanie Boo shoppers to buy from one website and get stock access from all these 150 or so shops.

This provides access to the best Beanie Boo range in Australia.

Plus is provides access to Ty baby, Attic Treasures, Peek-A-Boo tablet holders, Ty Classic, Ty beanies and Ty Beanie Babies. All these products are on the awesome Ty Beanie Boo website.

Tower Systems created this awesome website and it maintains a genuinely live connection to the retail shops in the newsXpress network, making Beanie Boos available to anyone anywhere in Australia. Shopping is easy and fast and safe. Shopping is awesome – safe, secure and professional with easy shipment tracking.

With live connection between the Beanie Boo website and the shops that stock beanie Boos we are able to provide the shoppers with certainty about what they want and when they want it. The website includes images and more – which all come from direct within the POS software developed by Tower Systems.

Thanks to the beanie Boos website we are able to help local collectors anywhere in Australia to engage in their passion and to do so in a cost effective and happy way. Plus we help make local communities happier places as collectors of Boos smile more thanks to their adorable cuties.

Here is special information from newsXpress and their beanie Boo engagement:

At newsXpress shops you will also find exclusive Beanie Boos, Boos that you can only get from newsXpress shops in Australia.

We are an authorised ty stockist. This means we get our products from them through their Australian distributor. We do not parallel import. We do not purchase secondhand. This means you can trust what you buy from us.

In our shops you can collect your Beanie Boo Collector Poster while stocks last. This is a wonderful gift, there is no charge.

We host special collector events when new characters arrive, special competitions at different seasonal times and giveaways to celebrate these adorable characters.

The best Pop Vinyls shop in Australia is…

Pop! Vinyls are vinyl figurines for collectors, licence lovers and more. They are a genuine reflection of the licenced characters they represent. Pop vinyl shoppers love having access to an awesome range.

The Pop Vinyls website created by Tower Systems for more than 100 newsXpress retailers brings together into one place all the stock from these retailers to make shopping easy and certain and to offer a fantastic range.

This is what shoppers love. They love that they can shop a whole range from many Pop Vinyl shops easily and from the one place. they also love the certainty that what they can see online is what they can see in the physical shop too. Yes, our awesome Pop! Vinyl website makes in-store shopping easier for collectors of all sorts of Pop! Vinyls from Golden Girls to Batman, to Game of Thrones to Care bears, to Marvel, to The Munsters to all things Pop! Vinyls.

The online pop website is an awesome place for people to buy Pop! Vinyls and all things pop culture. The shops connected to the website are all round Australia and all small family owned businesses serving their local communities. They are good for locals and good for the comm unity. This is a big point of difference compared to the big businesses.

On this website we bring it all together, representing the Pop! Vinyl products in each store connected to our website, available for you to purchase online through us and supplied from the local store level.

We have access to the full range of Funko Pop! Vinyls. We are happy to do special orders and pre-orders of new releases. We are here to serve every Pop! Vinyl collector – we want to help you have more pops to love.

We only sell authentic Pop! Vinyl product, product sourced directly from Funko. We do not sell clones, copies or cheap knock-offs. This is important as the fake space is alive and well. Fake products do not carry value. In fact, we sadly see fake products in shops in Australia and this disrespects the Funko brand and all their good work.

The best online jigsaw shop in Australia

Australians love jigsaws. We have helped serve that love by creating the best online jigsaw shop in Australia. Jigsaws Australia b rings to live products from more than 100 retailers all connected and shapable through the one online website. This makes sure the range is diverse and easily accessible by shoppers in locations right around our vast country.

Buying a jigsaw for yourself or add a gift for someone else has never been easier. Thanks to this awesome website that makes shopping easy and certain. This includes professional back office fulfilment ensuring jigsaws are shipped to their destination using professional packaging and shipping. Our website takes care of all of this including the opportunity to buy now and pay later thanks to Oxipay.

Featuring Ravensberger jigsaws, the Jigsaw Australia website is awesome for jigsaw fans and gift givers. It serves the collectors, shoppers and small businesses in a pet Aussie battler story, providing an opportunity for small businesses to win and serve their local communities with much loved jigsaw products.

Tower Systems developed the Jigsaws Australia website. We have connected it to more than 100 jigsaw retailers, enabling them to win online sales as well as in-store sales through shoppers who find their shops thanks to the awesome website. This its good for in-store purchases as well as online.

Being the POS software developer as well as the website developer we are able to provide small business retailers with a perfect solution. This is especially true for retailers in a single banner group, such as is the case for the Jigsaws Australia website that we have now deployed for more than 100 small business retailers.

Doing jigsaws is good for the health of your brain according to medical experts around the world. It exercises your brain in a number of ways, helping to make you healthier and happier.

The benefits include hand to eye co-ordination as you look for pieces to match into the picture you are creating for a completed jigsaw. The more you do of jigsaws the better you get. It is like any form of training.

Another benefit is the feeling of accomplishment. That can help in so many other parts of life.

While you are doing a jigsaw you mind can subconsciously wander off and contemplate other challenges. Doing a jigsaw can help you resolve complex issues that otherwise you might be challenged to address.

Doing a jigsaw at work while working through difficult issues can make the difficult issues seem less difficult as your mind is taken off them and focussed on completing the jigsaw.

The best Pusheen shop in Australia is Cuteness Overload

The Cuteness Overload website we created, connected to our POS software, is the best shop in Australia for Pusheen products.

Pusheen is an adorable licenced character, based on a cat. Pusheen goes everywhere and gets into all sorts of things, for Pusheen lovers to connect with. From eating pizza to eating donuts to studying to playing games. Pusheen is a ton of fun for collectors of all ages.

We love Pusheen here in Australia because we are cat lovers and because we love all things cute. The Cuteness Overload website is about bringing cuteness products to anyone anywhere in Australia from one easy to shop site that serves these needs.

We ship quickly and with safety in mind. This gives our Pusheen collectors peace of mind that the adorable Pusheen products will arrive in a timely manner and in perfect brand new condition.

being connected to our in-store POS software we are able to ensure that stock data is accurate and this gives online shoppers certainty.

On the original Pusheen website, Pusheen the cat is described as being a female domestic shorthair who is grey and tabby.

People love Pusheen. They love that she is a cat. They love her tubbiness. They love her wry look. They love what she does.

Pusheen makes people feel happy and good. She is a real puck mem up for anyone, even people who do not love cats.

We have seen Pusheen loved by guys and girls. Older people and younger people. People in almost any country in the world. Yes, Pusheen is a truly universal collectible character that people are drawn to in all walks of life. In fact, the diverse appeal is part of what makes Pusheen really collectible by anyone in any situation.

Pusheen products help people bring their love of the adorable grey fat cat to life at work, at home, at school on the bus or train, in the car and elsewhere as they go about their lives. This is what people love about the products, they can have the Pusheen cuteness and calmness anywhere and everywhere.

The products started off as plush toys. Now they cover a huge range including mugs, journals, pillows, art pieces, plates, pens, pencils, rulers, stationery, cards, photo frames and much more. Every product has a place and use. Ever6y product brings a calm to the room and that is part of what people love.

The best website for collectible teddy bears

If you are a collector of teddy bears and love especially the handmade teddy bears in the UK from genuine limited edition runs then the Willow bears website www.willowbears.com.au could be the website best for you. These handmade collectible bears are true one of a kind, unlike any bears you will see elsewhere.

Through the Willow bears website you can see these gorgeous bears that are located in more than 100 newsXpress shops around Australia, where collectors can hug, love and buy the Willow Bears.

From the website you can shop with certainty and it is directly connected to each shop selling the Willow bears, each shop with accurate stock on hand data that makes buying fun, certain and fast.

Plus there is the opportunity to buy now, hug now and pay later thanks to the website integration with Oxipay.

Collectible bears are something to love and hug. These Willow bears are more special than most because:

  1. They are not made in an asian factory with low labour rates.
  2. They are not factory produced in large numbers.
  3. They are not sold on TV.

No, these are genuine limited edition hand made by artist bears from the UK, 100% from the UK. This is a big and important point of difference for the collectors who love unique works of art, bears they can pass on through generations. Bears that are made ethically, for real collectors. Beautiful teddy bears are to be cherished.

Collecting bears is personal. It is different for everyone. There is no right or wrong way, only your way.

Collectors can be young or old and anything in between. They can be girls or guys. They can be couples. They can be whole families.

We have put together here advice for anyone new to bear collecting that we hope will help you start. We have included tips and advice based on personal experience with collecting, to help you avoid disappointment.

Buy what you love. While for some collecting is about the long-term investment, it is more fun and more personally certain if you buy what you love as a starting point. This gets you going. It connects you with the collection. It results in a collection you are happy to look at and share with others.

So, when starting out, buy what you love.

Take your time. There is no rush.

You could choose bears based on a style, a colour, a size, names or some other factor that has deep personal meaning to you. There are many different reasons for collecting, each is personal and each is equally valid. Be sure about your reason for starting out as this can guide you to buy bears that give you the most pleasure.

Help for POS Solutions newsagency software users

Tower Systems has been quietly helping more users of the POS Solutions newsagency software switch to Tower Systems newsagency software.

What we have learned from the many hundreds who have switched already have blazed the path for others.

We help people switch with personal and timely support access, one on one training, data conversion and more. As the company serving in excess of 1,700 newsagency businesses we have the critical mass to serve newsagents keen for then Tower Systems experience.

As the newsagency channel undergoes extraordinary change, Tower Systems remains a constant support through its best-practice newsagency management software, newsagent support and newsagent marketing help.

Size matters. Tower Systems serves more newsagents than all other software companies combined.

Tower newsagency software customers receive:

  1. The latest Tower Systems newsagency software.
  2. On-site installation and training.
  3. Data conversion, converting as much data as we can access.
  4. Software support for the first three years.
  5. Software updates for the first three years.
  6. Unlimited over the phone follow up training for the first three years.
  7. Access to an online knowledge base with hundreds of articles and advice on the software, which you can easily search 24/7.
  8. Access to weekly group live online training workshops.
  9. Access to a private Facebook page where you can discuss on any topic.

More broadly, we are well resourced to help newsagents navigate change.

  1. Tower Systems will not leave the newsagency channel.
  2. We will fight for you. Beyond our software, outside of support, we will help with supplier issues, business strategy and other challenges you confront.
  3. Our software continues to evolve. We release two to three major updates each year. You choose when to load them. Each update is thoroughly tested in a comprehensive beta program.
  4. We own newsagencies. Yes, we walk in your shoes.
  5. No locked-in support fee. Taking up support coverage once the three-year period ends is optional.
  6. Lower support costs. Also, transparent. No mates’ rates for a select few.
  7. Fast support. Most calls are handled when you call. If not, we call back.
  8. At any time, you can see live how many help desk calls we are working on and how many we have closed that day.
  9. Support escalation. We have a structured escalation process should you be unhappy with a support call.
  10. Easy management access. The leadership team of Tower Systems is available to you. We take customer service seriously and personally.
  11. Updates when you want. You are in control of when you load updates.
  12. You are listened to. We offer the only transparent, user driven, software enhancement suggestion service. All our customers are listened to.
  13. Free training. Long after you install our software you have access to free personal training to refresh knowledge or cover new facilities.
  14. More integrations. Our direct links to Xero, Magento, Shopify and more mean you have more direct link options to help you grow your business.
  15. Business management insights. We can look at your business performance data and provide a personal analysis of what we see
  16. Owner access. Call Tower owner, Mark Fletcher, on 0418 321 338 or email mark@towersystems.com.au.

New, free, events tools help small business retailers grow their businesses

The events facilities released in the latest Tower Systems POS software update, Retailer version 2.7.4, are proving to be popular. They are comprehensive, of use to any retail business that wants to invite shoppers back into their businesses.

Events was expensive for us to develop. The software is broad in scope, comprehensive, and valuable to us and to our customers. We have made these facilities available to supported users at no cost. We have done this because we see them as a valuable core facility in good POS software.

Think of the Events facilities as marketing tools for growing revenue and making your business more valuable. You can market to people based on birthdays or anniversaries, when they last bought something, or other criteria appropriate to your business.

Comprehensive in scope and created following extensive customer consultation, the Events facilities add extraordinary value to your investment in the Tower Systems software.

For your own free training delivered with context to your business, please email bookings@towersystems.com.au. Every Tower Systems customer has access to unlimited one on one training, at no cost.

We also have excellent knowledge base advice on Events. Type events into the search bar and you will find them. Our knowledge base, with up to date advice, is accessible to our customers 24/7.

Events is helping retailers in a range of retail channels to grow their businesses, to bring shoppers back and to make the experience more complete, more whole of business. It is a shining light of new feels in software too help retailers grow.

To get access to Events, please email support@towersystems.com.au  asking us to turn it on. There is no cost for supported customers.

Online websites created by us for small business retailers

Click on the links for websites created by Tower connected to small business retailers:

  1. Beanie Boos.
  2. Jigsaws.
  3. Pop Vinyls.
  4. Pusheen.
  5. Collectible bears.
  6. Funky gifts.
  7. Collectible bears – international.

This is a small selection of our retail store POS software connected websites. We have many more for single stores and groups.

The advantage, benefit, is that we develop the POS software as well as the websites. This is where we make the difference in our software and non our web tech o0logy to help small businesses grow online.

We back this with excellent SEO work too, helping small business retailers compete with big businesses to be relevant in a rapidly changing retail and online landscape.

How webstore connected POS software helps retailers in a group and independent retailers win more sales.

As well as offering POS software designed for your specific type of business, Tower Systems provides websites seamlessly connected to the shop floor, giving you a single management view.

We develop websites for our customers, in Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce.

Our websites are POS software connected, offering 24/7 selling with payments through PayPal, Oxipay (interest free buy now pay later) and credit cards.

Our websites leverage online purchases as well as click and collect. They also drive basket depth with up-sell options and handling coupons for special deals.

If you are in a banner group or a marketing group, we can provide a single website to represent all stores in the group. We do this today for one group, through five websites we created – each easily found through Google thanks to our SEO work.

Each store in a banner or marketing group gets their own page, which they can easily promote. For a single business, the POS connected website promotes their business.

We know from experience that:

  1. In some businesses, around 75% of key in-store purchases have an online search component. POS connected websites are important for winning online sales and even more important for driving in-store purchases.
  2. 45% of purchases in many categories are when retail shops are closed.
  3. 10% of purchases are click and collect in higher-end product categories.
  4. 14% of purchases are done with buy now pay later financing.
  5. Shoppers like certainty that a store will have in stock they want to purchase – stock on hand by item can be viewable for each store.

We can network stores from a banner or marketing group into a single website. Thereby leveraging the power of the group of independently owned small businesses to be stronger and more useful than a big business competitor. This is how small businesses can win online.

Let us show you how together we can do this, how we can bring single stores online as well as whole groups online … through webstore connected POS software.

Not only do we create the website and the POS software, we ensure they can be found. This is key as a website that cannot be easily found through Google is a waste of money.

We would love to show individuals privately or members of your group, if you are in a group, the POS software connected websites we have created. We would take you behind the curtain, showing not only the tech. but explaining the business approach, outlining what we have done to create successful online businesses.

Fulfilment can be a challenge. We can help here too thanks to our integration work with Australia Post, Sendle and others. We can help you reduce friction with fulfilment and see you benefit from incremental online business.

Online is about a race to the cash. By this we mean that an online shopper is more likely to be ready to purchase. The first business to take their cash wins. This is where POS integrated websites can win. We can show you how.

The latest release of our POS software introduces a web dashboard to help in-store online sales fulfilment. This, coupled with inventory integration, accurate stock on hand data, professional image handling and smart SEO work helps you create and run an efficient, integrated physical and online business.

Whether you run a single store or operate as part of a marketing or banner group, Tower Systems has a track record of success you can leverage for your success. Let us show you how.

How to contact us.
Website: www.towersystems.com.au.
Sales email address: sales@towersystems.com.au.
National sales phone line:  1300 662 957.
Sales QLD & NT: Justin Randall. justin@towersystems.com.au 0434 365 789.
Sales NSW/ACT: Nathan Morrison. nathan@towersystems.com.au 0417 568 148.
Sales SA/WA/VIC: Tim Batt. tim@towersystems.com.au 0401 833 917.
CEO: Mark Fletcher. mark@towersystems.com.au 0418 321 338.
COO: Gavin Williams. gavin@towersystems.com.au 0418 554 759.

Kudos for Amazon Go store insights

We are grateful for the feedback from people who have seen our recent video where we share insights gained from visiting the Amazon Go store in Seattle twice this year. This is an extraordinary shop, built by an extraordinary business.

  1. No sales counter.
  2. No cash or credit cards processed in-store.
  3. Choose what you want, and leave.

In this video we explain what we saw and try for context for small business retailers.