Small business newsagents loving cloud based school booklist software

The cloud-based school booklist management solution from Tower Systems has helped small business newsagents win more school booklist business this year.

Developed with schools as well as local newsagents, the software we launched this year has been built from the ground up, in Australia, for Australian conditions.

We have created a completely self-serve facility that enables schools and newsagents to work together to create a time efficient solution to managing school booklist orders. This helps parents, schools and families. This is important with many booklist requirements being managed this side of Christmas, in what is usually a busy time for everyone involved.

The booklist software is another example of web development leadership by Tower Systems. This is us delivering extensions to our everyday product, through which we facilitate benefits for our customers that help them drive more income from local community relationships.

We love the booklist website. It has been a wonderful time saver for us in what is such a busy season for us. Thank you Tower Systems!

Time saving and empowerment are key to the success here. The software works on both front to deliver a beautiful solution.

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