Five reasons January is the ideal time to switch POS software in small business retail

January is a perfect time to with POS software in locally owned small business retail and here is why based on our years of working with thousands of small business retailers:

  1. For many retail channels in Australia this is a quiet time, ideal for making changes in the business.
  2. New software is like a spring clean off data and processes. At the start of a calendar year is a good time to do this.
  3. After Christmas and the post christmas sales stock can be depleted, making for less stock based data to transfer if you have quit lines.
  4. Suppliers are on a break meaning you will have fewer interruptions.
  5. Most retailers don;t switch now meaning software companies have even more resources to help.

If you are switching to better software, any time is a good time to switch. Doing it now, however, has added benefits. This is where Tower Systems can help.

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