What does the weekend look like for the POS software company

Like many of our retail business customers, here at Tower Systems weekends are busy as we’re open for business and helping retailers to get the most out of our POS software. Take today, here’s what we are up to in our business today serving our customers:

  1. Several of our team members are working at the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney
  2. Staff are working in our retail businesses – using our software ourselves … walking in the shoes of our customers
  3. Our help desk is open in our head office offering an personal office based service.
  4. Our knowledge base is accessible for plain English searches.
  5. Our online video training library is accessible for training you can access from anywhere.
  6. Our after hours help desk numbers are live for 274/7 service from our expert team.
  7. Our senior management escalation team is on hand to handle any escalation issues.

The help we will provide today, if it is like other Saturdays will include help with using the software, business advice, business performance analysis assistance and being a shoulder to lean on.

Saturdays are busy. We like it that way.


POS software company helps retailers compete with big competitors

Small and independent retailers often feel overwhelmed by the size and power of big national retailers with which they compete. They feel they cannot match the might and power of their big competitors.

Here at Tower Systems we help small and independent retailers to take a structured approach to competition.

Thanks to facilities in our software, small retail business owners can show they businesses as competitive at key touch points without having to invest in expensive infrastructure. They can deliver personal service, add value and enhance relationships in ways that present their business as more connected and engaged than big competitors.

The best way to approach feeling overwhelmed by anything is to take small steps to confront the challenge or challenges. This is where Tower Systems can help, even outside what is traditional software company. Through our years in business including years owning retail businesses, we have experiences on which to draw to help independent retailers to position themselves differently to competitors and thereby to grow.


POS software company delivers on customer service

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 7.52.51 amPOS software company Tower Systems delivers free learning opportunities to retailers and retail business employees using its Point of Sale software with a continuous program of free online live training workshops – covering topics often suggested by customers.

The regular availability of quality and interactive training is a genuine point of difference for Tower Systems. It is the company delivering on its promises and living up to its sales pitch.

When we promise something to our customers we deliver said Tower Systems Managing Director Mark Fletcher. We see companies saying they offer regular training yet you can’t find it listed anywhere, not even their customers know about it. Here at Tower, we know that actions speak louder than words.

The company’s online live training workshop schedule is listed on its website and regularly promoted to customers. Access is 100% free is Tower funding the platform including the phone call for voice access.


Love in the POS software

loveWe have included a nod to Valentine’s Day with the breakfast on offer at our POS Software co. head office this morning. The heart shaped donuts are a bit of fun for Valentine’s Day tomorrow, a retail season important to many of our customers.

Every day here at Tower Systems the love flows as we develop and support software that helps independent retailers run better and more enjoyable businesses. We love what we do.


The high cost of a poor choice in POS software vendor on small & independent retailers

We have been helping another retailer switch from another POS solution to POS software from Tower Systems. In helping with the transition we have got to hear stories about their previous experience. The most damning is the having to wait two days to get a call back on a software issue which was harming their business.

The issue was a financial error made in the software which was not enabling them to complete their financials and thereby settle on the sale of the business.

The POS company they were using was not responding ofr the times they did respond the help was not of use, the help desk people seemed to not care about the financial cost of what appeared to be a bug in the software.

The owner of the business estimates that the software they switched from had cost them tens of thousands of dollars.

Using our software now they have accurate financial data and are able to move forward on their business plans. They were happy to throw away their other POS software and pay for our software because of the resolution it brought to the issues the other company was ot resolving.


POS software customers love training

Retailers using the Tower Systems Point of Sale software have snapped up the second outing of our free training workshop: POS software settings you will be shocked you have access to. We are scheduling another and this will be followed by another if it fills up.

We have been running free online training consistently for years and will continue as long as our customers want.

This training is more about achieving business outcomes than the traditional how-to of software training. Small business retailers love it.


Good POS software can drive the relevance of your small or independent retail business

Choosing the right POS software for your business can re-energise, refocus and redefine your retail business.

Choosing the wrong software can hold you back.

The challenge for small and independent retailers is: which POS software is the right POS software.

Leading Australian POS software developer Tower Systems is clear that its software is not right for all retail businesses. Indeed, the company focuses on a select group of retail niches, vertical markets as they are called, in which it refines software to specific needs of teach of the markets.

This specialisation sees Tower Systems become deeply involved in and knowledgeable about each of the retail channels in which it serves. It’s deep specialisation results in offering software functions through which specialist niche retailers can reinforce their relevance.

For example, a pet shop using the specialist pet shop software from Tower Systems has pet shop management facilities that are unique and tailored to their needs whereas a generic POS software package only offers generic facilities that are offered to all retailers. These generic facilities are less likely to enable the pet retailer to reinforce their specialisation compared to a general retailer.

Specialist software in retail niches helps specialist retailers embrace their specialisation.

This is the Tower AdvantageTM in action. A suite of specialist tools that are constantly evolving thanks to the engagement of its 2,850+ customers.


Sunday retail management advice: use your POS software to tell your stories

One way independent retailers can compete with big businesses is by telling stories about products – how to use them, how to care for them, where they come from, who made them, why the products matter.

Using the Tower Systems POS software retailers are able to share these stories in a consistent and professional way – on receipts and other document communications with customers.

This is our management advice for today – use the ability to personalise receipts and other documents for sharing stories with customers – to enhance their experience with what they purchase from you.


POS software product categories help retailers gain different views of business

catBeing able to analyse business performance from a range of views is vital to independent retailers. While most POS software products permit analysis by product department and supplier, too often they miss the opportunity for analysis by category.

In gift shops this is particularly useful where you may not replace a range with more stock from the range but, instead, find something else appealing to that shopper. This is where category level performance reporting is most useful.

Tracking sales of products that appeal to a cohort of shoppers provides a valuable of business performance that can guide better restocking decisions. It is especially useful at trade show time when looking for new products but products which appeal to those who have purchase other products from you.

The Tower Systems POS software provides multiple views of sales data to enable this type of analysis in small and independent retail businesses.


POS software customers love secrets

Like all good software, there are gems within the Tower Systems POS software that are not widely known or that have been forgotten. The company yesterday hosted a full house online workshop where it outlined the hidden gems in the POS software. Customers loved it. Many let us know they learnt of functions, options and facilities they did lot know exist.

Tower Systems hosts these free online training workshops to help retailers learn more about their software and through this to leverage more value from their IT investment.


Free POS software training for retail business employees

The Tower Systems Training Academy offers retail business owners and employes the ability to learn our POS software at their own pace and in their own location.

Business owners and employees using the Tower software can learn how to use the software when and where they want without having to pay extra for the privilege.

The training helps ensure new employees learn the software properly and it provides existing employees the ability to refresh knowledge and learn more.

With retail changing and demands on business owners and their employees growing, good knowledge is vital to efficient and profitable newsagency management.

Professionally produced in-house by Tower Systems and peer-reviewed, this training program is accessed through curriculum platform just released on the Tower website.

This wonderful online training resource is another Tower AdvantageTM.


Stunning POS software receipt design shows off the pet shop business

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 12.37.15 pmTower Systems has the best installation and training people!

Look at how one of our retail partners is using their Pet Shop Software to offer receipts that look stunning.

This receipt was created by a member of our installation and training team while onsite installing our software.

The receipt has all the detail you could want for an accurate record of the sale.

Plus it has a unique barcode for easily finding the sale in the future.

And then there is the ad for the dog wash service – attracting shoppers back into the business.

The receipt is capped with the business logo.

Flexibility in receipt design is a hallmark of the Tower Systems POS software – all our retail partners have access to this so they can make their own beautiful receipts.


A day in the life of our POS software company

Here’s a candid look at a day in the life of our POS software company. The video was shot just before Christmas. It shows real people working passionately for our small business customers.

We’re a diverse, engaged and professional bunch of people who love small business retail and the technology we make to serve businesses in this sector.


Tower Systems POS software on the Microsoft Surface takes POS mobile

surfaceposAs retail businesses adopt to opportunities in 2015, Tower Systems is well placed to take the POS software from behind the counter thanks to support for mobile devices including the Microsoft Surface.

While we have offered mobile access to our POS software for years, the Surface is exciting to retailers as they look for opportunities for more engaged competition in 2015.

The Surface is versatile and fast in running our software. Having reference sites helps as we can show the software running in a live situation.


Helping nervous computer users to fall in love with POS software

Outside of our help desk and separated from our POS software installation team, we have a unique role that exists to help small business retailers settle our software into their business.

We created this role some years back to help people nervous about installing a computer into their retail business to learn the system at their own pace and through this to build a confidence in and love for the software.

Offering a service like this helps Tower Systems provide a more enjoyable customer service experience. We are able to settle new users in away from the help desk, through a service where there is little time pressure.

This is another Tower Systems AdvantageTM of which we are very proud.


New POS software training opportunities

We have been developing new content for our weekly online training workshops for retailers using our POS software.

In the next round of training opportunities to be released in the coming weeks you will see many new topics including these four:

  • How employees steal from retailers. Secrets from our top investigator and expert witness. Hosted by our COO Gavin Williams and for business owners only.
  • Basic hardware troubleshooting tips. Tips on how to fix basic hardware issues from our expert technical Services Manager Simon May.
  • Learning our POS software for Mandarin speaking users. Hosted by Jeremy To, our Mandarin speaking help desk expert.
  • Retailer software settings you will be shocked you have access to. Hold desk expert Colin Harris will show you settings you most likely don;t know exist that can help your enjoyment of the software

These sessions and the others yet to be announced will provide fresh training opportunities for our retail business partners in 2015. We are excited to be offering fresh practical training for small business retailers and through this to demonstrate our commitment to driving business performance as well as business efficiency.


Another good weekend of POS software support

I can’t thank you enough. I know I made a mistake not having virus protection and your people helped me anyway.

One of our POS software customers this weekend was hit with a virus and we helped them overcome the resulting challenges. Their appreciation was terrific. Kudos for a job well done by one of our team members.

We are proud here at Tower Systems of the dedicated team of professionals who care for our customers.


Sunday retail management advice: professional management of the sales counter

In our work with small business retailers we have been fortunate to see many different sales counter situations. The best retail sales counters are the ones run in a structured and professional way.

We are often asked for advice on management of the counter. Here are nine points of advice for counter management (outside of direct sales) which our customers have found useful. This list is our retail management advice today.

  1. No food or drink to be visible to customers unless it is packaged and for sale.
  2. No personal staff items like bags, purses, wallets or mobile phones to be visible at the counter.
  3. Clean the counter at least every day.
  4. From the customer side, remove all products from the counter once a week, clean and rebuild.
  5. Keep counter messages, signs and notes that shoppers see to a minimum. Every note, sign or message must have a purpose that speaks to the mission of your business.
  6. When employees purchase from the business have them purchase from the customer side of the counter.
  7. Have a rule on how many people you have behind the counter at any time. Too often retail employees use the counter as a refuge. More impulse purchases are achieved by working the shop floor than at the counter.
  8. Dramatically change your counter at least once every three months – as much for your team as for your customers.
  9. When assessing the counter for product placement, cleanliness and being on-topic, do so from the customer side. How it looks from behind the counter is far less relevant than from the customer side.

In helping retailers use our Point of Sale software we often find ourselves helping beyond the technology. Developing and sharing this list is one example of our broader help of small business retailers.


No vacation here

Tower Systems is not one person or even a few people. Tower Systems is a team of IT and customer services professionals working together to deliver to small and independent retailers excellent POS software backed by excellent service.

Through the year when people take a break to refresh and recharge other team members step in to ensure continuity of service. Our services continue right through, even this blog and our other public facing contact points.

Being available regardless of individual leave situations is essential in any business serving small business retailers as these businesses themselves never close.

Customer service is as much about easy contact access as it is about the knowledge shared. Often we find contact is about talking through questions and processes more so than problems as such.


POS software support kudos: thanks for being human

Thanks for being human.

This is what one happy customer calling our after hours POS software help desk line said. Earlier on Jan. 1, 2015 they had called their bank and their internet service provider and got lost in the maze of automated phone systems. With us, the phone was answered by a human and the question was quickly answered.

We loved their response to our service.

Thanks for being human.


Looking back on 2014 for our POS software company

Wow, what a year 2014 has been! 

In addition to welcoming many new customers, we have enjoyed serving all of our long-term friends. These include customers who have been with us since the 1980s when we first began in business.

A thrill of the year has been the excitement of our customers when they discover a facility in or a benefit from our software that genuinely helps them in their business. Their happiness brings delight to us, it reinforces the value of what we do.

In a practical sense, we have delivered major POS software updates this year, brought on support for new suppliers and strengthened connections between retailers and their suppliers.

We have, unfortunately, helped many retailers uncover and confront employee theft.

Our firsts of PayPal integration, Xero integration, new EDI facilities and more have given us pleasure – technology people love innovation.

We have also enjoyed another year of service from a wonderfully skilled and committed team of software developers, support personnel, admin folk and others who make up the Tower team.

More than ever, though, 2014 has been a year full of wonderful support and guidance from our 2,800+ retail business customers.

Thank you.

Happy New Year!