Tower Systems offers 626 POS software knowledge base articles

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 6.55.45 amRetailers using the Tower Systems POS software have access to 626 knowledge base articles. This is an extraordinary resource for small business retailers.

Each peer-reviewer knowledge base article is a step by step guide to how to use part of the sPOS software. Combined, the articles are a how to make your business more valuable as a result of using the software.

Accesses through an easy to sue search facility or searched using plain English searching, the knowledge base is a valuable resource for Tower customers.

Each week we refine content in articles and work on new articles to be added. We also remove articles that are no longer relevant.

The knowledge base resource is better than a user manual. It serves the 3,000+ Tower Systems customers well and acts as a valuable reference resource our customers can tap into at any time.

This is another example of the Tower AdvantageTM.


Massive day on the POS software help desk

Ww are experiencing a massive day of calls to the help desk today with retailers doing stock takes and other EOFY tasks. We have everyone taking calls and helping in every way humanly possible. It’s days like today that test any software company dealing with small business retailers.


We do not record POS software support calls

In another show of customer respect and service, Tower Systems confirms that it does not record help desk calls. We refuse to be part of the process of recording calls and keeping these for future reference.

While those recording them say they do for training and coaching purposes, we think they hold them as a reference against customers in the event of a dispute. We don;t want to be part of that culture.

We make notes about advice and provide feedback and advice to customers in writing by email if warranted as a result of a call. We also share links to appropriate knowledge base articles to help retailers as a follow up to a call.

We don’t like our calls being recorded when we make them so we think why do it to our customers. Customers agree.


Video is a great way to train in POS software for small business

A retailer who shifted to our POS software commended last week to us on our comprehensive video training library and the technology platform we developed for providing access to this training library.

I love it! I love that I can watch a video over at home. I love that I can get my staff to watch videos of the parts of the software they use.

The Tower Systems video training library is a unique and valuable resource, enabling retailers using the software to be able to access training as they want, as they get further into the software.

The investment by Tower Systems in creating the training resources reaps dividends for the company as it enables us to demonstrate a valuable point of difference.

The Tower Systems sales team provide access for business owners considering the use of our software – to show first hand the value of our training facilities.


Sunday retail management advice: use your POS software well

This advice seems simple, obvious – yet it is advice that must good POS software companies repeat daily. Here at Tower Systems we take this seriously we offer advice on how to use the software well, how to run a better business with the support of the software

Going beyond what is traditional in POS software support, Tower Systems helps its customers get more. Here are some of the ways retailers can use their POS software well:

  1. To track everything sold by item detail.
  2. To track all products returned.
  3. To manage gift vouchers.
  4. To run your Lay-By program.
  5. To create order for replenishment stock.
  6. To manage the employee roster.
  7. To track inventory theft.
  8. To track all sales.
  9. To stop employee theft.

This list is just a start on how to use your POS software well.  Too many retailers use their software as a glorified cash register and we don’t like that. There are plenty more ways retailers can use their POS software to run more efficient and valuable businesses.


Small business retail employee theft advice helps cut theft

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8.13.31 amThe employee theft advice Tower Systems provides its users goes beyond our smart POS software and well into the area of small business management. Offered as part of our comprehensive Knowledge Base, our advice is based on years of work with business owners, police in various jurisdictions and prosecutors to bring people to account for theft in retail businesses in which they work.

This type of advice covering business management goes beyond what is typical for a POS software company. It demonstrates a level of commitment from Tower Systems that is unique, a commitment of which we are proud.

The best feedback we have received is from those following this advice who have successfully detected earlier than otherwise might have been the case theft by an employee, detection that enabled them to gather the necessary evidence to act.

Every day here at Tower Systems we are involved with our customers beyond what is traditional for a POS software company. While we are happy to help with POS software queries, we are equally happy to help with business management advice beyond the software. As our motto say, We’re here to help.


POS software help desk support is about much more than the software

And how can I use that information in the business?

This is a question that can stump someone working on the help desk as a POS software company as it goes beyond the what and how and delves into the why. The answer to this question is a chink of gold that can be mined using smart POS software.

This is a questions the Tower Systems help desk team members can answer because the understand the why: why the software matters, why the data harvested is valuable, why a business owner wanting to grow the business will want to use the data.

This information is vital in small business as it is information that unlocks the real value of POS software for these small independent business users.

We can help small business owners understand data on reports as they relate to their specific businesses. Context is everything as they say and we know POS software cannot be one size fits all. A datapoint could be used by three different businesses in different ways depending on other metrics and KPIs. This is where our help desk team is smart and engaged.

Beyond the shat and how, our POS software help desk team loves to delve into the why.


POS software user support Knowledge Base makes customers happy

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 12.03.41 pmWe are thrilled with the feedback from our customers about the ever expanding Knowledge Base accessible framer POS software support website.

Packed with proprietary information, this Knowledge Base is a wonderful resource as we can share with customers in response to queries where documentation supporting an over the phone answer helps.

What is especially good is the feedback from customers that helps us enhance the Knowledge Base experience further.

This is another benefit of the proprietary and exclusive Tower AdvantageTM program.


POS software company helps small business retailers cut EFTPOS mistakes

EFTPOS processing mistakes at the retail sales counter can cost small business retailers dearly. POS software company Tower Systems helps retailers cut mistakes thanks to its integrated EFTPOS solutions.

Connecting directly with broadband EFTPOS bank Tyro as well as other banks, retailers using the Tower software are able to easily and quickly process credit card / EFTPOS payments without additional keystrokes.

Eliminating keystrokes is key to cutting mistakes. Eliminating the use of a separate EFTPOS device is key to eliminating mistakes. This saves time and money but most important it cuts mistakes.

In addition to cutting expensive mistakes, the integration delivered by Tower Systems streamlines customer flow at the counter and this improves the overall customer experience. It’s a win for the customer and a win for the retail business.


Retailers loving our free POS software training

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.41.31 pmWe keen addicting additional free live training sessions for our POS software customers and they keep filling up. So, guess what, we are adding more.

These sessions are more about leveraging the software in the business than how to do this or that. They contain considerable retail business management and operational advice.

We are thrilled with the support from ur customers and grateful to be in a position to offer this training by our skilled training team.

This is POS software customer service at its best. This is the Tower AdvantageTM


How to find stock in your POS software

Finding stock is easy for those using the Tower Systems POS software. While we have comprehensive training, sometimes it is brief top level training that front line employees need. Here is a new brief video created specifically for the front line. It’s fast and easy to learn and is back by far more training in video, text and line one on one form.


Easy contact with our POS software company

helpHere at Tower Systems we think you need the certainty of easy access to our people from support to accounts to management. This is why we publish a contact list with our weekly customer service email. This contact list includes names and direct contact details for senior management.

The first step to good customer service for any software company is to provide names of real people in authority with whom you can speak directly. Too often we see POS software companies hide behind a nameless number or email address.

Our website also provides names, contact points and photos.


Sunday retail management advice: we’re here to help small business retailers

We’re here to help.

This is our motto here at Tower Systems. It is at the core of what we do. The motto goes beyond our POS software.

we wil help small business retailers as far as we are able. Customer or not. Software related or not. This is what helping is about in our view. If we can help we will.

Our assistance has involved lease assistance, dispute resolution, help dealing with another software company, theft management help as well as business planning advice.

The most important help we can offer is a listening ear. 

If you are a small business retailer and you feel you have nowhere to go for help or to talk, contact Tower Systems – we will do our best to help.

This is our retail advice today – don’t bottle your challenges up. reach out for help. there are plenty out there willing to listen and help.


Free marketing resources for small business retailers

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.17.28 pmTower Systems is thrilled with the use small business retailers are making of the free small business marketing resources we have made available in our website.

These free resources are another practical way Tower Systems helps small business retailers beyond our terrific POS software

Our development and free access to these resources demonstrates are acre for and commitment to the small business retail channels in which we serve. It is easy for a business to say they support their customers in a variety of ways. This investment by us is us being true to our words – walking the walk if you will.

We have happy for these and other free downloads we place on the site to be used widely.

Note we have not included our branding as we don;t want to get in the way of the businesses using the materials.


Retailer frustration at POS software which changes without notice

We have been asked to help several retailers in recent weeks who discovered their POS software had been changed by their supplier without reference to them. The changes occurred overnight without forewarning. They introduced changes unexpected by the businesses, changes they need to adjust so they worked how the business would want.

One of the retailers commented to us they felt helpless with this change by their POS software company to a core management tool in their business without discussion or permission.

Tower Systems does not do this – we do not unilaterally make software changes in client locations without permission nor without full disclosure in advance so our customers can decide whether the changes would be useful to the businesses.

We think small business retailers should control the software they run. By this we mean – they should control when they update the software, always. This is a fundamental of good customer service in our view.


Sunday retail management advice: keep your loyalty pitch simple for success

A loyalty program is only as good as the over the counter pitch through which you seek to engage shoppers. Check out this brief video we created to train retail employees on what has to be the easiest to use over the counter shopper loyalty offer.

Tower Systems leads with professional employee training videos which help retail employees leverage more value for the business from our software.


POS software help desk live Saturday support

Today, as is usual, the office based POS software help desk of Tower Systems is up and running and providing live assistance to retailers using our POS software.

This office based service is in addition to our after hours service and our senior management escalation service.

Saturday POS software support is loved by retailers. It demonstrates an understanding of the different work cycle of retail versus office based businesses. being office based means it can achieve more than a mobile service and this enhances the customer experience.

This is another Tower AdvantageTM .


How POS software can help small business retailers manage employees more effectively

POS software can do more for small business retailers than they may think. Good POS software, like that from Tower Systems, goes deep into the business, away from the sales counter, helping in many ways.

Help with managing employees.

  1. Easily create rosters and share these with employees how and where they want.
  2. Track sales by employees.
  3. Track sales by time – allowing shift comparisons.
  4. How employees understand performance in the context of what they can do to help the business and themselves.
  5. Cut time taken on everyday tasks such as end of shift.
  6. Eliminate often frustrating tasks such as the daily backup.
  7. Give employees information that helps them more effectively serve the business.
  8. Bring certainty to the counter and help employees be more consistent.
  9. Provide employees with vital information about products so they can be consistently knowledgeable.

POS software customer: I love your training!

We were thrilled to be able to catch up with a Tower Systems POS software customer some months after their installation so see how things were going.

I love your training, just love it. What they did in the shop was fantastic but it’s the videos I really love.

I love that I can get my staff to watch them and track their progress.

I know the importance of training and thanks to your videos I am seeing improvements in performance.

Better still, these videos help me make more money.

Tower Systems offers access to more than 130 professional videos for use by customers at any time and from anywhere. These videos significantly enhance the Tower customer experience.

Our video training library is part of a comprehensive training program of in-store, over the phone, group and local workshop training. Our offer is comprehensive and constantly evolving based on customer feedback.


How POS software helps small business retailers from the front door to the back office

Software is only as valuable to a business as the contribution it makes. This contribution can be measured in time and money for its from these two that all other benefits flow. Here are ways our point of sale software will help gift shops, jewellers, bike retailers, pet shops and more make more money and free time

  1. Better customer service. Our software guides the sales process and gathers all necessary information, freeing retail staff for selling.
  2. Saving time. Using our software, sales are processed quickly. As retailers ourselves we have focused on delivering fast and efficient processing for sales.
  3. Reducing theft. Stores without a POS system are more susceptible to employee theft. In fact nearly 50% of retail shrinkage comes from employee theft. Our software can help to significantly reduce or eliminate these occurrences. We draw your attention to suspicious behaviour. For more security, you can password protect any area that you do not want employees to be able to access.
  4. Better decisions. We provide access to real-time information. Whether you have one store or 30 stores, you have instant and up to the minute access to sales numbers, stock, margins and more. This ability to have instant and accurate information enables you to make the absolute most out of your investment.
  5. Increased sales. In many ways throughout the business we help with this.
  6. After sales marketing. Using our loyalty program you send targeted letters, emails, and direct mail to customers based on purchases and other criteria. We have several loyalty options.
  7. Payment integration. With integrated Eftpos you can un clutter the counter, streamline sales processing and make record keeping easier. Time and money saved.
  8. Reduced mistakes. Using our software you can cut paperwork and this cuts mistakes. You can rely on the software to advise sales data and thereby stop you buying products which are not selling. Good retailing begins with good buying.
  9. Better integration with suppliers. Thanks to the supplier links in our software you are able to give suppliers data in return for better deals. There are many case studies in our files of this working to the benefit of our retail customers. Good retailing begins with good buying.

POS software training videos loved by small business retailers and retail employees

trainingvideosTower Systems offers retailers using its POS software free access to a video training portal where the software can be learned at the pace of the learner.

Retailers love this training resource. They love that they can tap into training anytime anywhere. They also love that the training is arranged by curriculum. They love that they can track employee progress.

With more than 130 professional videos, the owner training resource is valuable and extensive – with new videos added this year.

This resource alone is a reason some retailers join our community.