More accountants join our POS software Xero list of Xero accountants

Xero skilled accountants are loving our free service of listing them on our POS software website as Xero accountants.

This service is another way Tower Systems is helping small business focussed accountants with Xero skills to connect with potential clients looking for help with managing the accounting requirements for their software.

We are grateful of the opportunity for differentiation.

We are grateful to have the resources to be of service to small business retailers and accountants who serve them.


Small business retailers love our new POS software

The latest version of ur small business POS software is gaining a terrific reaction from our customers.  We are getting calls, emails and messages from customers grateful for the update and that we have introduced enhancements they have suggested.

Here are some of the feedback notes we have received:

  1. I love this update. Thank you Tower Systems.
  2. Thank you for including my suggestion. I know it was a bit weird but I know it will save time if people use it.
  3. I appreciate that you let me choose who to install the update. This is one of the reasons I switched to you guys.
  4. I like that you tell me exactly what is in the update in advance. There is nothing worse than find out out something has changed after the new software has been installed.

Our process of determining the content of software updates is transparent and inclusive. From online forums to calls to emails to face to face user meetings around the country we talk with our customers as we develop each software update.

We are grateful to our customers for their engagement in the crafting of each software update.


POS software update an early Christmas gift for small business retailers

We are thrilled to have shared with our customers another update to our POS software in time for Christmas. This update contains some bonus facilities, previously unannounced.

Surprising customers with unexpected enhancements has been common this year as we have delivered more valuable retail focussed tools across each of the specialty marketplaces we serve.

Our customers received a comprehensive email yesterday with details of the latest fresh retail software for: gift shopsjewellers,  bike shopstoy shopsfishing/outdoors businessesgarden centres/nurseriespet shopsproduce storesfirearms businesses and newsagents.


Actions do speak louder than words

A newsagent called us this morning out of desperation. They use software from another newsagency software company and have been unable to reach them for help – despite claims from this other company they offer support on the weekend. The experience of the newsagent is otherwise. Calls to the help number and a call to one of th owners resulted in no returned call.

We have helped them get their system up and running and business transacting. We have done this without obligation or pressure for them to switch to us.

Our marketing claiming we are open for business over the weekend is true. Customer service matters to us.


Easy access to the POS software help desk

We have posted two of these POS software help desk contact cards to our customers – to ensure easy access to our team when staff in a retail business need it.


This business card size card is part of an integrated campaign to ensure easy access to information on how to contact the Tower help desk.

In addition mailing two copies of the help desk contact card, the company sent a print newsletter with news on our latest software update, free training opportunities and other news for our 3,000+ retailer partners.


Retailers love Christmas marketing tips from our POS software co.

We are thrilled with the feedback from our customers for the unique Christmas marketing tips we published in our customer email last week.

We sought to provide tips from left-field, tips retailers would not expect. Feedback suggests they like what we pitched and some are trying the tips for themselves in their businesses.

Tower Systems is not your usual POS software company. We engage with our customers in a unique way and appreciate the opportunities to do this.


New POS software Help Desk team member

We are thrilled to have brought on stream a new member for our help desk. Roy has been with us for close to two weeks and has now started dealing direct with customers. He brings wonderful experience as well as a respected university degree to his role with the business.


Free small business training on the Gold Coast today

We are thrilled to be providing free face to face training for small business retailers on the Gold Coast today through another of our social media masterclass sessions.

This training fits well with our POS software and its opportunities for helping retailers to attract new traffic shoppers.

It leverages our experience in starting and running several successful social media presences for small retail businesses we run ourselves. The session draws on that experience and demonstrates live how we are using social media to attract new customers to our own businesses.

This free training is another way we put the Tower Systems message or empowerment for small business retailers out there for more to see and feel.


Watching the US election

14917154_1641795449451971_1938895228810990628_oWe projected live coverage of the US election result in a common part of the head office today, so everyone could keep up with the action. The US election has been a popular water-cooler topic in our office over the past year. This public projection today is another example of different and connected work place outside what you might expect for a POS software company.


POS software support on the day that stops the nation

We are running reduces POS software support today as Victoria is on holidays for the Melbourne Cup and the rest of Australia slows for the day and stops for the running of the cup.

Following a long-established tradition, we are running help desk coverage today with reduced staff from offices outside our Melbourne head office.

Our after hours numbers and management escalation numbers are available all through.

If you are betting today – we hope your horses win!


POS software update rolling out

We are well into the roll our of our latest POS software update for small business retailers.

Following a comprehensive beta release cycle, the update was cleared a week ago for release. We started emailing customers, in  batches, releasing access to the update.

This batched approach to the release helps us manage the help desk load.

Giving our customers control over when they install an update is important to us and appreciated by our customers.

We are thrilled to be delivering a comprehensive update that is packed with enhancements suggested and voted on by our customers. We are grateful for the engagement of our customers in achieving this.

What a terrific bounce for the last quarter of 2016.


How our hiring process helps us find proactive POS software help desk team members

We have a new position to fill on our POS software help desk and have been running a campaign at Seek that from the outsets seeks to attract people with an attention to detail and who are proactive. We have done this by embedding in the ad two requirements, the responses to which have helped us easily separate the candidates.

Here is the ad:

Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 6.34.43 AM

Interviews are well under way with the final round expected Monday.

We are excited for the opportunity to expand the experiences within our help desk team.


Where is your POS software company today?

It is almost 9am today, Saturday October 22, 2016, and our help desk based out of our head office has been busy answering questions for customers and providing training. Our leadership team, too, has taken calls already.

The majority of calls on the weekend are not about problems with the POS software. Some relate to retail supplier files, others relate to other software and some calls are for business advice.

As we are accessible we take the calls and help as much as possible.

A core tenet of good customer service is being accessible to your customers when they need you. We are proud to be available on days like today.

Where is our POS software company today?


How our Xero partnership benefits our customers

Being a certified Xero partner, listed on their website and participating in their events positions Tower Systems with authority in this space of POS software Xero integration.

We appreciate the Xero support from being a partner with them. For us, in several of our specialty retail channels, this is differentiating. It positions us differently to competitors that are not this connected with Xero and not lusted on their website.

Our Xero integration is clean, neat, with many users in many different retail channels. We are also working with accountants and bookkeepers in many locations helping them serve their customers leveraging the POS software / xero integration.

While we link to other accounting solutions, Xero is the winner in our view based on our own personal experience with it.

The Retailer To Xero Link Makes Accounting Easy

The powerful Tower Advantage Link platform allows Tower Systems’ specialist retail software to connect directly to Xero, one of Australia’s most popular and streamlined accounting services. Linking Retailer to Xero saves you precious time by completing the majority of your day-to-day accounting for you.  We are experts at bringing independent retail businesses and Xero together and pride ourselves on connecting business owners with such an innovative, useful service.


New help desk team member now live

We are thrilled to have a new voice on our help desk. James has come to us from retail where he had years of experience using our software. When he speaks with a retailer using our software, he can speak from his own experience.

This is another difference for our POS software company. We have people here on our help desk with recent retail experience using our software. This helps provide context for advice and in small business, context can be everything.

Anyone can read a script in proving POS software support. It takes retail passion and knowledge to provide genuinely useful POS software support. That is our goal through the people we bring on board an the nurturing we provide them in what they do.

Our Australian based POS software help desk is a valuable differentiator for us.


How we handled the Blueshyft debacle demonstrates our customer service commitment

A couple of weeks ago start-up Blueshyft mishandled communication with small business newsagents – saying POS software companies were responsible that Blueshyft ought be responsible for. The result was many POS software help desk calls that caused use to spend money on calls that were 100% the responsibility of Blueshyft.

Here at Tower Systems we did the work, provided the service. Then, we took a look at what Bluieshyft did and wrote to our customers:

Poor communication from Blueshyft disrespects you and us.
Blueshyft emailed newsagents today asking them to call their POS software company for a file update.

Blueshyft had not told us about the update, we did not have the file, we had not seen the file and could, therefore, not help.

But the support calls came. In huge number. Newsagents calling us because Blueshyft told them to. Some customers were rude to Tower employees, saying we were fools for not knowing about this.

This all happened when Gavin Williams, our COO, and I were on a flight from there Gold Coast back to Melbourne. We had been on the Gold Coast on business.

Our help desk was slammed – all because Blueshyft had kept us in the dark and because some newsagents didn’t believe that we had no knowledge of this new file.

I spoke with Blueshyft CEO Kain Warwick 45 minutes ago and expressed by frustration at what is, in my opinion, appalling communication from Blueshyft and a lack of respect for what Tower Systems does for them.

We get no compensation for any work related to Blueshyft. XchangeIT is paid to do what they do. I suspect Blueshyft pays VANA for their support and kind words. Yet the POS software company with the most newsagents is expected to be mind readers and know about a file we have never seen.

What happened today is ridiculous.

I have told our help desk we will not take calls on this new file. Instead, we have updated our online advice. This has all the instructions you need to load the file. Click here for our advice.

Had Blueshyft been professional, they would have provided the file, let us test it, let us provide them with advice on loading and then communicated with you. Instead, they dumped the heavy lifting on companies like ours for no compensation at all.

But on the file, it has 2,700 stock items. It does not make sense they want to bloat your system with all these but that is a separate issue.

Yes, I am frustrated as it is things like this that divert our attention from providing support individual customers of ours call us for – calls from the businesses that pay for our support services.  Blueshyft is freeloading at my expense and, ultimately, at your expense.

Mark Fletcher
Managing Director
0418 321 338


Handling the public holiday on the POS software help desk

The day is drawing to a close here in Melbourne and we have some time for reflection on the day. Thanks to the help from our Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide support team members and folks from Melbourne in for the day, we are happy with the coverage delivered today.

Help desk calls are in good shape. Queries have been handles. Training over the phone has been provided. We have also been able to provide some retail business management advice.

We are retail-focussed here at Tower Systems. We understand the reliance of our customers on easy access to their POS software. This is why we take care to ensure good coverage even on days of public holidays.


It’s AFL Grand Final eve

If the grand State of Victoria, Australia, today is a public holiday so we have the opportunity to prepare for tomorrow’s AFL Grand Final. So, most of us are off today, relaxing. However, we have made arrangements for others on our team interstate to handle help desk traffic. Also, our after hours numbers are live for any overflow issues.

Our official company position is we want the Bulldogs to win. However, our prediction is for an easy Swans victory.


Making it easy for small business retailers to contact Tower Systems

Here at Tower Systems we prefer human contact with our customers.

We don’t use one of those annoying computer run phone systems forcing you through a bunch of menu selections.

We don’t run a call centre offshore, getting you to talk with people who can only follow a script rather than having a conversation.

We don’t force you to put every query in writing.

No, doing business with us, accessing customer support through is is personal. Here is the information we share with our customers weekly. You will see real names, direct numbers and transparent escalation:

    • Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm AEST and Saturday 7:30am to 3pm.
      • VIC (and national): 03 9524 8000.
      • NSW: 02 8556 1600.
      • QLD: 07 3136 6888.
      • SA: 08 8121 3366.
      • WA: 08 6317 0207.
      • NZ: 0800 444 367. Toll free.
    • After hours support for system down calls
      • 0418 554 963 or 0419 842 334
    • Email:
    • Knowledge Base:
    • Website home page:
    • Email: or call 03 9824 8000.
  • SALES.
    • VIC/TAS. Mike Hill. 0423 848 482.
    • QLD. Nathan Morrison. 0417 568 148.
    • SA/WA/NT. Tim Batt. 0401 833 917.
    • NSW/ACT. Nathan Morrison. 0417 568 148.

To book free training, please email:

If you any reason you are unhappy with help desk contact, here is our escalation process to connect you with management assistance outside the help desk.

  1. Please provide as complete a description of the issues as possible.
  1. If you have multiple points, please number each.
  2. Please escalate by email to enable us to share with others here.
  3. Please note if your concern relates to a specific employee.
  4. Here are the escalation points, in sequence, for your use:
    1. CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER: The role can be done by one of several people. PH: 03 9524 8000.
    2. CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER: Gavin Williams. 03 9524 8000. Email
    3. OWNER/MANAGING DIRECTOR: Mark Fletcher. 0418 321 338. Email:

New training helps small business retailers master POS software

Tower Systems is thrilled to have announced details of new training programs for retailers using our small business POS software.

From our POS software training page on our website, retailers can see the new topics along with repeat sessions of popular topics, training retailers tell us they love.

We are proud to continue our free online training workshops and to deliver these free, accessible from anywhere in the world, to our retailers. This is important to us as the weekly access is proof of our actions matching our words.

In selecting training topics, we go for bold topic descriptions that make the training sound different to your usual boring computer training – because the training is different, our trainers are engaged, personal and good to listen too. The training is interactive too, helping people get the best value possible from their involvement.

The new round of training just announced includes topics suggested by customers. We are grateful to customers who have engaged with us in suggesting and developing new training topics.

On-going training is important to POS software users as it helps them continue to learn long after the software is installed. This is our commitment to our customers.


Small business retail management advice: ten reasons to ditch the old-school points based loyalty programs

While the Tower Systems POS software supports points-based loyalty, we have other more advanced and more current loyalty offers. Our new loyalty offers help retailers drive excellent sales results.

Here are some reasons why we think points based loyalty programs are not useful for small business retailers:

  1. Big businesses use points, meaning a small business program does not offer an identifiable post of difference.
  2. Plenty of medium and small businesses offer points based programs.
  3. Points are not a point of difference.
  4. How can a shopper separate your points program from that in another retail business? Try and do this yourself.
  5. Shoppers struggle to understand the value of points.
  6. $$$ in value is better understood than points.
  7. Points are old-school.
  8. Shoppers have loyalty fatigue from the same old points based programs.
  9. Points are more often used as a faux reward rather than real reward.
  10. Points appear as vague whereas a cash benefit is easily understood.

Our advice is to put your customers at the heart of your loyalty program. Once you do this you will quickly see the value of a more customer-focussed loyalty offer and the benefits that could flow for your business.


Small business POS software users invited to suggest training topics

Tower Systems in its weekly customer email has invited retailers using our POS software to suggest topics for us to cover in our weekly online training workshops.

While we have topics to cover based on help desk and in-store experiences, we wanted to put the call out to customers to suggest topics so they can guide the curriculum of the next round.

Here is the call we included in yesterday’s customer email:

We are currently planning our October and November free weekly online training workshops. We’d love your topic suggestions so we can ensure we provide content you find useful. Please email your training topic suggestions to we promise to take on board all suggestions.

Every week we run a one hour group workshop. This is what we are calling for topic suggestions for. In addition to this we run free business specific one-on-one training. These sessions are customer specific its topics guided 100% by our customers.

The value of training is clear when we track back results achieved by customers who engage with training on getting more from their software. We are grateful to customers who embrace training.


135 candidates for Tower Systems help desk role

We have made the first two rounds of reviews of candidates for another new help desk role, our second additional role this quarter. We are spoilt for choice in the pool of candidates available, making the selection of even the short list challenging.

We have to commence interviews late next week.