Helping retailers make the most of Christmas

Tower Systems is helping retailers make the most of Christmas with Christmas themed free training POS software opportunities.  In groups and individually, Tower is delivering access to free live training to give retailers comfort from knowledge and confidence that their Tower POS software can deliver even more than they expected this Christmas.

Our comprehensive free training opportunities win us new customers.


Free training helps small business retailers embrace POS software

Tower Systems is thrilled to announce more free POS software training for its small business customers. Here is a list of the new free training opportunities launched by the company:

  • Wednesday, 11 November @ 2:00 PM. Using Targeting Marketing in Retailer. Use marketing to target specific types and groups of customers.
  • Wednesday, 18 November @ 2:00 PM. The New Loyalty – Discount Vouchers. Start using Discount Vouchers to grow your business. A great introduction to this great feature.
  • Wednesday, 25 November @ 2:00 PM. Information you did not know your POS software could tell you. Reports and information you didn’t know retailer could tell you about your business.
  • Wednesday, 2 December @ 2:00 PM. Using Catalogues for Christmas sales. Quickly and easily setup automatic discounts for Christmas sales.
  • Wednesday, 9 December @ 2:00 PM. Don’t miss a sale this Christmas. Use Gift Vouchers. Keep customers coming back to your store with Gift Vouchers, sell and redeem professional Gift Vouchers entirely within Retailer ready for Christmas gifts.
  • Wednesday, 16 December @ 2:00 PM. Free Up Cash in Your Business Today. Find stock that isn’t selling and turn it into cash quickly.

POS software users love the snail mail newsletter

Last week we mailed, yes through the post office, a print newsletter to our 3,500+ small business retail customers. This is in addition to our weekly email newsletter.

We figured an update by snail mail would be good to catch those who do not read emails. It did. The contact from customers following the mailing has been terrific.

The experience we have had is a reminder for any company service small businesses that it is important to have more than one or two channels of communication with your customers. We are thrilled with the response.


Terrific POS software user meetings in Auckland

It was great to catch up with retailers using our specialist POS software in Auckland earlier this week. These meetings along with our other recent user meetings help keep us close to our customers, provide feedback on our plans and open other opportunities for us to explore as our customers take us into their confidence.

Being close to your customers is vital to any POS software company today and the best way to do this is through face to face contact between the decision makers.


Pre Melbourne Cup day

While much of Australia is go-slow mode today being the day before the Melbourne Cup, we are here and at it, providing a full deck of services and working in the background on software enhancements and developments.


Helping new owners of small retail businesses with existing POS software in place

Tower Systems has a structured approach to helping new owners of small businesses are e our POS software is in use. From admin to the help desk to management, we welcome new owners into our community with free assistance and support, to help them settle into their use of the software smoothly and efficiently.

With retail businesses changing hands at a considerable pace, we have found that a structured process brings certainty to the new small business owners, helping them to settle in sooner and helping them to benefit from our POS software.

Our new owner training and support is another difference from Tower Systems that serves small business retailers. Our approach demonstrates a commitment to certainty and structure that delivers practical business outcomes. We are thrilled to be in a position to commit resources to this work and grateful to our new owner customers for their support.

Taking over a retail business can be challenging with many different parties wanting you to immediately understand their engagement with the business. Our role is to help facilitate efficiency so time is available for these other parties, to ensure technology is not a burden.

For us, the new owner engagement starts with this brief welcome video, which then leads to free training.


POS software user meetings loved by small business retailers

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 1.10.51 pmThe POS software user meetings being hosted by Tower Systems around Australia and in New Zealand this week and next are generating terrific engagement and appreciation as everyday users get to learn, ask questions and make suggestions.

The meetings are also proving an opportunity for users of other software to compare the Tower experience and consider joining our user community.

The user meetings are a point of difference of which we are proud.

We are grateful for customer support.

We are spending a considerable sum flying people around the country, paying for good venues and catering. The pay-off is happier customers who themselves get more from their POS software experience.

The whole experience is an example of actions speaking louder than words. For us this is important as we do believe in providing the best possible customer service experience and the best possible service must include these face to face opportunities.


POS software user meeting for Perth small business retailers

Tower Systems is hosting FREE POS software user meeting in Perth next week at the Country Comfort Inter City Perth: 249-263 Great Eastern Highway, Belmont – Thursday starting at 9am for 2 hours. While set for existing user, those not using our software most welcome.

See new POS software release due out in four weeks time. Hear major plans for various specialist retail niches for 2016. Learn about business growth opportunities. Offer your suggestions on future enhancements. Engage in transparent Q&A.

I am the owner of Tower and I will be at all of these meetings with Gavin Williams, our Chief Operating Officer, with almost 20 years with the company, will be at every meeting too – along with local support staff.

While this is not a sales session, anyone is welcome to see how the Tower team interact with customers. Transparency at its best.



Expanding the POS software help desk to help small business customers

Personal service is a hallmark of the POS software help desk experience at Tower Systems. Personal service through phone and in-store contact to help our customers leverage the best benefits possible from investment in our POS software.

A recent study of call traffic revealed a different type of call at the end of the day compared to during the day. The data guided us to an opportunity to enhance our approach to customer service.

This is why we created a new help desk position, one focused on the service we provide at the end of the day, one designed to help small business retailers in a more operational focus than might be usual for POS software companies.

Unlike many help desks, our help desk experience is live and human. Our people don’t follow scripts. They do not provide canned answers to canned questions.

A support call is a discussion, two way, un-scripted.

Thanks to the new role we have created we will have more time at the end of the busy retail day to help our customers with personal service – to help them end their days on a brighter and less stressful note.

This is our goal as a customer service organisation.


Expanding the POS software help desk

Tower Systems has created a new role within our POS software help desk structure. We are advanced in considering candidates and hope to have a final decision by the end of next week. This new role will enable is to offer additional service beyond what we offer today, service beyond what retailers expect from their POS software company.

Innovating in a software company is not confined to innovating within the software. Since customer service is the means through which retailers can leverage their IT investment, innovating through our services is kay to our mission to evolve as a company.

We are excited for the change new people bring to the business.

UPDATE: (Oct. 17): We have signed on our new team member and set a start date for later this month.


POS software user meeting tour popular with retailers

The free POS software user meetings Tower Systems is hosting later this month are filling fast. Here are the dates you can book now:

  • Oct 26: BNE 10am.
  • Oct 27: SYD 10am.
  • Oct 28: ADL 10am.
  • Oct 29: MEL 10am.
  • NOV 5: PER 9am.

We have also added Auckland for November 2. We are about to add the Gold Coast.

At these events our customers will have direct access to senior software development managers as well as the owner of Tower. We will discuss future plans and business innovation – as well as seeking suggestions for future development.


Enhanced knowledge base articles help retailers get more from POS software

Every week Tower customs publishes updated and new knowledge base articles, further enhancing the POS software user documentation experience.

Here are the latest updates for retailers using the Tower software released weeks ago:

We do not update knowledge base updates here as we see no point in telegraphing to competition followers what we have been doing.


AFL Grand Final Holiday weekend

We are resting office based help desk support on Saturday October 3 as it is AFL Grand Final Day and the world stops. Also, the Friday is a public holiday in Victoria and the Monday is a public holiday in QLD, NSW and ACT. We know from call data that the weekend next to a public holiday is very quiet for the help desk. Our after hours numbers will be running all through.

With a pre AFL Grand Final holiday Friday October 2, the office will be closed. But never fear – our interstate offices will be open meaning the help desk will be available without interruption.


The 24/7 x 365 days POS software company

Here at Tower Systems we take serving our small business retail customers seriously. Our company is open for business 24/7. Our help desk is accessible 365 days a year. Our knowledge base articles are regularly updated and this blog is updated daily – reflecting that we are live, fresh and in service of our customers.

We know most of ur small business customers are open 365 days a year so it is appropriate we are here on this blog as well as through our help desk for them.

Personal and accessible service is vital to small business retailers and the best way we can demonstrate this is by being here for queries, help and assistance. 24/7. 365 days a year.


More free POS Software training for #smallbusiness #retail

In five minutes Tower Systems kicks off another free live online training session for small businesses using its POS software. Today’s session us Using Targeted Marketing.

Consistency is everything in software, especially small business POS software. Tower Systems demonstrates its consistency in offering these weekly free online training sessions years after they first started.

We are committed to helping our small business retail customers derive greater value from their IT investment and training is one key to achieving this.


Is your #smallbusiness POS software help desk open on a Saturday?

The Tower Systems small business POS software help desk opens for business in five minutes, like every Saturday. This live, office based, service has been a fixture of our customer service for many years. It is in addition to our 24/7 help desk service managed via mobile phones.

The office based POS software help desk service on a Saturday service helps us deliver a more complete service on a busy day of the week, logging into client businesses at their request and under their watch to resolve questions and issues. The service also includes providing personal training and business management assistance.

The Saturday help desk service provided by Tower Systems is another point of difference for us, a point of difference of which we are most proud.


Aussie POS software helps specialist retailers improve customer service

The POS software developed by Australian POS software company helps retailers pursue better customer service experiences.

From fast and accurate processing of sales to easier reordering to easy handling of customer queries, retailers are able to use the software to drive outcomes that focus on the customer experience.

With customer service being a key differentiator for retail businesses, having access to customer experience centric tools can be a competitive advantage.

Tower Systems goes beyond providing access to excellent customer service tools. It provides training and personal business integration assistance to help retailers themselves leverage the benefits Tower promotes as being in its software.

Owning and operation retail businesses ourselves, we understand the demands for better customer experiences and the commercial value to a retail business.

Every week we offer free training opportunities, access to useful articles and access to training videos all designed to help retailers improve the customer experience in their shops.


The human POS software help desk

We won a customer last week on the back of them calling our help desk and posing as a customer. They were thrilled a human answered the phone and wanted to hear from them about their query regarding our software. Their experience with another software company has been struggling with a computerised phone system to log a call and wait for someone to call back who runs through a script from which they cannot deviate to find out what the question is about.

We refuse to do this at Tower Systems.

Since retail is personal, so to should a retail software help desk experience be personal. We do this well and enjoy our personal contact with our customers.