Tower Systems helps newsagents compete with supermarkets through newsagency software

Talk to any small business newsagent today and they will tell you about renewed competition from supermarkets. Thanks to our ownership of newsagency businesses we have insights and experience we can leverage to help Tower Systems newsagency customers through our industry standard newsagency software.

Through our newsagency management software and the customer service which backs the software we can help newsagents reflect a point of difference they can leverage against competitor supermarkets.

The leverage opportunities in our software and services are unique to us. We’re not writing about them in detail here because to do so would give followers something to do.

The purpose of this post is to remind our customers we can help in non-traditional ways, ways on which you can bank to leverage a point of difference over businesses you worry about and see as too big to compete with.

Our management team is here for you with advice, training and assistance for you to use our industry standard software to compete efficiently and effectively.


Tower Systems support arrangements for Anzac Day

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.07.55 amTower Systems write to its customers to outline customer service arrangements for tomorrow, Anzac Day.

While the after hours help desk services will remain fully open and active along with our senior management escalation services, our office based help desk will be closed for the day out of respect for Anzac services and commemorations around Australia and New Zealand.

Ensuring customers were aware of Anzac Day arrangements well in advance of the day is another example of transparent and good customer service by the business.


PayPal payment integration with POS software helps small business retailers

PayPal LinkTo help retailers using its POS software, Tower Systems has produced a video on how to use the PayPal link in retail for receiving payment from customers. This video demonstrates the link that is available now to all Tower customers.

Tower Systems was the first POS software company in its specialist marketplaces to offer the direct PayPal link last year.

The educational video produced by Tower shows how the link works in a retail business.

We are thrilled Tower was selected by PayPal for this honour.


POS software company says no and loses a sale

We lost a sale recently because we would not give a sales prospect exactly what they wanted. What they wanted and what we do here at Tower Systems through our POS software were not aligned.

We are a specialist retail channel software company, offering software highly tuned and tailored for a specific selection of retail channels. We do this well. We don’t offer bespoke software unless enhancements developed could benefit one or more of our specialist retail channels.

In the instance we are writing about today, a sales prospect wanted something specific to their business which had no value to any other customer. While we could have done the work it would have taken attention away from commitments to existing customers. It was for this reason we said no thanks.

While it is never easy to walk away from revenue, we appreciate the long term relationships we have in our select group of retail channels and feel we are better served serving them than investing too much time serving the needs of one customer.


POS software help desk outbound calls demonstrate thoughtful customer service

The Tower Systems POS software help desk is not your average POS software help desk. One way this is demonstrates it its outbound call strategy, reaching out to businesses using our software to offer advice and assistance when not asked.

This proactive approach to providing a service is all about delivering unrequested assistance and helping small business retailers achieve unexpected beneficial results from their POS software investment.

Part of a structured program put in place by senior management and executed operationally through our help desk professionals, the outbound quiet customer call strategy is is much appreciated. We love the appreciative reaction from some when we call to offer help.

Too often we year of POS software help desks which struggle to get to inbound calls for days. resourcing the service so we are able to get to inbound calls quickly and have capacity for our exclusive outbound service is a point of difference we are thrilled to leverage.


Tower Systems helps small businesses affected by NSW storms

The Tower Systems help desk has been helping newsagents and other small business retailers with advice and other assistance though difficulties of dealing with water on equipment, power outages and other damage caused by the dreadful storms.

We have ensured that calls from businesses impacted by the storms are given priority and this will continue for the next few days until we see things have settled down.


POS software helps gift shops, small business retailers handle special orders

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.14.08 amThe POS software from Tower Systems has excellent facilities for handling special orders, pre-orders and other forms of orders for customers that are unique to the customer and a point of difference for the business to offer.

Special orders and customer pre-orders are a point of difference for small independent retailers over big businesses. Being bale to do this with consistency and certainty can help these businesses more successfully compete.

Thanks to years of refinement and working with retailers in a wide variety of retail situations, Tower Systems offers a competitive advantage from the recording of customer details, tracking an order,k advising its arrival and handling a range of payment options including time payment.

We have retailers today transacting valuable business in pre-orders of highly valuable product as a result of these tools in the software. They are financially better off today and over the long term as special order customers tend to return for more orders.


Tower Systems helps Plants Plus retailers migrate to new loyalty offer

Plants Plus garden centres using the Tower Systems Garden Centre software have appreciated the migration path offered by Tower to switch from the loyalty program used centrally by Plants Plus to the new facility adopted y the group.

Working with Plants Plus head office and their service provider, Tower systems has offered a seamless and valuable solution which helps these garden centre operators to ensure continuity of service to loyal customers.

In addition to the Plants Plus loyalty facilities, Tower supports several other loyalty offers – delivering appreciated flexibility to garden centres for their support of shopper loyalty … encouraging return purchases. From points based programs to dollars off immediate loyalty rewards, the Tower software provides flexibility to retailers looking for options through which to drive customer engagement.

Developed in close consultation with garden centre operators and other independent retailers, the Tower software offers business building facilities on which retailers can rely to drive business growth.

What sets Tower apart is the practical advice it provides for integration of the facilities into the business.


How our Pet Shop software company cares about local small business pet shops

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.30.51 amBeyond awesome pet shop management software, easy to understand training and helpful backup support, Tower Systems helps pet retailers in practical everyday ways.
Take our shop local campaign. We have developed artwork pet retailers can use to promote their businesses to your community. We provide access to an ever-evolving resource of digital art which can be printed locally, use on Facebook pages or on other social media platforms to reinforce the shop local pitch.
We can provide digital art retailers can use on receipts to extend the reach of shop local pitches. The art included with this post is just part of the range available for free.
Given the big businesses with which pet shops compete and the money they spend on advertising, we wanted to offer independent pet retailers practical help, for free. So we created our latest shop local artwork series. We’ll happily share the artwork with anyone.

How does this connect with our Pet Shop software? In our software you have access to facilities which help you better connect with shoppers, facilities which help you practically compete with big business, facilities which provide growth opportunities.

Small business retailers appreciate support in making the locally made pitch

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 3.57.45 amThe free marketing collateral we released for small business retailers is being appreciated. Retailers love that the collateral is available without strings, is free and is unbranded.

We are thrilled with the feedback and are working on adding to the suite of free collateral available from our website.

We are grateful to be in a position to give back to small business retailers.

Covering a range of themes, the example included with this post is most popular as it promoted LOCALLY MADE – a very strong message in any retail situation.


Expanded POS software beta program to help small business retailers

Tower Systems has overhauled its POS software beta release program, with an open call to all customers to apply to be considered for the beta program.

Retailers in the program will receive early releases of software enhancements in return for feedback on changes delivered.

Through the open call to all customers Tower Systems is ensuring a wide pool of participants. This is important as diversity in the test community helps ensure diversity in the software testing and this results in better software.


Retailers love free roster software from our POS software company

The free roster software released by Tower Systems to its customers two weeks ago has achieved excellent take-up. Businesses have established rosters and are using the software to more carefully manage labour allocation. One feature of the roster is that it shows the cost per day of the rostered labour. This is vital for any business seeking to manage operating costs.

Cloud based, the roster software can be used right away without the need to install any software.

Thanks for user feedback we have been tweaking the software, taking on board terrific suggestions from customers eager to help us make this software even better. We appreciate this help.

This new software from Tower Systems is another way the company is being true to its motto: We’re here to help.


POS Software company offers free small business help

POS software company Tower Systems added a new page to its website a week ago, offering even easier access to the free resources it develops for small business retailers. At this page you will find a growing library of resources you can use in any situation to promote your business. It’s another way Tower Systems is offering practical help to retailers, living the company motto: We’re here to help.


Good Friday POS software support coverage

Tower Systems offers 24/7 support for retailers using its POS software and today, Good Friday, is no different. Our after hours numbers are available for urgent assistance. Our escalation numbers are available as a backup to our usual after hours numbers. This layered approach offers more than escalation, it offers a level of access to senior management on which our customers can rely.


POS software help desk Easter hours

Tower Systems offices will close this afternoon at usual time for a four-day Easter break. We will re-open at 7am on Tuesday April 7. During Easter our after hours numbers will be available for urgent calls. Our emergency numbers will also be available as a backup to the after hours numbers. Plus our Knowledge Base will remain open 24/7 as well as our video streaming library with more than 130 training videos. We’re here to help.


Hosted POS software saves retailers time and money

Tower Systems has a variety of users of its POS software running their businesses with software hosted off-site, shielding the retail locations from software updates and environmental management. The range of options is diverse for small to mid-size businesses.

With redundancy built in and configured for speed, the hosted solutions are proving to work well for retailers small and mid-size, networks of 10 and more stores as well as for small one and two location businesses.

Having the options well established and available and reference sites in place is vital for what is a new approach for many small businesses to consider. The approach taken by Tower Systems is one we have personal experience with and this helps in our explanation to customers of service levels and other factors they might want to consider.


POS software company helps small business retailers connect with the community

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.08.19 pmTower Systems has released additional marketing collateral for free use by any small business retailer. Available from the company’s website without the need for a log-in or password, this latest collateral reinforces the local community connection of independent small businesses.

Developed in hour by our own designer, this collateral is designed to offer retailers options through which they can better connect with their local community – through social media, online, in print and elsewhere.

The marketing collateral is offered without strings and for free.

This is another way POS software Tower Systems helps businesses and lives its motto: We’re here to help.


Using POS software to help small business retailers and their suppliers help each other

Tower Systems has commenced another project to help a group of small business retailers to connect electronically with a supplier – through our POS software.

Building stronger ties between retailers and suppliers is a key objective for Tower Systems as through this it can help small business retailers save time and reduce inventory investment. Suppliers benefit through reduced labour costs for serving their retailers.

The Tower technology plays several roles. These roles are tailored to the needs of partnering suppliers and retailers. The detail is usually quite unique as experience has shown that connecting suppliers and retailers is not a one size fits all approach.

We have been able to draw on experiences from one particularly engaged retail channel to help in others. Having the runs on the board helps us to show what can be achieved for all stakeholders.

We are not being specific about this latest project here for commercial reasons.


More free POS software training helps small business retailers leverage technology

Small business retailers are loving the consistency of our free live training workshops. That they can participate interactively in the sessions without having to leave home or their business is a bonus.

The investment by Tower Systems in regular professional training is further evidence of the practical help we provide week in week out for our community of small business retailer customers.

Here are some of the POS software training topics we will be covering in coming weeks:

  • Using Targeting Marketing in Retailer
  • Reports that will change your business
  • Getting Ready for EOFY
  • Stocktaking Made Easy
  • Retailer software settings you will be shocked you have access to.
  • Using the Honeywell PDE Scanner
  • Free Up Cash in Your Business Today
  • Getting Ready for EOFY

This training is in addition to the free one on one training we offer our customers at times to suit their schedules.

Training is vital in valuable use of POS software. Tower Systems provides access to this training long after the software is installed.


POS Software customer: I couldn’t have done it without you

A retailer on winning a major award in their retail channel called out to Tower Systems people at the event when receiving the award saying:

I couldn’t have done it without you.

Then, to the room they said:

When I needed help, Tower was there. When I need to understand my business Tower was there.

We take helping our customers seriously. from providing useful and valued software to wonderful and practical support to business advice and guidance. We’re more than your average software company because we’re here to help.


Happy stories from the POS software help desk

For years now we have ended our help desk team meetings with everyone sharing a good story – something good which has happened in a call or visit with a customer. We did it again today.

It’s a thrill hearing positive stories about our customers and their interaction with the software. This is a well-established tradition we will continue as it reminds us of why we do what we do.


POS software installation video helps small business retailers

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 7.00.15 amTower Systems has released a professionally produced video of a recent ten-store installation of our POS software.

The goal of the video was to demonstrate the professional approach by the company and its people to installations. The video shows a calm, structured and professional approach to training that small business retailers can trust.

This latest video is another helpful resource from the team at Tower Systems. we are grateful to all who participated including our customers and their employees.

Tower Systems is sharing the video with sales prospects and others as part of a different approach to guiding people to make the right choice for their business when selecting a POS software company with which to partner.


Public holiday POS software support

With today a public holiday in VIC, TAS, SA and ACT, POS software company Tower Systems has support coverage for its customers operating through our usual lines. Our usual help desk service is backed up, as always, with our 24/7 all hours service. Plus our senior management escalation contact points are up and running.


POS software cloud backup service offers retailers better quality of life

While retailers using the Tower Systems POS software have had access to cloud data backup services for years, it is the company’s recently released subscription service that retailers are embracing. It’s fast, easy to setup and seamless in approach.

Prior to the release of this new service last year we tested it in our own shops for months to establish the most appropriate settings. the result is a service retailers love.

Created as a self-serve option for our customers, this backup service is one of a range of backup options. Tower Systems customers can setup their own cloud backup service, then can even backup to drives and USB sticks. The options are broad and easily selected.

Using the new service is one customers love because it comes with double security. Plus it offers owners peace of mind as employees cannot change or tamper with the backup. It delivers security over data in a way that matters to small business.