POS software user meeting tour popular with retailers

usermeetThe national capital city newsagent user meeting tour commenced by Tower Systems this week is proving to be successful at attracting interest amend Tower retail partners thanks to the free training and business insights provided at the events.

While travelling on the national roadshow, Tower is making its leadership team available to other users for one on one discussions and assistance as the company demonstrates its commitment to meet with customers.

Access to the user meetings is open to any newsagent. It’s free, breakfast included.

Numbers are limited. Booking is essential.


Promoting PayPal as a POS software payment option in-store

paypcomingPayPal is helps partner retailers to promote PayPal as a payment option in-store with collateral and other promotional material and help to drive shopper engagement. Their in-store commitment is another way of helping retail partners to drive business through using PayPal itself as a means of reaching out to new prospective customers.

Our integration with PayPal is at for forefront of integration technology. In our marketplaces we are first to market – driving good business outcomes.


PayPal in-store payment through smart POS software at a simple swish

paypknxscreenPaying via PayPal for anything in a store using our smart POS software is easy. Via the app and our smart integration the retailer will already know about a customer with a PayPal enabled device just as the customer will know about retailers nearby offering the Paypal payment option.

When it comes to paying at the counter, it’s as fast as using a credit card. And certain too with excellent details provided for transparency to the customer.

Refunds are a breeze too.

The integration between the Tower Point of sale software and PayPal is leading edge for us, our software and our retail partners.

We are grateful to PayPal for their support and faith in us.


POS software user meetings help small & indie retailers get more form POS software

usermeetTower Systems next week starts a national capital city newsagent user meeting tour to provide newsagents with wonderful learning opportunities, marketing insights, newsagency management advice and other content that will add value to the Tower relationship with newsagents.

While travelling on the national roadshow, Tower will make its leadership team available to other users for one on one discussions and assistance as the company demonstrates its commitment to meet with customers.

Access to the user meetings is open to any newsagent. It’s free, breakfast included.

Numbers are limited. Booking is essential.


Tower Systems announces national user meeting tour

usermeetTower Systems earlier this week announced details of a national capital city newsagent user meeting tour to provide newsagents with wonderful learning opportunities, marketing insights, newsagency management advice and other content that will add value to the Tower relationship with newsagents.

While travelling on the national roadshow, Tower will make its leadership team available to other users for one on one discussions and assistance as the company demonstrates its commitment to meet with customers.

Access to the user meetings is open to any newsagent. It’s free, breakfast included.

Numbers are limited. Booking is essential.


The easy way to learn how to use POS software – for retailers & retail employees

towertrainingTower Systems makes it easy for retailers and retail business employees to learn its smart POS software when and where they want through a comprehensive cloud based POS software Training Academy.

Through this exclusive to Tower academy users are able to learn the whole software or just the part of the software they are interested in at that time.

Customers tell us they love this resource and appreciate the investment we make in maintaining it as useful for all retail niches we serve.

The Training Academy is exclusive to Tower and serves as a valuable point of difference – winning new business for us.


Break-in at our POS software head office

twr-breakin-jul14-aThe head office of our software company was hit with another break-in. The third here in just over two years. This time, nothing was taken, making the break-in all the more curious.

Thankfully, police detectives are on the case, considering all angles in their enquiries. Today was all about crime scene investigation and other work looking for clues – and then the clean up of the damage and securing the building.

One option being considered is that we were specifically targeted. While we are not jumping to conclusions we are, naturally, concerned that it is even a consideration.

Our infrastructure is unaffected. It’s business as usual for our customers.


Smart POS software helps retailers balance end of shift

knoweosThe end of a shift in retail is an important time as it brings together data, cash and other informations and insights about the business. It can feed seamlessly into xero and other accounting packages and it can provide guidance comparisons on trading. In the Tower systems Point of Sale software retailers are able to achieve plenty through end of shift (EOS) processes.

Tower Systems helps its retailers get more from the end of shift processes through wonderful live training opportunities as well as through a deep well of knowledge in our knowledge base. A search this week shows there to be 83 articles. This includes professional training videos.

Our customers love our knowledge base resource as it is interactive. They can comment on knowledge and give us a thumbs up – that’s what the green thumbs indicate.

Our knowledge base is the envy of some competitors. It’s a reason some retailers switch to tower – once they see the help available 24/7 and compare it to what they have had access to they love the professional approach we have taken.


Terrific End of Year for POS software users

We have recorded our most engaged and prepared end of financial year ever with more retailers engaging with our EOFY tough points. Our live online training, one on one help desk support, training videos, knowledge base advice sheets and other contact points have been used by more customers than ever to gain more benefit from our software.

We are grateful to our customers for turning to us for help with making the most from the end of the financial year.

Now let’s have a great 2014/15!


Busy end of financial year

The day is not even half over and our Help Desk has already racked up a busy day of calls – answering many end of financial year related calls for retailers using our Point of Sale software. We’re all hands on desk so that we can get through then increased call volume and end the day in good shape.

We also have senior management helping to triage calls and offer smooth access to advice.


Extra POS software EOFY training fills

trainingbusyWe are thrilled that the additional POS Software end of financial year training we scheduled has filled up. So we added more. They filled too. We have scheduled even more.

Our customers are loving the training.

While our software does not have specific tasks to be completed at the end of the year, it is a good time to do some housekeeping and business performance reporting. This is part of what we cover in this training.

We are grateful to our customers for embracing these free training opportunities.


Understanding the impact of a natural disaster on small business retailers

christchurchSome of the Tower team who were in Christchurch recently for the Gift Fair took time out to look at how the city is faring some years on from the massive earthquake that razed chunks of the city centre and surrounds.

In the quake Tower lost several client businesses. It was sobering to see the extent of the damage that is still evident. Indeed, what we saw was a reminder of the frailty of businesses and how success can disappear in an instant through a natural disaster.


POS software knowledge base expanded

Tower Systems has expanded the content published on its POS software support knowledge base this week, adding the following new articles:

  • Bulk Price changes
  • Invoice Discounts
  • Xero Integration Setup
  • Exporting Accounting Data to Xero
  • Restoring Data From a Backup
  • Manually Backing Up Data
  • Creating Subagent Orders

These join hundreds of other articles packed with terrific advice to help retailers earn more form their software.

We often publish multiple articles on the same function – looking at the function from different perspectives. We do this as we have found different customers approach functions in different ways.


Free QR code platform helps small & independent retailers harvest shopper details

qrkiQRki, the free cloud-based QR code generation and content hosting platform developed by Tower Systems helps small and independent retailers to collect shopper details in the form of competition entries and loyal shopper information.

QRki is free for everyone to offer small and independent retailers with a tool they can use to effectively compete with major retailers who use QR codes in-store to provide enhanced customer experiences.

Any retailer or any business can access and use QRki, you do not need to be an existing Tower Systems customer.


Retailers loving free POS software EOFY training

Retailers using our POS software are loving the current series of free EOFY training. Covering a range of areas including business requirements as well as how our software can help our training related to the end of the financial year is so popular that we have had to schedule additional sessions. Additional (bonus) sessions are:

  • 24th June at 11.00AM for Doing a Stock take
  • 26th June at 11.00AM for End of Financial Year Procedures

Fresh stock file advice helps POS software users

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.54.08 amFresh advice from Tower Systems on its comprehensive and growing knowledge base is helping POS software users to easily load stock files from suppliers.

With close to 100 advice documents now in the knowledge base and accessible, we are making it easy. We have general overall advice as well as supplier specific advice – all searchable and accessible by our customers.


POS software customers love consistency in training opportunities

postrainingRetailers using the smart POS software from Tower Systems love the consistency in training delivered by the company through our weekly live online training workshops. e have been running online training for years. The topics change however – every few months we add and delete topics based on customer feedback. This keeps content fresh and the learning opportunities relevant to our small business retail customers.

We are grateful to our customers for their support of this training – we will continue to rein them weekly and publish long in advance the schedule on our website.


Tower Systems team members on Linked In

The Tower Systems team makes itself accessible and contactable in a range of ways including through LinkedIn profiles. Click on the name to check out the profiles of some of our team

We have many more team members than this. Inclusion in this list was optional.


Loving our POS software customers

lovingcustomersHere at Tower Systems we hear from our POS software customers by phone, email fax and even letter with questions on how to use the software. Some communications stand out more than others – like this one from one of our clients in Dubbo New South Wales.

We love the reference to Dub Vegas. We love the smiley face with hair. We love the appreciation. We love the relaxed style. We love the clear communication.

We are very lucky to have customers like this. It makes our days!

Footnote: we removed identifying details from the fax out of respect for client privacy.


Small and independent retailers love our free QR code platform

qrkiMore and more small and independent retailers are using the free cloud based service called QRki from Tower Systems to harvest contact details from customers for email and other campaigns as well as to host videos of products and provide easy QR code based access to business Facebook pages.

QRki generates a QR code that your customers can use to provide contact details, enter competitions, look at videos of products you load and look at other connect you may load.

We developed and released this free cloud-based platform to help small and independent retailers  to more effectively market and manage your business.

QRki is another way Tower Systems is helping small and independent retailers.


Sunday retail management advice: POS software receipt marketing works

We have seen excellent results from receipt based marketing this week where a retailer using our POS software reported double-digit sales growth across almost all categories and the only change in their business for most of these categories in the last six months was the implementation of our receipt-based discount vouchers.

While they call them something else – Shopper Rewards – internally in our software they are called discount vouchers for ease of reference. Bet they are much more than discount vouchers!

15% of customers are engaging with the vouchers and it is these customers who are driving the revenue growth for the business.

We can show small and independent retailers how they can grow their businesses by engaging with this unique and successful business marketing and management initiative. In our own retail experience we know that it’s money in the bank.

The keys to success that we regularly see are:

  1. The across the counter pitch. This comes down to staff training.
  2. Simple text on the voucher. Users of the software have complete control over this.
  3. Good value on the voucher. Users of our software have compete control over this.
  4. Good business rules for redemption to drive sales. Users of the software have complete control over this.

The success of many small business retailers with our offering is encouraging and exciting. We love it!


How a live POS software help desk can make a real difference to your business

In today’s remote yet globally focussed world, personal service is too often a thing of the past. While small and independent retailers pride themselves on personal service, they sometimes forget that it is personal service from their suppliers that can help them deliver personal service in their own businesses.

Personal service from a POS software help desk can make your POS software easier to use and more valuable to the business.

When a small business owner or representative calls the Tower Systems help desk they get to speak with someone who knows and understands their business. There is no script followed – no, it’s a conversation led by the customer explaining their questions. It’s free-flowing and ends when the customer is happy. There is no timer.

Too often today POS software companies use people who can read a script ion a screen and traverse an answer labyrinth based on answers given without really understanding the questions. this, in our view, is not good customer service. Small and independent retailers deserve better.

By providing human script-free customer service, Tower Systems is giving its customers a level of personal human service that these same business operators love about their own businesses.


Is your POS software company offering support today?

It’s Saturday and the Tower Systems POS software help desk is up and running and helping retailers with advice, training and other queries. We have offered this live office based help desk service on saturdays for many years and our customers love it. We get a different type of call on Saturdays and this gives us an opportunity to provide a responsive different type of service.


Old hardware can hold back your POS software

We have been helping a retailer who recently switched to our software but a challenge we have had is their out of date hardware – hardware they purchased from their other supplier just a year ago. The technical capabilities of the hardware were old when they were sold this gear as new and now the business is faced with either not getting access to sexy tools inn our software or upgrading to current day hardware.

Anyone selling computer hardware has an obligation to sell current spec. hardware and not old spec. cheap hardware as something that is current.

In this case, the retailer is facing costs they would not have had to face had their supplier at the time been up front with them.