Helping small business retailers cut labour costs

Outside of inventory cost, labour is the #1 or #2 cost of business. Retailers using our smart POS software have access to a range of facilities through which to cut and manage labour costs. These facilities include:

  1. Employee roster management.
  2. Cloud based roster management – a second and unique facility.
  3. Tracking sales by employee.
  4. Tracking sales by time.
  5. Tracking basket value by time.
  6. Viewing business performance by day of week.
  7. Managing employee tasks.

These and other management tools in the software make it easier for retailers to make strategic decisions on employee management with a view to ensuring the most efficient use of this high cost labour investment in the business.

This is good POS software helping retailers run more efficient and successful businesses.


Why local POS software matters to local retail businesses

Tower Systems is a proudly Australian POS software company. We develop software in Australia for small and independent Australian retail businesses.

  1. Our software focus is local.
  2. Our customer service team is local.
  3. Our installation team is local.
  4. Our business planning is focussed on local.
  5. We offer locally focussed facilities and services in our software.

Retailers wanting software to support their local focus ought to look at local POS software companies.

We have built a good strong business by being locally focussed. Yes, today we serve more than 3,500 retail businesses.

We are proud that in many of our specialty retail channels, we are the only locally developed and supported software. This makes us more fit for purpose for those businesses that care about living and supporting local.

As a famous song once goes so beautifully: we’re all in this together.


Value from the HP partnership for Tower Systems and our POS software customers

IMG_4686Tower Systems is the only POS software company in each of its marketplaces to attend and meet with senior HP executives at the NRF Big Show in New York this week. The opportunities flowing from the attendance and discussions are valuable to Tower and our customers as we gain even more comprehensive insights we can leverage for our customers.

The value of overseas travel to seek out the best for our customers is evident.



FullSizeRender (1)For years Tower Systems has provided its customers with a professionally printed support card. Indeed, we provide several cards to new customers, updating customers and yearly to all customers – to help make contacting our help desk and the after hours support service easier. We also had the card out at trade shows, user meetings and other customer events.

We know small business retailers prefer to speak with an engaged human rather than deal with a nameless person by email or through a third-party call centre. This is why we make contacting us, at all levels of the company, easy.

The blue card published with this post is the latest version of our support card. It’s professionalism reflects the professionalism of the software it supports.


Professional communication key to smooth POS software update installation

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 12.58.55 pmAs with each POS software update released by Tower Systems, the communication provided announcing the release of the latest update is thorough, professional and easy to understand. This good advance communication is key to confidence in the software. It encourages trust.

Our communication helps customer decide when they want to install the software. We do not force any update on our customers. There are no surprises.

The latest communication lists all enhancements and changes in the software – showing the value of our commitment to software development and the extent to which we listen to our customers in deciding what is to go into an update.

In addition to testing the software itself, our comprehensive beta release program tests the communication announcing the update.

All Tower systems customers can vote on items to be included in an update through our transparent software ideas process.


Sunday retail business management advice: get your web strategy right

A tech company recently sent out a survey on 2015 activity to their customers with an out of date logo, a design from the 1990s and a follow up thank you note referencing 2014. These three missteps made the business look unprofessional in its approach. They made it an easy target for anyone wanting to show weaknesses in the business. Their communication also provided some fun for competitors.

Since online is so vital to business today it is important that your online and electronic communications are on point: professional, using your current logo and art, referencing current activity and followed up with relevant material.

Software companies and all businesses need to be professional in every contact as the last contact could be the one on which we are judged.


POS software help desk quiet between Christmas and New Year

This week between Christmas and New Year is usually the quietest for the POS software company help desk with many retail businesses either closed or busy with post Christmas sales.

Regardless, the Tower Systems help desk has been open for business, taking calls, checking supplier stock files, providing free training, enhancing Knowledge Base content and undertaking installations.

As with other years we have used the opportunity for housekeeping – as have many retailers. We support this with assistance in running housekeeping tasks including sales to quit dead sock and other tasks retailers like to reset their businesses for the new year.

Hence the decision to ensure we have been at full strength and capable of serving any needs expressed by our customers.


Helping out when other help desks are closed

It is in this Christmas / New Year period when software companies that are actually open carry the load for others. We have taken calls that ought to have been handled by others yet could not be as they are closed.

Suppliers to small business retailers are notorious for this – for being closed when they should be open providing the customer service they claim to provide.

While we are happy to help, it is frustrating that lazy suppliers get a free ride from our generosity and the forgiving nature of our customers and their customers.


Christmas / New Year POS software support calls

In the first three days of Christmas / New Year most support calls have been from people wanting advice on how to do things they might not have got to through the regular busy trading period. Being accessible has been key to the service we provide – accessibility like regular blog posts here, access by email, access by phone and the continuation of our weekly support email.


Helping out on Christmas Day

While our offices may be closed for Christmas, to give our team members time with their families, our support services are still available – as several customers found out today already. While none of their queries were to do with issues with our software, that we were available to provide advice on internet and other issues was a comfort to them. We are grateful to be of service.


Busy week before Christmas on the POS software help desk

These last few days before Christmas are proving to be busy for us on our POS software help desk. The type of calls we are receiving reflect a business in retail. This is good news as most of our customers are independent small retail businesses. Their business is important to us.

To ensure we make these last few days before Christmas calm and producing we have all hands on deck assisting customers, providing training and other help so they get the most from their Tower software. By all hands, we mean everyone. Tower is a very flat company with people across the business tasked to provide the excellent customer service for which we are known.


POS software company loses a customer by belittling them with jargon

We were privy recently to correspondence between a POS software company and a customer from just before the customer switched to us. The correspondence is an example of how a tech company serving small business retailers ought not communicate with customers. The correspondence was rude, condescending and short on ethics.

In response to concerns raised about the time consuming nature of some functions in the software, the software company representative ignored the question and ranted on using technical terms to claim, more or less, that the customer would now know if the software was good as they were technically inept.

Yes, sometimes the customer is wrong. The key is to deal with this in a respectful and helpful way.

The communication we have seen was disappointing as it reflects badly on all software companies, especially those of us serving small business retailers.

Thankfully, we have switched the customer to our software and are providing respectful customer service that is restoring their faith in tech companies.


CRM enhancements help drive the POS software customer experience

Tower Systems has implemented enhancements to its CRM, Customer Relationship Management System that provide team members in the company with better tools for serving customers. The enhancements provide new facilities commensurate with the growth we are experiencing and with changes in technology delivery platforms worldwide.

Software companies need quality tools if they are to deliver quality service to their customers.

Our work with the Sugar CRM system and the integrations we have made provide us to excellent service opportunities.


Appreciating Krug Vintage 2000

IMG_2684We appreciate the thoughtfulness of suppliers and colleagues as they thank us at Christmas time. This year already we have received an abundance of gifts we are sharing with colleagues in-house.

This beautiful box of Krug Vintage 2000 will be especially appreciated. It is a fine drop.

While we are thrilled to work with so many wonderful companies and people in those companies in what we do here at Tower Systems, this special appreciation of the bottle of Krug from them is something for which we are most grateful.

Christmas cheer is in full taste.


Is your POS software company failing you?

Here are tell-tale signs a POS software company fails its customers:

  1. Software is updates without advance notice and without allowing small business retailers to choose whether to use the update or not.
  2. Support calls take hours or days to be responded to.
  3. No regular free training.
  4. No user meetings.
  5. No easy to navigate plain English online advice.
  6. No comprehensive video training library.
  7. No transparent process for choosing what is in software updates.
  8. No easy ace to senior management or the ownership of the company.

POS software companies that fail in these and other ways damage the reputation all software companies. They make our job harder.


Small business POS software users love the opportunity to talk to those managing software development

12049269_10154271198754112_158615134453053779_nSmall business retailers love being able to talk directly with our software development experts.

Our customers love being able to find out more about the software, discuss future plans and explore opportunities beyond what may be covered in a help desk discussion.

Too many software companies hide their development experts away from customers. Not Tower Systems.

Our leadership team and out software development team are accessible to our customers, giving our customers an advantage over retailers using POS software from companies that do not provide such transparency.

This is a Tower systems difference, an advantage for our retail partners over others, a way we help our retailers and how they help us as we have a shared goal of providing the best solution for we know that will help us grow market share.


How many in-person user meetings did your POS software company host this year?

Tower Systems is proud to have lead again in 2015 in the hosting of live in-person POS software user meetings around Australia and in New Zealand.

Our comprehensive and consistent user meeting program helps us provide a better customer service experience and it provides us  with better guidance from customers and this helps us create better software.

Well done to all involved.


Helping retailers make the most of Christmas

Tower Systems is helping retailers make the most of Christmas with Christmas themed free training POS software opportunities.  In groups and individually, Tower is delivering access to free live training to give retailers comfort from knowledge and confidence that their Tower POS software can deliver even more than they expected this Christmas.

Our comprehensive free training opportunities win us new customers.


Free training helps small business retailers embrace POS software

Tower Systems is thrilled to announce more free POS software training for its small business customers. Here is a list of the new free training opportunities launched by the company:

  • Wednesday, 11 November @ 2:00 PM. Using Targeting Marketing in Retailer. Use marketing to target specific types and groups of customers.
  • Wednesday, 18 November @ 2:00 PM. The New Loyalty – Discount Vouchers. Start using Discount Vouchers to grow your business. A great introduction to this great feature.
  • Wednesday, 25 November @ 2:00 PM. Information you did not know your POS software could tell you. Reports and information you didn’t know retailer could tell you about your business.
  • Wednesday, 2 December @ 2:00 PM. Using Catalogues for Christmas sales. Quickly and easily setup automatic discounts for Christmas sales.
  • Wednesday, 9 December @ 2:00 PM. Don’t miss a sale this Christmas. Use Gift Vouchers. Keep customers coming back to your store with Gift Vouchers, sell and redeem professional Gift Vouchers entirely within Retailer ready for Christmas gifts.
  • Wednesday, 16 December @ 2:00 PM. Free Up Cash in Your Business Today. Find stock that isn’t selling and turn it into cash quickly.