We are grateful for the experience of being in Alice Springs this week and participating in the Just For Pets national conference as a platinum sponsor.

From the business sessions to the trade show to our free training workshops to the networking, we are having a blast making friends, catching up with plenty of customers and planning for a stronger future together, especially in the area of supplier integration.

Trade shows and conferences like these offer us excellent opportunities to get closer to customers to help them get more from their software relationship with us.

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Tower Systems is thrilled to be participating in a series of retail channel wide trade shows in the early months of 2016. The trade shows booked include:

  1. Garden and nursery industry conference.
  2. REED Gift Fair.
  3. Pet buying group Expo.
  4. National Toy Fair.

And that’s just the first three months this year.

2016 will be fantastic with new customers, software enhancements, completely new software and other advances as Tower Systems itself moves ahead of the curve to embrace new opportunities for existing customers as well as new customers.


Australian #smallbusiness POS software on show at Sydney Gift Fair

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 6.43.35 amTower Systems is proud to have its #smallbusiness POS software on show at the Sydney Gift Fair at Glebe Island from this weekend. We are bringing new software and new facilities to the show to share with attendees. It appears from the roster of suppliers that ours is the only Australian designed and developed POS software product on show.

Serving well over 3,000 retail businesses in Australia and New Zealand, Tower Systems is well resourced to serve specialist retail businesses in a range of niche retail channels.

We are on stand P61 at the Sydney Gift Fair.


All set for Sydney Home & Giving Fair

hgfWe are thrilled to be part of the Home & Giving Fair in Sydney over the next four days. Our stand is ready to go as is our latest software for gift and homewares businesses. This is a big show expecting to be attended by many thousands of retailers from Australia and New Zealand from a range of retail channels including gift shops, homewares stores, garden centres, pet shops, jewellers and newsagents. We are excited to be able to show off our new software to existing customers and prospects.

We’re in for a good four days!


New gift shop software of show at Reed Gift Fair in Melbourne

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.49.18 pmWe’re excited! The latest version of the Tower Systems gift shop software will be on show at the Reed Gift Fair in Melbourne this weekend. That’s right: fresh up-to-date software developed  specifically to help gift shops and homewares stores make more money, developed with gift retailers in all sorts of situations and of all sizes.

Developing software for specific retail channels is what we do. We work closely with retailers in the channels and suppliers to these retailers – developing software to serve needs specific to the channels to bind them together.

On show at the Reed Gift Fair will be fresh new software for gift retailers … some excellent business building tools designed to help small and independent retailers better serve customers and drive more value from their businesses. This is why we are excited!


All set for 2014 kick-off promoting our POS software

We have used the last weeks of December to prepare for 2014 including locking in a comprehensive schedule of industry trade shows, professional marketing, user training events and other activity for promoting and support our brand to small business retailers.

We have our first campaign ready to hit in the first week of January. This has a few surprises that will be disclosed at the time it hits. We’re excited to be taking a fresh approach to marketing exciting innovation in our Point of Sale software.

Planning ahead well into 2014 helps us forecast resource usage and better integrate software enhancements into the marketing narrative.

We’re excited for 2014 and the opportunities we see.


Tower Systems supports Nursery & Garden Industry Association NSW ACT

Tower Systems is proud to be a sponsor of the NGINA state conference in Terrigal this coming week and to be on site at the conference to offer advice and assistance to garden and nursery business owners and employees in the use of our garden centre software for more efficient business management.

Working with nursery and garden industry associations helps the associations and it helps us as we get to better understand the needs of the retailers and the suppliers. Our garden centre software can be the glue that helps two sides to better commercially connect.

This is another important trade show for Tower Systems in a year filled with trade shows.


Sunday small business retailer management advice: look outside your business for ideas

Trade shows are an important part of our marketing strategy for our Point of Sale software, they help us connect with many in the various marketplaces in which we serve. Trade Shows are also an excellent resource for inspiration, learning what retailers are doing to innovate in each retail channel.

We love attending trade shows to learn from retailers about what’s important to them and what innovation they are chasing in products and infrastructure for their businesses.

This is our tip for this Sunday, get to more trade shows, soak up the ideas and consider these in the context of your retail business.

We find trade shows to be inspirational for our retail businesses.

The photo is from the recent Hong Kong Gift Fair which we attended to connect with gift shop owners and buyers.


Amazing gift fair experience for our POS software company

We loved our experience at the Sydney Gift fair this past week.

Our stand at the Home and Giving fair was a tremendous success, delivering access to many new prospects and giving us an opportunity to speak face to face with existing customers.

Wow! We got more out of this trade show than we expected.

We also had one of our management team meeting with gift and homewares suppliers, helping them to connect with retailers of their products. This was bonus contact that suppliers loved. We have made many new connections through which we will help the gift and homewares supply chain improve productivity.

We also had a member of our creative team looking at the show from a more creative perspective, understanding how we could engage on an even deeper level.

Yes, this past week in Sydney has been an excellent experience and opportunity for us, one we have embraced with open arms for ourselves and for our customers.

Our early engagement with the gift and homewares channel many years ago is paying off.


All ready for Home and Giving Fair 2013

We are all setup and ready to roll for the Home and Giving Fair in Sydney starting from today. As the IT partner of the AGHA, the industry association organisers of the fair, we are well situated and pre-promoted to make the most of the opportunity.

This is an excellent trade show for us since we get to see owners of gift shops, homewares stores, jewellers, garden centres, newsagents and other businesses. We have specialist software for each of these retail channels.

Our stand at the fair will feature business experts who can help attendees see that while we sell specialist software, our real sell is the business help we provide – to leverage the software into more customers through the door, a deeper basket from customers and a bottom line for the business that makes it more valuable to the owners.

This trade show, this year, is all about business value. Tower Systems is pumped and ready to help its customers and prospects in the gift and homewares spaces to have a terrific 2013.

If you are at the Home and Giving fair – stop by and say g’day.


Gift shop software on show at Home & Giving show from tomorrow

Tower Systems will be showing off new Gift Shop Software at the AGHA Home & Giving trade show in Sydney from tomorrow.  Our new software is ready, our trade show stand built, our product specialists all booked and new marketing collateral printed. We are ready for an exciting show, one where we get to meet plenty of users and make new friends.

This year we will have some extra special news for those who pass by our stand. Something we have not even forecast – until this blog post.

From the pre-show marketing collateral (click on the image for details) through to the trade show booth itself, our participation in Home & Giving reflects our professionalism, attention to detail and care for tangible customer (user) outcomes.


Tower Systems to launch new gift shop software and Home & Giving trade show

Tower Systems will be showing off its new Gift Shop Software at the AGHA Home & Giving trade show in Sydney at the end of this month.

As a long-term partner of the AGHA and regular at Home & Giving trade shows, we are well-established in this homewares and gift retail channels … with our software being used in hundreds of these businesses.

We are using this next Home & Giving show to launch fresh software for gift retailers and homewares retailers, software with new features, delivering new benefits to these retailers.

Months in the planning, our trade show booth will feature new software and our 2013 pitch fro the company, a pitch to serve the needs of independent retailers.

From the pre-show marketing collateral (click on the image for details) through to the trade show booth itself, our participation in Home & Giving reflects our professionalism, attention to detail and care for tangible customer (user) outcomes.


Tower Systems jeweller software on show at JAA Jewellery Fair in Melbourne

We are enjoying the JAA Jewellery Fair in Melbourne this weekend. Being located next to the Reed Gift Fair is a bonus since attendees move between the two fairs.

While boutique in style, this is an important fair with which to kick off the 2013 trade show campaign. We have been showing off new jeweller software and gift shop software to existing and prospective customers.


All set for JAA International Jewellery Show

We are all set on our stand at the JAA International Jewellery Show in Sydney starting this morning.

In addition to showing off new jeweller software, our stand is showing off new marketing collateral for jewellers … a shift in our offer and a deepening of our commitment to helping jewellers build more valuable businesses.

Our stand is perfectly positioned to enable us to make the most of this event.

We are excited for the next three days.


Meeting with newsagents in Sydney

With close to 700 newsagents using our software in NSW/ACT, our stand at the GNS Market Fair in Sydney today and tomorrow will be busy.

Already today our team has got to speak with plenty of our newsagency software customers offering free training, talking about business and generally catching up. That’s what we are here for.

We are very happy with the professionalism of the stand and that it represents our brand and what we stand for in the newsagency space.

The photo was taken this morning before the show opened.


Good first day of GNS Melbourne newsagents trade show

We enjoyed a good first day of the GNS trade show for newsagents in Melbourne. Plenty of customers stopped by as well as some terrific prospects and plenty of suppliers with whom we work.

It’s been a good day of opportunity and networking.  Often it’s the discussions away from the stand that are the most valuable.

Our singular focus on supporting and enhancing them most widely used newsagency software was a key message.  Not cluttering our stand with peripheral offerings kept the message clear.

Tomorrow should see even more of this with more newsagencies closed on a Sunday.


Now Victorian newsagents get to see latest innovation

With our third newsagency trade show of the season starting tomorrow in Melbourne, Victorian newsagents are set to see the innovation already shown off in Adelaide and Perth. We’ll have new collateral, new software, innovative marketing and plenty of ideas for newsagents wanting to grow their businesses.

Newsagents with other systems who don’t want to be stalked by competitors who watch our stand can email us at for a private meeting. We keep your interest quiet until after the switch is made.  We’ll put you in touch with hundreds who have switched.


GNS Market Fair in Perth generates good business

We had a terrific day yesterday at the GNS Market Fair in Perth.

We were able to help existing customers with technical support questions as well as serving sales prospects with a demonstration of our software and the wonderful things it delivers for newsagents.

The trade show stand is another outing for our new marketing collateral for newsagents – all part of our complete marketing collateral refresh.


All ready for GNS Perth newsagency trade show

We’re all set for the GNS newsagent trade show in Perth today having setup the stand yesterday and made sure that we are good to go.

We have a team ready for today covering support and sales. We will be able to serve newsagents using our newsagency software as well as sales prospects – newsagents without software or those considering switching.

We encourage all newsagents in Perth and surrounding suburbs to get to the trade show today. There is an excellent mix of products and service to check out and some good deals to be had.

Be sure to stop by the Tower Systems stand and say hi.


Software for gift and homewares retailers a hit at Gift Fair

While many are still travelling home from the Melbourne Gift Fair and Home & Giving Fair, others have clearly got back into their businesses based on calls we have received setting appointments to look in more detail at our homewares software and gift shop software an dhow we help gift and homewares retailers create more valuable businesses.

The five day trade show was wonderful – catching up with customers and making new friends.  We loved it.

Based on calls over the last couple of days, our sales team will have no time to rest before helping retailers make moves on installing our gift and homewares software.

Even today, Saturday, we’ve had people following up, excited with what they saw at the fair.


Final day of a five day trade show

The Home & Giving Fair in Melbourne comes to an end today. It’s been a busy show for us and all exhibitors. Each day has brought new sales prospects our way along with new suppliers for us to connect with and build a data flow bridge between them and retailers selling their products.

The excitement, networking and sales prospects aside, five days at a trade show is a long time.We are lucky to have dedicated professional sales people representing our business. Jonathan Tay, our VIC/TAS Sales Manager has managed this show for us for the five days. He’s put in the long hours, ensuring that we provide a friendly, knowledgeable and memorable experience to those who visit with us.

Jonathan’s work was for our whole company and not just his patch. For this we are all grateful.


Professional POS software collateral drives a successful trade show

From the brochures we give to sales prospects to the flyers promoting our stand location, the professionally designed and printed collateral we are using at the Home and Giving Fair trade show in Melbourne this week has a consistent visual theme.

The new look homewares and gift shop software collateral has been launched at the trade show. It’s a look we will use for the next year or so in our marketing of our gift shop software and homewares software to retailers in these channels.

Our branding underscores the professionalism of our software … professional marketing provides a window on the professionalism of the company behind the software and of the software itself.


Great start of Home & Giving Fair in Melbourne

The first two days of the Home & Giving Fair in Melbourne has been wonderful for us. Our well located corner stand has been busy with a terrific mix of existing customers and new sales prospects.

From the first two days, we have commercially valuable high quality sales prospects from across Australia as well as some from New Zealand. We have also got to talk with plenty of others on the floor of the trade show. It’s beneficial being the only gift and homewares software company.

The mood is wonderfully upbeat – these people love their businesses and are reporting excellent sales results. The positive vibe from these small business operators is wonderful.

We have a couple of computers on the stand along with an iPad and a Honeywell PDE … all the gear we need to show off the Tower Advantage.

We’re connected live to our corporate back end – reporting sales prospects real time to Tower sales team members elsewhere.

Having a software support person on the stand is a bonus as we can answer technical questions for customers without distracting our sales people from professionally representing our retail management software.


Point of Sale software ready for trade show season

While we have already participated in four trade shows this year, we are preparing for the most intensive trade show time of 2012.  Here’s what we have coming up:

Trade shows are important to us for sales and for connecting with retailers who use our  Point of Sale software.  Here are just some of the Australian trade shows where our software will be on show in the second half of 2012.

  1. Ancol SA (the associated newsagents co-operative), Adelaide. 29 July 2012
  2. Home and Giving Fair, Melbourne. 4-8 August 2012
  3. JAA Sydney Jewellery Fair, Sydney. 2-4 September 2012
  4. REED Gift Fair Sydney. 15-18 September 2012.
  5. Ausbike Bike Expo, Melbourne. 12-14 October 2012
  6. GNS Market Fairs Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

More events will be added through the year to our own user meeting and other events where we put our software and support services on public view.