Tower Systems was approached by XchangeIT last year for its opinion on what has been called the Sticky Label project, a project which contemplates newsagents using technology to manage magazines on the shop floor rather than printed labels.

We explained to XchangeIT that newsagents usually did not label weeklies or high volume monthlies and that the use of labels is considerably down from some years ago. We also explained the need for labels for time-efficient management of oversupply on the shop floor.

XchangeIT made it clear their project, if it proceeded, would not block newsagents from labelling magazines.

The official Tower position is that we think it would be a waste of XchangeIT funds to undertake the Sticky Label project while newsagents continue to be oversupplied. XchangeIT was supposed to lead to more equitable supply of magazines to newsagents – among other benefits. This has not happened. Magazine supply is as bloated and inefficient as ever. Newsagents are disadvantaged.

We think XchangeIT ought to invest its considerable resources in serving the need for efficiency ins supply rather than playing at the edges on an issue of no concern to newsagents.

Our advocacy on this matter is another way we support small business newsagents.