Like many of our retail business customers, here at Tower Systems weekends are busy as we’re open for business and helping retailers to get the most out of our POS software. Take today, here’s what we are up to in our business today serving our customers:

  1. Several of our team members are working at the Reed Gift Fair in Sydney
  2. Staff are working in our retail businesses – using our software ourselves … walking in the shoes of our customers
  3. Our help desk is open in our head office offering an personal office based service.
  4. Our knowledge base is accessible for plain English searches.
  5. Our online video training library is accessible for training you can access from anywhere.
  6. Our after hours help desk numbers are live for 274/7 service from our expert team.
  7. Our senior management escalation team is on hand to handle any escalation issues.

The help we will provide today, if it is like other Saturdays will include help with using the software, business advice, business performance analysis assistance and being a shoulder to lean on.

Saturdays are busy. We like it that way.